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CHEVY JEFF ANDREWS, ENGINE PROGRAM DIRECTOR, HENDRICK MOTORSPORTS (ON WEDNESDAY'S ENGINE ISSUES AT DAYTONA.) "The engines arrived in Charlotte late last night and our guys began working on them immediately. We were able to diagnose it as an...


(ON WEDNESDAY'S ENGINE ISSUES AT DAYTONA.) "The engines arrived in Charlotte late last night and our guys began working on them immediately. We were able to diagnose it as an issue between the cam shaft and the lifter. Our folks are working hard right now, and we'll have the engines back in Daytona tomorrow (Friday).

"We're very confident about what we'll race with today (in the Gatorade Duels) and on Sunday (in the Daytona 500). It's a package that's been validated in race conditions, so we don't have any reason to think that we'll have additional problems.

"Everyone at Hendrick Engines did a phenomenal job addressing the issue, and we're confident with what we've got going into the Daytona 500."


KENNY WALLACE, NO. 87 FURNITURE ROW RACING IMPALA SS -- Made the Daytona 500 field with an 8th place finish in the first Gatorade Duel qualifying race.

KENNY WALLACE: "Well first of all, give me a little time here. First I want to thank Furniture Row Racing, this was all about a payback. The team felt like I should have not been fired and wanted to give me a chance with a Hendrick motor. I am very grateful to everybody, there are a lot of people like Benny Visser and Joe Garone for the chance for me to come back and show my talent with a Hendrick motor, I am very grateful for that.

"I was just so focused on my driving, my car was handling great, when they dropped the green flag I about spun out the second lap and I said we need to put the car back the way it was yesterday, so they went three rounds down on the right rear which is almost 3/4 of an inch. I needed green flag racing, it handled so good. I am very grateful. I am still in a little shock right here. You get in a zone out there, you just get in a zone and you work on your handling and you want to make sure you are clear and then slide back up in front of them. I didn't want to see that last caution. I am in the 50th annual Daytona 500. I want to thank my brother Michael forspotting for me.

ON HIS BROTHER, MIKE WALLACE, SPOTTING FOR HIM: "Mike is one of the best there it. He just inspired me the whole time. There were so many times when people cut me off and I thought I was going to hit them. And in the end, he was yelling, 'Just go! Just don't run into anybody!' Why did you want to spot for me?"

MIKE WALLACE: "Because this is the 50th Daytona 500. You see a few years ago, Kenny and I sat in his motor home here and we both didn't have a ride for the 500 and we looked at each other and said never again are we not going to have something to drive down here. Well, I finished fourth in the Daytona 500 last year and didn't have a chance this year to run. He had a shot and had a fast car and it was like, this is huge. He's my brother. When he gets paid, he's buying dinner because this pays a lot of money!"

KENNY WALLACE: "We are the only brothers that finish in the top 10 every year at Daytona and for some reason, we're out of a ride. I don't know why that is, but it doesn't matter. This is a great day and I want to thank some people who were very instrumental. First of all, the story goes like this: I got fired by Furniture Row. And Barney Visser, the owner of Furniture Row, and (team manager) Joe Garone said hey look, we realize that we shouldn't have fired you. We want to give you an opportunity. And Joe Garone called me up and said we want to give you an opportunity to come back and make the Daytona 500 on your own terms. And that's what they said to me and that's the truth, in front of millions of people. They let me drive this car with a Hendrick motor in it.

"And I want to thank Barney Visser and Joe Garone for letting me prove my talent and send a message to every great race car driver out there that, look at me. I made the Daytona 500! You know what? Bill Elliott told me once, he said, 'You always have shoe laces hanging out of your mouth." It's because I always have my foot in my mouth. But the reality of it is I always tell the truth and I catch hell for it all the time. But the truth is this: My brother, Mike, finished fourth in the Daytona 500 last year. You've just got to have equipment, man. That's all there is to it."



"It was pretty interesting back there with them old tires about half way through the race. Everybody was just sliding around, drinking and carrying on. I made that pass down there on the back straight. I got a run and got under the No. 41 and the No. 12 for the lead. I didn't think I had the 12 cleared, I don't know if he listed to let me have it cause I might have wrecked the deal there. I come on in front of him, but it must have been inches. He had to lift a little bit, but he got a run on the inside of me there. That was pretty fun. Old tires are tough, man. We was all running up there on top cause we would wreck down there on the bottom sliding around. I am really proud of my team, they built me a great car. The engine guys worked overnight to bring us replacements down here. They are great as we see. I want to thank AMP, National Guard, all of our sponsors and the fans. That was a fun race, hope they enjoyed it."

ON IMPALA SS: "Ok, honestly, it has got to look great on TV. It is harder to drive, but aren't we supposed to have to work harder? I mean, it is hard to drive, but it has got to look great on TV. It sure is a handful in the car and it sure reminds me of old -style race cars. I have seen how they used to slide around and get loose, so I think it is all right. We will tone them in and get them better, but they got a good grade from me."

-credit: gm racing

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