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STERLING MARLIN (No. 40 Coors Light Dodge Intrepid) "It's been good for us. Yesterday we thought rain was in the forecast and we just ran race stuff when practice started instead of qualifying runs. We did the same thing at Rockingham this year...

STERLING MARLIN (No. 40 Coors Light Dodge Intrepid)
"It's been good for us. Yesterday we thought rain was in the forecast and we just ran race stuff when practice started instead of qualifying runs. We did the same thing at Rockingham this year and qualified fourth. We qualified sixth yesterday. Maybe we need to start doing that. I don't know what it does, but we just made one banzai run and went and qualified sixth. Maybe we'll start doing it. I think we've got a real good car for the race. It drove really good in practice."

"It's a handling track. You've got to be patient here, too. It's a big, fast Bristol. Handling is really a key here. I think with what we've got in our car we're going to be pretty good."

"I hope it rains out. (Saturday practice). We got our Happy Hour yesterday. It's not it doesn't look like, but it's going to rain some day I guess. Hopefully if it rains today it'll be late this evening and they can get the Busch race in and we can get our race in tomorrow."

"It's just typical Dover. They did a real good job here when they concreted the place. Bristol is pretty rough, and this place is really, really smooth. We come with a totally different setup in our car from what we run normally. We typically have a 10th-15th place car, so we've stepped it up a little bit. The car is driving really good. We need to get a win here at Dover."

"Look back at last year and we think we could have won five races. We started off this year, and I think the downforce was off on the cars. The guys have been working really hard at the shop fixing it. We've been down on our motors a little bit, and the guys are getting it fixed now. From here on out I think you're going to really see our team turn around. The last three races, I feel like we could have won at California. At Richmond, we passed everybody except the top three cars and we went away 13th. (Sunday) night (at Lowe's Motor Speedway) if the 600 miles had played out I think we could have been a factor. We could run faster than Jimmie (Johnson) after 20-30 laps. It's turned around. It just takes a little time to get everything worked out.l"

"I think you've got to build 15 new cars (for third team) and pit boxes and all that stuff, and it kind of slows the production down. I think we've got a great group of guys at the shop and they've got it handled now."

"You've got to be patient here because you run so fast you can get in trouble here pretty quick. You can't crowd anybody a whole lot. It's a long race, 400 miles. It used to be 500. I can remember we used to run the first hundred or 150 miles and it felt like you'd " run 400 already. You'd look up on the board and say, 'golly, we've got a long way to go.' It's a pretty physical track. You run real fast through the corners, but it's a fun track.

"I don't think so (on being patient in general), especially driving down the street. Somebody's in the left lane running 58 mph and it's a 55 (speed limit). My patience kind of runs out then."

"You look back, and we haven't got a top five, but we've got six top 10s. We shoulda - shoulda, woulda, coulda - but we should have six or eight top fives. We haven't had a winning car, but I think we could have won California. We passed Kurt (Busch) and drove off from him. We had a miscommunication in the pits and put on scuffs instead of stickers. We had to come back in. We came in running second and went back out 16th with 30 to go and came back to sixth. I let off on the last lap when they wrecked. At Richmond, we had a really good race car on the long run, and at Charlotte we had a really good car on the long run. There's light at the end of the tunnel, and the motor guys have been working really hard. I think everything is getting turned around for us."

"You hope you don't get boxed in. These pits are really narrow. I think they need to work on pit road here and make 'em bigger because everybody gets jammed up. It's narrow. The pit boxes are narrow, so qualifying good is really a plus here because you can get a good pit stall. "

"This year we haven't qualified as good as we need to, but yesterday's qualifying run we changed a whole lot on the car. This is the car we had Saturday night at Charlotte, and it really drives good. Maybe we'll turn the corner here. The motor guys and body guys have really stepped it up. We'd qualify 30th or 35th and we usually come on when they drop the flag and come to the front, but you don't get a good pit selection and you've got to fight all them cars to get up to the top 10. We've got a good starting spot and we're going to hang on to it."

