Daytona Twin 125: GM - Jeff Green press conference

JEFF GREEN, NO. 30 AOL CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO: ON HAVING EVERYBODY LINED UP BEHIND YOU "That's a very good feeling. When you've got a fast race car people want to be with you. If it had been a normal 125, with a normal-size fuel cell, I think we...


ON HAVING EVERYBODY LINED UP BEHIND YOU "That's a very good feeling. When you've got a fast race car people want to be with you. If it had been a normal 125, with a normal-size fuel cell, I think we would have won the race hands down with not having to pit. But, just putting a pit stop in there gives the guys another opportunity to change tires before the 500 gets here Sunday. That's going to help those guys. What we learned about our race car on the 50th lap will help us Sunday, too. We never run over a 20-lap run all week, so that was really the first race run we've run. That AOL Chevy stayed the same, the last lap as it was the first, so I'm very proud of what they've done and very excited about Sunday."

DO YOU THINK THE SMALLER FUEL CELLS WILL HAVE AN IMPACT ON SUNDAY? "I'm sure it will have an impact, when things happen like that on pit road. We didn't lose that much time. We just lost enough time for Robby to get in front of me. We lost like a second, but a second is lot of feet on this racetrack on pit road. We'll just take that, make a mental note of it, try not to let it happen again and learn from it. That's what you have to do to win these things."

WHAT TOOK PLACE IN THE PITS? "The '99' was in front of us. I think everybody else on the racetrack, other than me had an opening in front of them. We had an opening coming in, but we didn't have one getting off. I came in just a little bit hot and slid to the side about two or three feet and that was the difference between turning the steering wheel hard right, taking off or having to wait a little bit. I could have took off, but I was afraid I was going to bend my left front fender on the '99' and I did get him just a touch, but it didn't hurt my fender. It's just unfortunate. But, we try to learn every lap we make and that is the big learning process I went through today. Hopefully, we can keep that from happening during the '500.'

ON THE ROLE OF TEAMWORK ON SUNDAY "There is no doubt Robby really stuck with me on Sunday. We had that planned on the start that if I could get just a little bit of a jump on Ricky (Rudd) he could jump back in behind me. I don't think anyone would have passed either one of us if it would have gone all the way to the end. But, when I got back behind him I did the same thing and really helped him. We have to hold Kevin (Harvick) down now and see if he'll do the same thing come Sunday. That's what teammates are for. We have to learn together. We have to experience downfalls together. We've done a lot of downfalls, so hopefully we can learn some ups and wins. One RCR car gets into victory lane on Sunday, it's going to be worth every one of us - what we've done down here in testing and this week. Hopefully, our AOL car will. We're looking forward to that."

DOES THE SMALLER FUEL CELL PROMOTE GREEN FLAG RACING? "The race is 200 laps long, so that means 40 laps a piece - if you can run 40 laps. Today we ran 34. We'll go back and process that and see if we can run that many. We don't know if we can or not. But, that's our objective, to single out a pit stop. That's what happened at Talladega. Some people won't be able to do that and hopefully we will. We just didn't want to push the issue today of running out of gas. We just have to get a baseline to see how far we can go. We never put our car in that situation in practice, to run that many laps to see how good of fuel mileage we got or how many laps we can go.

"I don't know if it broke the field up today, but I think it will. The more pit stops you have the less cars are going to be up front. Handling comes into play so much. It's so much a different racetrack than Talladega ever was. It really pushes the front end off the corner and if your car is handling, that singles cars out, too. It's going to get down to maybe 10 cars you have to race instead of 40."

HOW HARD WAS THE CONTACT WITH RICKY RUDD AND WAS THAT AN AGGRESSIVE MOVE? "I guess it was. I had so much of a run on him coming off of pit road. I had so much speed on him - he was just trying to get up to speed. I guess it was an aggressive move. I got around him there. I thought I left myself enough room, but about the time I got beside of him it was like he turned right a little bit. It's just tire marks (the damage). That's basically all it is. They'll wipe off pretty easily. If that's all the damage we get on Sunday, I think we'll be over in victory lane, so we're looking forward to it."

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