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“For us being the only (multi-car) Dodge (team), we have to go out and carry that banner the best we can, make sure they're being held up to the standard that they need to be and that is comparable with the rest of the group. We have a championship car. We have a championship team. We just need to continue to do that.”

Kurt Busch, No. 22 Shell/Pennzoil Dodge Charger R/T


"If you liked Daytona in February, you ought to really like Talladega this week. The racing at Daytona was on a surface smooth enough that drivers could go flat out all day without the fear of handling issues holding them back. It made for a pretty spectacular day. The good news with Talladega is that it's always been like that. It likely won't be handling issues that drivers will complain about this week. The slickest and most aerodynamic body shape and the best power you can make with your engine, despite the horsepower-robbing restrictor plate, will go a long way in deciding if you're going to be the winner at Talladega."

Howard Comstock, Dodge Motorsports Engineering


“A couple years back, when we qualified at Talladega and Daytona, we were in the mid 30s. This time around, we were a top-five car. We definitely have changed our program around 180 degrees for restrictor plate races. And I hope that maybe one day I can crack Victory Lane in a points-paying restrictor plate race. We're going to see that same style of draft. The two-car draft is just so potent. I mean, anytime you can tell a race car driver he can go four seconds faster a lap and give him the recipe on how to do it, he's going to go and put it into play, that two-car draft.”

Kurt Busch, No. 22 Shell/Pennzoil Dodge Charger R/T

"I'm really looking forward in going to Talladega. We had a great run at this year's Daytona 500. Restrictor plate racing is a bit crazy the way it is right now with the two cars connected together. The closing speeds are so big and in those two-car 'pods', you can only push a guy for so long. It's wild. I look forward in going back to Talladega and finding a dancing partner we can run with. It worked really well with Brad (Keselowski) at the Daytona 500. I expect a good show this weekend for our Fast Five Dodge Charger."

Robby Gordon, No. 7 Fast Five/SPEED Energy Dodge

"A lot has happened to me since my Cup win at Talladega in 2009 – so much so that it seems like it has been much longer than two years. I've been able to win the Nationwide Series championship and have moved over to drive the No. 2 Miller Lite Dodge. Would any of that have happened without the Talladega win? Probably not. It is, obviously, the biggest win in my career and it validated all my beliefs that I could win at this level, but I'm not one to rest on my laurels. I want to win now and I feel like (crew chief) Paul Wolfe and I are starting to hit on a few things that could put us in position to do just that."

Brad Keselowski, No 2 Miller Lite Dodge Charger

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