Daytona 500: Greg Biffle pre-race notes 2011-02-08

Get Ready to Race in Daytona - and Get Your Car Ready for Spring
What You Can Do to Get Your Car in Race-Ready Condition

ST. PAUL, MN (February 8, 2011) - The Daytona 500 is only days away, and the No. 16 3M team is hard at work getting their Ford Fusion ready to race. Driver Greg Biffle and the 3M team are taking a few minutes away from their race preparations to offer fans a few tips on how to prepare their street-legal vehicles for the racing season.

Rev Up the Horsepower - Out-racing the competition requires great horsepower from the Ford engine. While the No. 16 3M Ford's 800-horsepower racing engine is finely tuned to produce high RPMs and last for hundreds of miles at high speeds, passenger vehicle engines also need regular attention to perform.

Biffle's expectations for the 2011 NASCAR Sprint Cup season are simple -- to win the title. "I want to win a bunch of races and win the title," he said.

"You can improve your horsepower with some simple projects in your driveway that require only a few tools," said Greg Biffle, driver of the No. 16 3M Ford Fusion. "Carbon and resin buildup in a car's fuel system reduces horsepower and fuel efficiency. You can clean the entire fuel system with the Do-It-Yourself Fuel System Tune-Up Kit from 3M. With just one tool and 45 minutes, it cleans the engine, fuel injectors, intake manifold, intake valves, combustion chambers and throttle plate with the same trusted 3M products used by automotive professionals. Keeping the fuel system clean helps maximize the engine's performance, extend the life of the engine and improve mileage."

Ditch the Dents - Racing sometimes means "rubbin'," which can leave dents, dings and wheel marks in the wake. That's especially true at Daytona, where close racing can produce spectacular crashes. The No. 16 3M team's body expert, Mike "Bondo" Wright, is known for putting things back right where they belong after an accident. The secret to his success? Bondo® Body Filler from 3M to smooth dents, adjust car lines to meet tight specifications and fill gaps to improve aerodynamics.

"Anyone who's ever patched drywall or fixed a piece of furniture with wood filler can fix small dents on their car," said Wright. "Now, Bondo® offers complete kits with everything you need to sand the dent and prepare the surface, mix the Bondo® Body filler and hardener, and perfectly repair the dented area, ready for paint."

Get a New Paint Scheme - It's always exciting to kick off the season with a new paint scheme and fresh look to everything. This year, the No. 16 3M Ford Fusion will be sporting several special looks throughout the year for different 3M brands and the American Red Cross.

"You can give your car a fresh new look for 2011, too, without the expense of an entire paint job," said Biffle. "The new Paint Restoration System from 3M contains everything needed to bring a vehicle's paint back to "like-new" condition. Each system includes Scratch Remover Plus, Shine Restorer and Synthetic Wax Protectant, all from 3M. It also includes a patented scratch eraser pad and three levels of foam pads needed to deliver a great finish. The only tool a consumer needs for the job is a 6-inch polisher, available at automotive and home improvement stores. In an afternoon, you can create an entirely new paint scheme for your car!"

Don't Forget the Headlights - While the headlights on the No. 16 3M car are merely decals and don't work, the team does spend a lot of time making sure the car is visible under the lights of Daytona. They use reflective paint, decals and specially designed numbers to ensure the spotter, competitors and fans can see the car on the track.

"You can improve your visibility on the road, too, by improving your headlights and checking the visibility of your car on the road," said Biffle. "Every fan needs to do a vehicle visibility safety check on their car before the season starts, from the mirrors to the tail lights to the headlights. For tips, visit If the plastic lenses are hazed and cloudy, use the Lens Renewal Kit from 3M to restore lenses to crystal-clear condition. It will make you more visible on the road and improve your safety."

Make It Shine - A driver never wants to take the green flag with TV cameras rolling and not have their car look its best. The No. 16 3M team takes great pride in keeping the Ford Fusion shining and in perfect condition from bumper to bumper. Not only does this shiny exterior look great, it also helps reduce drag on aero-focused tracks like Daytona.

"Making your own car look 'showroom shiny' is easy with 3M Car Care products," offered Biffle. "Give it a good bath with Car Wash Soap from 3M to remove dirt and grime without removing wax protection. Remove scratches with One Step Cleaner Wax from 3M to reduce swirl marks and scuffs in the paint and gradually brings back a high-polish finish in one easy step. For deeper scratches use Scratch Remover from 3M to actually remove surface scratches quickly and easily. Finally, give the car a good protective coat of Performance Finish Synthetic Wax from 3M which chemically bonds with clear coat finishes and keeps the car's finish looking good through up to 50 washes."

So while the No. 16 3M team is practicing for the Daytona 500 on Saturday, fans can get their cars ready to race in their own driveways. By the time the Daytona 500 green flag drops, their cars will be looking great and they'll be ready to race.

-source: 3m

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