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WARD BURTON (No. 22 Caterpillar Dodge Intrepid R/T) "We just can't get the Cat car right today. That was the worst we'd run all day. Maybe we can get the car handling a little bit better tomorrow and get ready to race." BILL ELLIOTT...

WARD BURTON (No. 22 Caterpillar Dodge Intrepid R/T)
"We just can't get the Cat car right today. That was the worst we'd run all day. Maybe we can get the car handling a little bit better tomorrow and get ready to race."

BILL ELLIOTT (No. 9 Dodge Dealers Dodge Intrepid R/T)
"We ran on new tires, and I think a lot of guys went out on scuffs. I think the first lap would have been better on used tires. I used the first lap to scuff 'em in and then went for it on the second lap. The car has been good since we've been here. We struggled a little bit at first, but we got better and better and kept working with it. We'll see what happens Sunday."

STERLING MARLIN (No. 40 Coors Light Dodge Intrepid R/T)
"We've been off all day. We didn't have any grip. The whole car just slips around. The guys have worked hard. We changed a bunch of stuff before qualifying and didn't have any idea what it was going to do. It was a good tenth better and we ran that early this morning, so it definitely helped it. Maybe we're in the right direction. This is a different tire than we ran here before. We tested it at Homestead and was real good at Homestead with a different car. We'll keep working on it. It ain't over yet."

JOHN ANDRETTI (No. 43 Cheerios Dodge Intrepid R/T)
"Kyle was quicker in practice. I thought maybe he could pick it up because the track's in pretty good shape. I didn't think we'd get the pole with that lap, but I thought we'd be in the top five. We've been all over the place all day. Greg Steadman (crew chief) and the guys did a great job. They put up with me when I get frustrated, and I was getting frustrated at the end of practice. They made great changes for qualifying."

KYLE PETTY (No. 45 Sprint Dodge Intrepid R/T)
"Our car pushed real bad. We didn't have that in practice. It was probably my fault. I probably just over drove it a little bit. We've got three cars in the top 15 or 20, and that's a lot better than we've been all year long. John was good in practice. He just never ran what he needed to run in practice. He came out here in practice and felt pretty good about what he had coming back. We've got better stuff. Our engines are a little better than they've been all year."

STACY COMPTON (No. 92 Kodiak Dodge Intrepid R/T)
"My hat's off to these guys working on this Kodiak Dodge. We tuned on the motor a little bit and picked up a little bit. The weather was getting hot and I didn't know if we could pick up or not. That was a good qualifying effort. We should end up pretty decent."

JASON LEFFLER (No. 01 Cingular Wireless Dodge Intrepid R/T)
"That was the best lap since practice, but we haven't been good all day in practice. This is one of my favorite tracks. I've got a lot of laps around here, but we've been fighting it all day. Maybe we can get it set up in race trim. Our qualifying hasn't been very good lately, but maybe in the race we'll be pretty good."

CASEY ATWOOD (No. 19 Dodge Dealers Dodge Intrepid R/T)
NOTE: Atwood becomes the third different Raybestos Rookie of the Year driver to win a pole in 2001, equaling the record for the number of rookies to win a pole in a single season. In '79, Dale Earnhardt, Joe Milliken and Harry Gant captured poles as rookies.
"The car was actually loose, but I felt like it was a real good lap. It got sideways off turn two, but it did the same thing in practice. I've had two Busch races here and we always ran pretty good here in the Busch Series. This is a good track for me. I really like it. This team deserves a pole. We've had our share of struggles this year. It'd mean a lot to me to get them their first pole of the year.
"We knew we had a good car, but the car was really loose in practice. I didn't know what kind of lap we had, but I knew it was a good one. This team has worked really hard. We've struggled a little bit, but I'm glad we were able to keep this car on the pole. When you're fast in practice like that you don't have any excuses. You've got to back it up in qualifying. Luckily we did that today.
"I'm really happy for the team. They've done a great job. Bill got a pole earlier in the season, and I'm glad to get one today for Evernham Motorsports and Dodge."

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