Dodge teams quotes on NASCAR testing ban

PAT TRYSON (Crew Chief, No. 2 Miller Dodge Charger) WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON THE NASCAR TESTING POLICY FOR 2009? "It's got pluses and minuses. Times are tough right now, so it's probably not that bad a thing for most people. Obviously, we'd...

PAT TRYSON (Crew Chief, No. 2 Miller Dodge Charger)

WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON THE NASCAR TESTING POLICY FOR 2009? "It's got pluses and minuses. Times are tough right now, so it's probably not that bad a thing for most people. Obviously, we'd like to be testing but at the same time, it (testing policy) is the same for everybody. I think it will be fair. It may make the racing better with nobody having the opportunity to test."

DOES THAT CHANGE YOUR OFF-SEASON APPORACH HEADING INTO DAYTONA IN FEBRUARY? "It's going to make it harder to pick a car. You'll have to use wind tunnel data to see which is your better car. Other than that, it will be the same old thing. We'll just be home a lot more than we are now."

DOES THE FACT THAT YOU CAN DO SO LITTLE TO THIS CAR NOW... IS THAT GOOD IN A WAY? "I don't think so. There are still lots of stuff that we can do; not quite as many areas that we can work, but there's still room to work. Teams that are behind -- we feel like we're a little bit behind -- will want test. I guess there were enough teams that didn't want to test. Times are tough for everybody right now. It's probably the best thing for all of us right now and hopefully, in some ways, it will make the racing better."

CAN YOU TEST AT TRACK THAT DON'T HOST CUP, NATIONWIDE, TRUCK? CAN YOU GO TO CARAWAY AND VIR? "We can go to Caraway and VIR, but you can't go to Greenville...anywhere there is a Camping World Series race. It really cuts down on the tracks that you can go to."

IS IT GOING TO MAKE YOUR JOB HARDER? "I don't think it makes it harder. It would have been better to go test on a lot of the race tracks that we race at. It doesn't make it any harder because it's the same for everyone. Your practice time is just a little bit more important than it was before."


RODNEY CHILDERS (Crew Chief, No 19 Hellmann's Dodge Charger)

WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON THE 2009 TESTING POLICY? "I think it's the right thing for NASCAR right now. There are a lot of teams and people struggling with the economy the way it is and sponsors not wanting to spend the money like they did. It's going to be the right thing to keep the sport healthy. It's going to be tough on the teams trying to figure out what to do with their cars to make them better and stuff like that. That's one thing that we're going to have to do to keep the sport healthy."

HOW'S IT GOING TO CHANGE WHAT CREW CHIEFS DO HEADING INTO NEXT YEAR? "It's going to put a lot of thought on what you have to do at the (race) shop. People are going to have to learn how to do things at the shop more and more; whether it's seven post work or just learning more with the scale model testing (wind tunnel). It may actually put peoples' heads on a little better and get their thinking cap going better instead of letting other people (test teams) do it for them. It's probably not going to be a bad deal."


ROBBIE LOOMIS (Executive Vice President of Operations, Petty Enterprises)

FROM A FINANCIAL STANDPOINT, IF YOU DON'T SPEND MONEY ON TESTING, WILL YOU SPEND IT SOMEWHERE ELSE? "We're going to hire Jimmie (Johnson) and Chad (Knaus) and pool our money together (laughs). You're going to spend it (money) somewhere."

WILL TEAMS SAVE MONEY? "I think where you will see the biggest cost savings is in testing. If NASCAR were to open it up, teams were going to have to have extra trucks and trailers and extra personnel. Now you'll see it in engineering; more shops that are tool-based. I think you'll see more of the engineers stepping out to have the setups and a lot of simulation work will be done before we get to the track."

IS THERE ANY PART OF THIS COT THAT A LACK OF TESTING WILL HURT TEAMS? "We've been to every track once. We're still always learning. One week you run decent and the next week you're off. The 48 and the 99 really have it figured out. I think that will bleed through the organizations. The bottom line is for now. The reason that we want to test and have to test is that everyone is testing; now you will see it all go into the resources at the shop. I was hoping that they would test at Daytona mainly from the PR standpoint of the sport and move it a little later in January, maybe a few weeks before we return down there (in February). More like a pre-season football game and have all the drivers there for media access."

DOES THE NEW TESTING POLICY GIVE FOUR CAR TEAMS LIKE HENDRICK OR ROUSH AN ADVANTAGE? "I think that forever in the history of this sport, the strongest financially- funded teams are usually on top. They usually have the best drivers, personnel, airplanes, busses and it goes all the way through. It's not going to change if we're testing or not testing. I think that you might see around the 20th-place team like where we're sitting a little difference in the gap as far as how we run on the track. We're still going to have great racing."

HOW WILL IT AFFECT A NEW TEAM COMING IN OR A ROOKIE LOOKING TO RACE? "Rookies is what it's going to kill. Rookies like (Joey) Logano need to spend a little bit more time in Nationwide and I think a rule like this will make people look at them a little different before they bring their driver up. Jimmie Johnson was in Nationwide a couple years before he came to Cup. But when Jimmie Johnson came here, he was ready to go."

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