Daytona Shootout: Jimmie Johnson preview


ON THE BUD SHOOTOUT: "I think the Shootout will be a very good sign for what the 500 will be like. We will be using the push draft, the bump draft, three wide, potentially four will be a very good prelim for the 500 and show how crazy we can be on this track."

HOW MUCH FUN IS A SHORT RACE LIKE THE SHOOTOUT? "It is fun. Especially at the start of the season and coming into such a big race like the Daytona 500, it is nice to get out, get in the flow, make some mistakes. Yes, there is a lot on the line, but it's not the Daytona 500. It is nice to knock the rust off and go racing."

HOW AWESOME IS THE TRACK SINCE THE RE-PAVE? "It is great. There is a part of the racer in us that is missing the old surface because it was a handling exercise and the guy's car who handled the best won and we had some tools to work with. Now, it is fast for anyone which will put on one heck of a show. As long as we don't wreck too early, it will be an amazing finish to the Daytona 500."

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE CHANGES IN THE POINT SYSTEM? "If you go through and look at it, NASCAR did a very good job of explaining the points and dividing out the math so you could see what the value was before to what it is now and it really trends the same until you get it down to 25th or so and on down, you have a lot more to lose if you have a bad day. I get what they are doing. They are trying to simplify the point system for the fan base. There is certainly going to be a learning curve and I'm sure there is some griping about that now. NASCAR is doing everything in their power to help the sport grow and I think there are some other positive changes as you look at our race weekend and how much takes place at the track. Now practice counts. Practice is important and practice is televised. There is going to be more drama all weekend long and I think a better experience for our fans."

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