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Jarrett ready to turn up the heat. DOVER, Del., May 28, 2002 --- With the fanfare and drama of the Lowe's Motor Speedway version of Speedweeks completed, Dale Jarrett and the ...

Jarrett ready to turn up the heat.

DOVER, Del., May 28, 2002 --- With the fanfare and drama of the Lowe's Motor Speedway version of Speedweeks completed, Dale Jarrett and the #88 UPS Racing Team prepare to dig into what some consider the toughest stretch of races for the NASCAR Winston Cup Series. Although summer doesn't officially start until June 21st, it tends to begin a little earlier for the Winston Cup Series with the first stop being Dover Downs International Speedway - a track where temperatures soar and often times become unbearable for drivers and teams. Jarrett, who goes through the special training for the upcoming summer races, is looking forward to the challenge those events present.

"It's good that races like Dover and Pocono are coming up," Jarrett said. "I'm glad it's turned hot. That's what I want to see. It's going to be hard for these guys that don't work out or don't do anything to prepare for these types of races. I'm glad we've got long races and hard races because I'm ready for them."

The MBNA Platinum 400 is scheduled to broadcast live on FX this Sunday, June 2, with the green flag dropping at 12:30 p.m. EST.

MBNA Platinum 400 Is First Test Of Stamina
"Dover is a tough race because it is a long race," Jarrett said. "You get out there racing and it feels like you should be halfway through and then look up at the scoring tower to see you've only run about 100 laps. It's just a tough place. It's hard on equipment and it's hard on the driver physically. If you can make it to the last 100 laps, then you're in good shape because there tend to be a lot fewer cars in the field."

Todd Parrott, crew chief on the #88 UPS Ford, agrees that Dover is one of the tougher tracks on the NASCAR Winston Cup Series schedule, and explains that handling is key at the "Monster Mile."

"Dover is a tough place with the grip the track has and the G-forces the cars pull in the corner," Parrott said. "You have to have a car that is free from the center out, but not too free. We were fortunate to go up there last September, sit on the pole and we had a really good race car. We weren't as great in the race as we were qualifying, but Dover is a place that Dale likes and that we like as a team. We've had success there and look forward to racing there."

UPS To Debut New Commercial During MBNA Platinum 400
Throughout the 2002 NASCAR Winston Cup Series season, UPS has employed the help of various celebrities to encourage Jarrett to race the big, brown truck. A new set of celebrities have now joined the campaign to get Jarrett to drive the truck, and UPS will reveal its newest partners during Sunday's race broadcast on FX. Beta tape copies of the new commercial will be available in the infield media center, Friday, May 31st.

UPS's East Coast Region Air Hub Has Close Ties To Dover
UPS has six regional air hubs, which are essential to the company's overall package delivery operation. While Dover is not home to one of the six hubs, nearby Philadelphia is home to the East Coast Region Air Hub. With a 681,000 square-foot facility, the East Coast Air Hub is UPS's largest regional hub and is second only to the Main Air Hub in Louisville, Ky. The East Coast Air Hub averages 27 daily flights, and has an air sort capacity of 80,000 packages/documents per hour.


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