Daytona II: Ford teams race quotes

MARK MARTIN - No. 6 Viagra Taurus (Finished 6th) AFTER THE DAYTONA 500 YOU'LL TAKE THIS. "Oh yeah. I only made eight laps in February. This is the kind of car I had in February too, that's why I was so upset - not only about the points but I...

MARK MARTIN - No. 6 Viagra Taurus (Finished 6th)

AFTER THE DAYTONA 500 YOU'LL TAKE THIS. "Oh yeah. I only made eight laps in February. This is the kind of car I had in February too, that's why I was so upset - not only about the points but I thought I might have had a chance to be a contender in the 500. We certainly had a chance today. I know we finished sixth and that's nothing to brag about, but we just missed it by one lick. We didn't have any partners out there. Pat Tryson and the Viagra team had that car really hooked up and we were strolling, but when it came time to go race for the win, the 20 and the 18 were gonna stick together. The 48 and 24 stuck together and the 8 wasn't gonna mess with me, so I was just there all by myself. The 97 was ahead of me and I needed somebody to be behind me and there wasn't anybody."

YOU THOUGHT YOU WOULD RUN WELL IN THE RACE RIGHT AFTER QUALIFYING. "Yeah, I really think if it hadn't rained and the weather hadn't gotten like it did, it would have been better for us. We got a little tight tonight. If it would have been as tight as it was yesterday without the rain cooling the asphalt down we would have been better yet."

ELLIOTT SADLER - No. 38 M&M's Taurus (Finished 26th)

"We just never got a handle on things tonight. We were sliding the nose and even though we kept adjusting on it and working on it, we never got the caution we needed to bunch us back up. We learned a lot tonight and we'll just go get 'em in Chicago."

KURT BUSCH - No. 97 Sharpie/IRWIN Taurus (Finished 4th)

"It was exciting and a great day for Coca-Cola and our race team. If anything could go bad a couple of weeks ago it did and this is a great way to get back on track. I'm real proud of this restrictor plate effort. It seemed like we were the little boy in town with not being able to put the power down and hang with these guys, but we had the setup that would run and we gave the very best effort that we possibly could. I'm real proud of this team. We're doing what we need to put together some runs and make sure that we're in the top 10 when we race for the Cup."

YOU WORKED WITH THE HENDRICK CARS TONIGHT. "I was put in place. I noticed that I was one out of five in the top five. I was on my own with the four Hendrick cars. It's just a great opportunity to run with those guys. They've got their plate program figured out and they challenged DEI this week, and we're getting the gap closed. I believe we're making the right steps. We had a third-place car at the Daytona 500 when we raced here - just one lap down (finished 11th) - and I need to learn some more about it and I need to still be humble about what we need to do because I still think we need to learn."

WHAT ABOUT THE STRATEGY TO PIT WITH THOSE GUYS? "You have to pit early and you have to pit with other fast cars even though he was the Pepsi car."

YOU WERE BEST IN CLASS. "It was just a great effort on our team's part to pit with the right guys. Even though it was the Pepsi car and we were running the Coca-Cola paint scheme, we were doing the best we could against those Hendrick cars. I would have loved to have helped Dale Earnhardt, Jr. win the race at the end, but I just couldn't run the high groove. I know what he wanted to do, I just wish I had a car capable of doing what he wanted because I know he's a very tough competitor here and what better guy to follow. Congratulations to Gordon, but I think we had more Coke cars out there than his one Pepsi car."

WHERE DID YOUR CAR WORK BEST? "Turn two. That was the best part that our car had. We were able to keep the pedal down and come off the corners good. We just need to get a little better down the straightaway. We need to just work on our aero a little bit."

JEFF BURTON - No. 99 Roush Racing Taurus (Finished 23rd)

"We drove up to about 15th and then we pitted and came out about 15th. Unfortunately, they saw that there was something rubbing the left-rear midway through the race, so we had to pit. Even though we fixed that, we found ourselves all the way in the back again. We drove back up to about 15th and pitted again, but came out 20th. We didn't have the greatest stop, but I was still able to get back up to about 12th before I picked up a real bad vibration. I slowed down and it turned out the right-front tire was completely killed on it. During that time is about where we fell back to about 25th and I finished 23rd. We were never able to make that up."


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