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FROM THE ENGINEER "Every time the Sprint Cup Series visits Martinsville, we talk about the importance of brakes at the track with the tightest and slowest corners in NASCAR. It's a big job to slow down 3,450 pound cars 1000 times a race; it works the brake system to its limits. Now in 2011, there's a new lower fascia in the Sprint Cup Series and along with the new look, a new set of brake cooling ducts. Are they going to be enough to keep the brakes cool for 500 laps at Martinsville? We’ll find out Sunday." Howard Comstock, Dodge Motorsports Engineering

FROM THE CREW CHIEF “The good thing about Martinsville is that you don’t have to worry about aerodynamics. It’s the shortest track we visit and it’s all about mechanical grip. In the short time Brad has been at Martinsville, he has shown a great ability to get around the place. Hopefully we can get qualifying in – which is never a guarantee during this weekend – so that we can get a good qualifying spot.” Paul Wolfe, Crew Chief, No. 2 Miller Lite Dodge Charger

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT • Dodge’s Brad Keselowski earned his only Sprint Cup pole at New Hampshire Motor Speedway in 2010.


“I’ll be the first to admit that the Martinsville races have always been so challenging to me and that goes all the way back through my career. But ever since Steve Addington came aboard as our crew chief at the beginning of last season, things have really begun to turn for the better. Steve deserves so much credit for rallying the troops every week and having our team’s confidence level up for all of these races. I told him when he first joined the team that Martinsville was a weak track for me personally and he vowed back then that we’d work hard together in changing that. I think we’ve already made so much progress, but it’s a case of the numbers just not showing that.” Kurt Busch, No. 22 Shell/Pennzoil Dodge Charger R/T

“The biggest thing for me going into my first race at Martinsville was that I tried not to get too intimidated by the track. There are a lot of top-tier drivers that have horror stories about their first race there. I came from a short-track background, racing at tough bullrings like Toledo and Auto City. I told myself that those tracks had fully-prepared me for racing at Martinsville and that I just needed to trust my abilities. We had two good racecars last year too, and that certainly helps. I’m really excited to get back to Martinsville this weekend because I learned a ton in those first two races that will help me this season.” Brad Keselowski, No 2 Miller Lite Dodge Charger R/T

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