Daytona 500: Marcos Ambrose preview

Marcos Ambrose on Daytona International Speedway: "It is a really racy surface. I think we will have some of the best racing you have ever seen at Daytona. There is a lot of grip and drivers are going to get really confident. The drafting packs are going to be really tight and I am looking forward to it. I think it is going to be three or maybe even four-wide out there. This place is narrow and steep so I am sure there will be lots of action."

Marcos Ambrose on Working with Crew Chief Todd Parrott: "We are learning each other and it is all new. Through time and working with each other it will garner a respect for each other. I am learning my team and learning Todd. I am really proud to be associated with this bunch. They are a great group of people. Todd has won a Cup championship and Daytona 500 rings so I have a lot of respect for him. I am looking forward to blending into this group as best I can and letting them really make the most of me. I have a lot to learn and I am sure Todd is going to take me to the next level so I am excited about it."

Crew Chief Todd Parrott's Thoughts on Racing in Daytona: "Of all the changes we have going into Daytona this year, the track surface will be the biggest thing, I think. There's a lot of grip and based on what we saw in testing, the two car drafts seem to be really fast. It's yet to be known whether or not that's going to work when you get 43 cars out there. We'll see more when we get to the Shootout and then the Duels on Thursday. The track is smooth, the cars ride low and fast and based on what I saw at the tire test there's a lot of three ride, thirteen rows deep racing and a lot of action.

"Pit strategy is going to be critical this year with the new fueling systems -- making sure that we get the cars full of fuel. Also, now we have the American Ethanol fuel so the mileage will be a little different. It'll be a different Speedweeks than we've ever seen at Daytona."

Crew Chief Todd Parrott's Thoughts on Working with Ambrose: "He's got a good knowledge of the racecar. He gave good feedback at the Daytona test and the road course testing that we've done. I'm really looking forward to going to Orlando to test with him on Tuesday after qualifying in Daytona and getting some time and feedback on a track like that in one of our cars just to see what he likes and dislikes."

Chassis History: The No. 9 RPM team has prepared chassis No. 715 for the Daytona 500. This is a brand new Stanley Ford Fusion and is the same car that the team tested at Daytona International Speedway in January.

-source: rpm

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