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Robby Gordon #13 Duracell Ultra/Turtle Wax/Woody Woodpecker Ford Taurus Team Gordon Daytona 500 Race Notes/Quotes Thursday, February 20, 2000 DAYTONA 500 - Round 1 of 34 in the NASCAR Winston Cup Series Daytona International Speedway - Daytona Beach, FL

Qualifying Position - 17th Finishing Position - 18th

Robby Gordon finished today's 42nd running of the Daytona 500 in 18th place after running as high as fifth with 30 laps to go. The key moment of the race for Gordon came when he was fighting for position in the top-ten late with Dale Earnhardt Jr. Gordon bumped Earnhardt Jr forward in the draft, looked to continue on, then was left out when Dale slipped in line. As a result, Gordon moved back a number of spots, never to recover.


ROBBY GORDON "I'm standing here disappointed that we didn't come home in the top-ten, especially after running that high late in the game. We had a choice to come in and take two tires, which I think Terry (Labonte) did and we chose to stay out. That might have given me what I needed to stick in the lead draft because car was pushing pretty hard. We also got caught out running with Dale Jr. I pushed him up and then he left me hanging which sent us back something like eight spots. After that, I had no prayer of getting back up. So, I'm disappointed, but I have all these guys here trying to make me feel better saying we did a great job considering what we've been through. I guess they're right, looking at it that way it's definitely satisfying. But a top-ten sure would have been sweet. "On that note, I do have to congratulate the guys for putting a good car under me all week and in the race. They deserved better than 18th for their efforts, maybe that's what's getting me down right now. We'll be back at Rockingham next weekend; that's the nice thing about NASCAR, you never have to wait too long before the next opportunity!"

FRED GRAVES (Crew Chief) "If you had asked me a month ago where I'd be happy to finish I would have said, "In the top 20." I also would have been a bit nervous saying it. This team has come a long way since December. Hopefully we can carry some of this momentum and keep running strong."

MIKE HELD (Co-owner) "I know Robby's a little frustrated we didn't crack the top-ten, but I think he'll stop kicking himself once he reads the morning newspaper and realizes we're 18th in the points, and that in our first outing we ran pretty strong in the biggest race in America. It's going to be a learning experience, all year. There's no way around that. But we have a good idea what we're capable of after today and that's exciting."

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