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Afternoon rain showers in the Dover, Del., area forced the postponement of today's NASCAR Busch Series MBNA America 200 just 28 laps into the scheduled 200-lap race. The race will resume on Monday at 11 a.m., and when the green flag waves, Bobby...

Afternoon rain showers in the Dover, Del., area forced the postponement of today's NASCAR Busch Series MBNA America 200 just 28 laps into the scheduled 200-lap race. The race will resume on Monday at 11 a.m., and when the green flag waves, Bobby Hamilton, Jr. will lead the field across the start-finish line. Hamilton, who started the race from the sixth position, took the lead from David Green on lap 11 before the race was red-flagged for inclement weather.

BOBBY HAMILTON, JR.-25-Team Marines Ford Taurus

"The track, the very first lap was totally different from what we had in Happy Hour. Automatically, we've already been talking about the different tire pressures we can do today, Monday or whenever we run as far as trying to get grip back in the race track again. Automatically you're already starting to plan on down into the race rain or shine. It definitely affects everything. If you're here to Monday, you're making plans and all of a sudden the race is on hold again. You're trying to figure out if you've got motel rooms and the whole works, so this definitely throws a big curve into everything. The best team will win whether it's tomorrow or today or Monday."

WHAT ARE YOUR IMPRESSIONS OF THE TRACK? "I think with the combination that we've got with the tire, they adapt together really well. The grip is good, the tires don't fall off a whole lot and then this type of race track I really love. You can look at our wins and we really excel at these types of places. Our cars are really big on downforce, which this type of track needs a lot of downforce. We've come here and a couple of times we've been pretty close to winning here, so it's one of the places we look forward to coming to."

WHAT ARE YOU THINKING ABOUT DURING THE RAIN DELAY? "Really, I'm debating whether to go home, whether it's worth the money to go home for one day. You just go through the whole drill. You sit around and get lazy. You kinda wish at this point now that they would go ahead and call it, and let's come back Monday and start fresh. Take a day and relax and watch the Cup race. There's all kinds of different scenarios you can do. You just kind of hang around. The guys will still be here, so they'll have an off day tomorrow and you can go and hang out with them. It definitely slows the week up for next week. Monday, I planned to go to the shop and stuff. It really throws a curve into everything, this weekend and next week."

YOU ARE CURRENTLY LEADING THE RACE. HOW DO YOU GET TO THAT SAME LEVEL OF FOCUS WHEN YOU GET BACK IN THE CAR? "The type of race car we had, it'd be easy for me to climb in there and fire it off into the first corner again knowing that the car will be there. If we were a really horrible car there would be a whole bunch of ifs, and what about this and that, but the way our car was and the way it took off, we were extremely excited, so it's kind of like I'm ready to go anytime. If we want to go right now, I'll drive in the rain if you want me to. When you get that type of race car and the guys are pumped up and everything, all you're worried about is making it to the end and trying to get that trophy. If you're in the zone, it's great, you're fast and we don't care when you start it, you're still going to be good. When you're back there struggling you go through a whole list of ifs and buts."

HOW DOES THE RAIN DELAY AFFECT THE FOLLOWING WEEK'S SCHEDULE? "It really affects it a lot because, fortunately enough, we haven't torn anything up this year, so our Nashville cars are ready. We have a teammate for the Nashville Speedway, so that car is being finished up. We have guys at the shop. As far as my schedule, I was planning to come to the shop, that's the only thing that I will be at. Normally, Thursday we have our appearances for the speedway, and other than that, this doesn't affect anything. Fortunately enough, we go to a place where you don't have to drive, the truck driver doesn't have to drive 42 hours of the way. He's just going to Nashville, Tenn., which is 13 hours from here, so it's not too hard on the team."

WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE THIS RACE RUN ON SUNDAY? "That would be something different. I don't think they would, but I'd rather get gone, do our deal and get gone. I don't really like the rain delay where it takes all day because then no matter how good of shape you are, it really drains you out as far as a rainy day. That's why people sleep all day long because it just kills you. I'd just assume call it right now, or start it fresh Monday morning, or if they'd do that, I'd be all for it because it would get us in here and get us out and get the guys back to the shop and you'd be back home. I just don't see them doing that, but if it was my opinion to do it, I'd do it either before or after."


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