Daytona - Elliott has the pole, Nadeau's time is disallowed.

Bill Elliott ( ...

Bill Elliott (#9 Dodge) sets fastest time at 49.029 and wins the pole position for the Daytona 500.

Jerry Nadeau (#25 Monte Carlo) was second on the front row with a time of 49.244. However, his time has now been disallowed due to a technical violation. According to Nelson, "The height of the roof on the No. 25 car was more than a half-inch low in post-qualifying inspection."

NASCAR will continue to analyze the parts and determine if Nadeau will be allow to re-qualify on Monday. The time that Nadeau earned in first day qualifying as been disallowed and all positions move up one spot.

The front row is now an all Dodge front row as Stacy Compton had the 3rd fastest time of 49.266. Compton is now listed in the second position on the grid.

Updates when official word comes from NASCAR's technical committee.

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