Daytona II: Elliott Sadler preview

"I really hope Mother Nature is on our side this weekend. I feel like we have some unfinished business at Daytona. If we can get the entire race in I think we are good enough to be there at the end."     --Elliott Sadler on the...

"I really hope Mother Nature is on our side this weekend. I feel like we have some unfinished business at Daytona. If we can get the entire race in I think we are good enough to be there at the end."
    --Elliott Sadler on the Pepsi 400.


"I remember two years ago when I finished third in the Pepsi 400. It was an awesome feeling following Junior and Michael Waltrip to the checkered flag but it seems like those two being up front on these restrictor-plate tracks is getting all too familiar. I would love to be the one to break that streak and I am hoping this M&M'S team has done enough homework to beat those DEI guys. They have it pretty much figured out, but this time I think we can find something for them."


"We are taking the car that finished third in Talladega to Daytona. Since the race is at night there will be much more grip in the car and we won't fight as much push as we normally do. Believe it or not, we are going to take our notes from Talladega and make a guess as to what we need in Daytona. That car is a good superspeedway car and I think we should be in the top-10."


'"The Pepsi 400 night race is probably one of the coolest races we run all year. The cars are running at speeds of 190 mph and running under the lights makes them look that much faster. Spotting for this race is a challenge, as is any restrictor-plate race. But, at night, I think the glare of the cars and it being a 400- mile race versus a 500-mile race makes everyone be a little more aggressive. Elliott has enjoyed success on restrictor-plate tracks and I feel like he's due to win one of these nail biters any day now."



GROOVY FAN FORUM AT DAYTONA USA-- Friday, July 4th from 2:00pm -- 2:30pm Elliott Sadler will host a Groovy Summer Fan kick off party with host Jeff Hammond. Prizes will be given away to game contestant in the audience.

Community Service and giving back--The Guardian Ad Litem program in Volusia County will present Doug Yates an engraved clock as a token of appreciation for the Robert Yates Racing team's support of the program. Engineer Hoyt Overbagh invited children involved in the program to the Daytona test session in January and is an avid supporter of the program.

M&M'S Groovy Summer--M&M'S is launching their Groovy Summer promotion with a special paint scheme at Daytona and Chicago. The No. 38 has transformed into a throwback from the late 60's sporting a tye-dyed colorful paint scheme. Elliott Sadler will feel as Groovy as he looks in the tricked out car, as the 'M' Characters will also let their hair down and sport hippie do's. The lucky winner who finds a pack of M&M'S with all Groovy candy will win $5,000 every summer for life! For more information on the promotion please go to

The Man behind the Paint Scheme--Michael Rios is a native of Oakland, California and a graduate of the prestigious San Francisco Academy of Art College. His body of work includes hand-painted murals in San Francisco's famous Mission District, original paintings, unique clothing designs, and a series of lithographs. He has been creating art for Carlos Santana since 1987, examples of which can be seen on Santana's most recent CD covers and stage backdrops such as "Sacred Fire", "Harmonious Convergence", "Embrace Your Absoluteness", and "Mumbo Jumbo".

Images of Rios' work can also be found on wearable art, including shirts worn by Carlos Santana and many other artists. The imagery on the clothing depicts rock, jazz and blues greats such as Jimi Hendrix, John Lee Hooker, John Coltrane and Miles Davis. Rios recently designed the CD cover of Steve Winwood's new album "About Time", due to be released in June 2003.

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