"The Roush cars have always got good gas mileage. For some reason, the Dodges don't get the gas mileage that the Chevys and Fords get. We've got to work on our gas mileage somehow and get it better. It's engine stuff. We'll have to work on the carburetors and make them more efficient. I hope not. It'll hurt us. We generally have to stop six to eight laps before anybody else. We've just got to get it better. I haven't checked on tire wear. The laps we ran yesterday, the tires looked really good. I heard a lot of people were wearing the right rear, but there's no rubber down on the track yet. Once the rubber gets laid down and they run the Busch race, everything will be fine."

"Unless you've run 10 or 15 laps, you might be able to come back and just put on two tires to get track position."

"We're not out yet. We started off strong last year and had some trouble at the end. This year we lost an engine at Rockingham, got caught up in two wrecks that wasn't our fault. If we had those three races back we'd be right there battling for the championship. Tony Stewart was about 10th or 12th in this race last year and we're ninth now, so it's definitely not out of the question. From what I see that's going on at the shop we're going to start running good and we can ease up on through there."

"It was just part of it. I've been around racing for a long time and a lot of things happen that's beyond your control. We had a good year going last year and got hurt at Richmond and three weeks later got hurt at Kansas for the rest of the year. The good part of it, we've got the same team, same owner, same great sponsor in Coors Light. We had to cut the bodies off and kind of got behind this year. We added a third team and kind of got behind. From here on out, I think the Coors Light team is going to be good."

"I'm just using what we normally run. I haven't had any trouble (with carbon monoxide) since three years ago. Our guys do a real good job keeping the car sealed up and everything else. In Martinsville this year, I could have probably run another 500 laps. Usually at Martinsville you're dragging when you get out of the car."

"I watched (Tony) Glover lose about $380 in 10 minutes (at Dover Casino). I just kept my money in my pocket."

"I think it's pretty much under control. They changed the tire a couple of years ago and we haven't had any trouble. The trouble the guys had was going down on air pressure so much. The car had a tendency to get real tight on the exit. They were dropping the air pressure on the right front tire and heating it up and blowing it out. "

"You've got to say he (Jimmie Johnson) would be the favorite. He won both races here last year. His car looked like it really drove good, and he did a good job with it, so I think with a pre-race pick, he'd be the one to pick. I saw him at Charlotte and said we've got magnets in the cars because we've got together three times this year. It's no problem between us. He's got a great race team up under him, and he's going to run good. He's supposed to run good. Hopefully we'll be right there with him."

"I hope it doesn't rain and the track doesn't leak. Pocono has been real good to me. It's a good track. I like racing there. We had a good shot to win last fall and had a good spring race. It's a lot different from any track we go to, but I really enjoy going to Pocono. There's a lot of room to pass. The tunnel turn is really a one-groove turn, but turn three you can really set somebody up and there's a lot going on. We're shifting now a lot more than we used to. Turn one and two is a two-groove deal. There are lots of places to pass. You go to the new tracks like Kansas City and Chicago, and they're still basically one-groove tracks. California has really come on with three or four grooves right up against the fence. Hopefully the Kansas and Chicago tracks will eventually get into that, but Pocono has been a good track for us."

"I think Jimmie went out at Kansas last year and shot it into the fence on the first lap. You've got to know these things going in. I guess he was just used to taking off right out of the pits and going into three and four wide open. You've got to let things come to you before you can really rush it."

"It was kind of a weird points race last year. We should have lost the lead four or five times. At California we were leading and went out of the race early. We looked around and the top four or five guys went out of the race. It was a deal where nobody could ever put together a string of top fives or top 10 finishes to stretch it on out. We went to Indy and Watkins Glen and had motor problems and looked up and still had the points lead somehow because everybody else had trouble. While everybody was having that trouble, Tony was coming on and got some top fives and was closing the gap. When it got to crunch time he was there."

"It's crazy. Keep 'em (rain tires) in the truck. They ain't got enough wreckers to get us out of the fence."

"I'd say you'd have to look at Richmond. They really pack 'em in here at Dover. I definitely wouldn't build another mile and a half banked 15-degree track. I'd build something like another Bristol. I damn sure wouldn't build a road course. It's completely off the list. Richmond is sold out and Bristol is sold out. I think that just shows what the fans want to see."

"They really did a good job here at Dover putting down the concrete. It's really smooth. I don't have any problem with it.""

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