Daytona Shootout: Ford teams race quotes

*** MARK MARTIN -- No. 6 AAA Ford Fusion "It was a good run. It was a great first outing for our AAA Fusion. I'm pretty excited. I know the track wasn't slick. It's cold. Our 500 car will be better than that and I can tell from what I see...


MARK MARTIN -- No. 6 AAA Ford Fusion

"It was a good run. It was a great first outing for our AAA Fusion. I'm pretty excited. I know the track wasn't slick. It's cold. Our 500 car will be better than that and I can tell from what I see that we've got a good race car for Sunday. We came to try to win the 500 and from what I saw there with what we've got lined up we might just do it."

YOU MADE A NICE SAVE IN THE FIRST SEGMENT WITH THE 5 AND 26. "That was the roughest race I've ever run at Daytona. I can't believe the doesn't look beat up like Martinsville. Man, I was bouncing around like crazy. It had to be a great race to watch, but one of these days soon I'm gonna be sitting in a rocking chair watching these things."


JAMIE MCMURRAY -- No. 26 Crown Royal Ford Fusion

YOUR CAR LOOKS LIKE IT JUST FINISHED 500 LAPS AT MARTINSVILLE. "Someone got into Mark and when he shot up the race track I was trying to get by him before he hit the wall. I felt like if I slowed down I was gonna run in the back of him, so I tried to get by him. I didn't hit that hard the first time, but then I got on the outside of Ryan and I thought he was gonna give it to me and then he kind of elected not to and I wrecked again. But I tell you what, I felt like we had the fastest car all night long. We just couldn't catch a break tonight. I probably put myself in a bad position a couple of times."

HOW WAS IT FOR THE FIRST RACE WITH THIS TEAM? "Well, I felt like we had the fastest car and I haven't felt that way in a while, so it's a really good start for us. They promised me that my 500 car is gonna be faster than this and I just can't believe that it would be."


MATT KENSETH -- No. 17 Post Cereal Ford Fusion

"We just had a rough night as far as the car overheating there at the beginning. We couldn't really get up behind each other and run. During the break we pulled all of our tape off and opened up the grille as much as we could. We pumped it full of water and even though the problem didn't really go away it didn't hurt us as bad the second half. It was a pretty good run overall. We started 16th and finished sixth. I would have liked to have won the race, but we'll come back on Thursday."


CARL EDWARDS -- No. 99 Office Depot

THE FOLLOWING COMMENTS CAME AFTER EDWARDS MET WITH NASCAR OFFICIALS IN THE NASCAR HAULER. "We had the first penalty when I went under the line to get by Kasey, where I felt like I was just playing everything safe and I ended up being under the line. The second penalty, we just went over the tapes, I was just doing the best job I could do to avoid those guys hitting the brakes and pitting. The sun was right in my eyes and everything and I felt like I was doing the best I could. I was real upset about the penalty and I didn't want to pull in. Anyway, NASCAR asked me to come up there and they spent a great amount of time and energy explaining to me their position. I totally understand their position. They understand my position. The call was made and we're just gonna go on. That's all we can do. I respect what they tried to explain to me and I know exactly what they're saying. I didn't see that at the time and almost got myself in real trouble by not pulling in."

YOUR COMMENTS OVER THE RADIO WERE PLAYED ON TV AND THAT PROBABLY DIDN'T HELP. "Yeah, that didn't help. But Bob Osborne really asked me to pull in and after listening to the NASCAR guys explain to me what they're trying to avoid and trying to explain to me that I should be watching for guys pitting a little more carefully and be cautious on that portion of the race track, and the fact that it isn't a points race, they were a little more harsh on the penalty just trying to prove a point. I can understand that and I can respect that, so we'll just move on."


KEN SCHRADER -- No. 21 U.S. Air Force Ford Fusion

"The first 20 went good, but it's just hard to stay in the front when you're not one of the fastest cars and we weren't. We knew that, but we kept trying to steal something. When we lined up for the second 50 the outside lane took off quick and then everybody jumped up in there. We were in trouble at that point and then we had an issue getting in on the one pit stop. When the yellow came out I thought that maybe we could steal something because we did two tires. We started back eighth, which was the right call, it just needed to be one lap so we were kind of a sitting duck. But we were 16th and you don't just throw those eight starting spots away for two laps, so it was the right call. We just wound up 14th, but we were fifth or sixth somewhere in those last two laps but they're gonna pay us for 14th. We've had a lot worse starts to the year."

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