Dave Marcis Sears Point Preview

DAVE MARCIS (No. 71 Realtree Chevrolet Monte Carlo) NOTE: Marcis, a 58-year-old NASCAR Winston Cup veteran from Wausau, Wisc., plans to put west coast driver R.K. Smith in his Monte Carlo for Sunday's race at Sears Point. Marcis...

DAVE MARCIS (No. 71 Realtree Chevrolet Monte Carlo) NOTE: Marcis, a 58-year-old NASCAR Winston Cup veteran from Wausau, Wisc., plans to put west coast driver R.K. Smith in his Monte Carlo for Sunday's race at Sears Point. Marcis was involved in an accident last Sunday at Pocono Raceway. "My body's still sore, and I'm still a little upset with Brett Bodine," Marcis said Tuesday afternoon from his shop in Avery's Creek, N.C. "He (Bodine) did the same thing to his brother a couple of years ago at Indy. He just flat spun me out Sunday going into the tunnel turn at Pocono. Robert Pressley was right behind us. I haven't spoken to Robert, but he told guys on my team that it was a cheap shot. "Both of my collar bones are sore. My rib cage on the right side is sore. My hips are black and blue, but they're not sore. My ankle is sore, and I still have a mild headache. The truck is leaving for Sears Point tonight, and I'm going Wednesday. Right now, I plan to put R.K. Smith in the car. I guess it's time to put a younger driver in the car. I thought R.K. was younger. I thought he was about 57 years old, but it turns out he's 61. Still, he's a good road racer and we're taking a brand new road racing Chevrolet. It's never been on the track. "We need owner points, so I'm not going to worry about qualifying the car and then getting out. We plan to let R.K. go the distance with it. If he's doing a good job, there's no need for me to get in his way with a driver change. "This doesn't mean I'm getting out of the car. I'll be back for Daytona. All that stuff about me announcing my retirement at Daytona is bull, too. We had a meeting there in February and some people were wanting to make some die cast cars. They said if I was going to retire, Daytona would be a good place to announce it, but I think they just wanted to make a quick buck. "That was a pretty good hit Sunday. I haven't looked at it much. I haven't had time. I worked late last night and then got in a whirlpool this morning. I didn't get to work until noon, and we're a little behind getting ready to leave, but we'll make it. "I think R.K. will do a good job for us at Sears Point. He's helped me before when I run out west, and he's one of the guys responsible for helping me win the 125-mile qualifying race in 1976 at Daytona with Harry Hyde. The shifter broke when I came in for a pit stop, and as I was leaving pit road, R.K. heard me hollering that I needed a nine-sixteenth wrench. He tossed it in the window, and I got the car in third gear and ran down the pack. I got past David Pearson and Buddy Baker and won the race. "R.K. qualified a Winston Cup car at Sears Point a couple of years ago, so he knows how to drive that course in a Winston Cup car. I guess I'll just play the role of car owner out there, but I'm not ready to quit driving yet by any means. Sunday's race was only the eighth one we'd made this season, but I can't afford to quit and I don't want to quit. Racing is the only thing I've ever done. I've never been paid the big salaries, so I can't afford to retire. I enjoy it. I may have to put someone else in the car eventually, but I'm going to stay in racing. "I'm not ready to retire as a driver. That's all BS. I enjoy racing as much as anyone out there, and if I qualify for a race, I've got as much right to race as anybody else on the track. That's why I can't figure out what was wrong with Brett Bodine at Pocono. I called NASCAR and talked to Kevin Triplett on Monday and asked him to review the film. He said they would, and I called them back today and no one was in. If what happened Sunday had happened at a place like Martinsville or Richmond, it wouldn't have been so bad, but we're racing pretty fast through the corners at Pocono. We had been racing for five or six laps and he couldn't get by me. I'm out there to race, not to just ride around. "For some reason, we've had problems since last year's (November) race at Atlanta. They were paying $100 a lap to lead, and on one of those yellow flags for rain, I didn't come in to pit and was leading the race. Brett wanted to lead, and after they red-flagged it for rain, TV interviewed Brett and he expressed concern that I wouldn't let him lead. He needed the points for some reason, but that wasn't any concern of mine. "We had been racing hard Sunday, but I was on the outside of him in one and two and wasn't bothering him. He got by me once, but I passed him back. He'd bumped me from behind three or four times going down the front straightaway. "It ended up being a pretty bad accident, and my car is just about busted in half. The car is junk thanks to Brett Bodine. I'm sure he's going to send me a check for it, but I don't suppose I should hold my breath."

R.K. SMITH (No. 71 Realtree Chevrolet Monte Carlo) NOTE: Smith, 61, is a Warren, Pa., native who's been living in Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., since 1973. He won the SCCA World Challenge Championship driving a Corvette in 1990 and 1992. He competed in the 24 Hours of Daytona this season and will also compete in Saturday's Southwest Tour race in a Monte Carlo at Sears Point. "My racing started when most guys retire from the sport," Smith said. "I started when I was 42, and I'm 61 now, but I really try to stay in shape. That part of it won't bother me because I'm in better shape than most of the younger guys out there, just like Dave. "I called Dave on Monday morning to see if I could help him out, and that was really a coincidence because Dave's business manager had just called a mutual friend of ours to get my phone number. I told him if I could help in any way, I would. "I want to do a good job for Dave, and my No. 1 objective right now is to get the car qualified. There will be a lot of pressure to do that because it is a new car. We'll sort it out and if everything is working well, I think I can do well for him. "I've raced Winston Cup cars twice at Sears Point. The first time was in 1992, and I remember I qualified next to Richard Petty. I also ran there in 1994. I drove Winston West cars in the Cup races for Dick Midgley. I also drove his Winston West car in a Winston West race last year at Las Vegas. My strength is road racing. I've run SCCA and IMSA, and I've got a lot of experience at Sears Point. I've won there in Formula Cars. "This is going to be a pretty neat deal for me. We'll get to qualify the Winston West car on Thursday (No. 66 Monte Carlo owned by Jack Lee), so that'll help me get ready for the Cup car on Friday. I really want to qualify well. It'd be something if we could make it in first-round time trials, but I don't want Dave to pack up and go home without making the race. We'll work hard and give it all we've got and hope for the best."

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