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NASCAR NEXTEL CUP SERIES WEEKLY TOP 10 Behind the Hauler Chat with Kyle Busch May 12, 2006 KYLE BUSCH, NO. 5 KELLOGG'S MONTE CARLO SS: ON THE NEW SURFACE AT LOWE'S MOTOR SPEEDWAY: "It's a great pavement job. The guys did a great job doing ...


Behind the Hauler Chat with Kyle Busch
May 12, 2006


ON THE NEW SURFACE AT LOWE'S MOTOR SPEEDWAY: "It's a great pavement job. The guys did a great job doing that. The transition into Turn 1 is a little different than what it was last time. There is more of a hump -- kind of a jump-off in there. But overall, the pavement job is great. It's real smooth and real nice. We're looking forward to getting out there and running the race. The tires are something different. They're very hard and they're very hard to get a hold of. If you've got your car too loose, you're way loose and if you're too tight, you're way tight. It's hard to find a good balance."

DID YOU FIND THAT THE TRACK IS MORE SENSITIVE FROM DAY TO NIGHT? "We found that too. In the daytime, around 1 - 2pm, just after lunch, it was very warm out and very slick and you were really loose. After dinner came around, you were very tight. There is definitely a lot of adjustability that's going to need to be built into our race cars."

WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT HAVING THE ALL-STAR RACE AT LOWE'S MOTOR SPEEDWAY EVERY YEAR INSTEAD OF MOVING IT TO OTHER VENUES? "I like it being at Charlotte because with the Hall of Fame going to be at Charlotte, you've got people that are going to be coming in to the All-Star event and they'll stay that week. They'll spend that week down there in Charlotte and visit the race shops and stuff. To have the Hall of Fame down there now is going to be something extra special for them to be able to see. And it's nice for the teams and the guys and the truck drivers. They don't have to go somewhere else. They don't have to spend another weekend away from home. They're able to at least sleep in their own beds."

IS THIS ONE OF THE MORE INTIMIDATING TRACKS FOR THE YOUNGER DRIVERS? "I wouldn't say it's intimidating. It's definitely a fun place to race. It's very difficult. Maybe for a rookie it's probably pretty intimidating the first couple of times. But I've been here a few times so far and it's a great place to race. I have some fun here. It's very difficult to try to run fast around here."

DO YOU NOTICE THAT MOST OF THE DRIVERS EITHER REALLY LIKE DARLINGTON A LOT OR THEY DON'T LIKE IT AT ALL? "Yeah, there's not a whole lot in the middle there. There's not people that go well, we're going to Darlington..okay..either they love it or they hate it.

"But there are a lot of guys who have been coming here for a number of years who never liked it and maybe now, like it. Other guys that have come here for not many years still like it even though they haven't run on it too many times. I don't know; maybe they haven't had too many Darlington stripes. Once you get it enough times, you probably get tired of it then."

HOW WAS THE CAR IN PRACTICE? "Terrible. The Busch car is all right, but the Cup car is terrible right now. We've got to figure it out. The Busch car is running well. We've got a great race car. It's handled well right off the truck. It's very fast. We made a qualifying run first thing and then put it in some race runs. We probably have a top five car."

CAN YOU WIN IN THE BUSCH RACE TONIGHT? "I think so. We just need to keep all the fenders on it and stay out of the wall."

WHO LOOKS GOOD IN CUP? "The cars that look strong are Kasey Kahne and Mark Martin."

HOW ARE YOUR TEAMMATES? "Brian (Vickers) is not looking too bad. He's right there with us -- maybe a little bit further off, but I'm sure they'll get something figured out."

WHAT KIND OF AN IMPACT DOES THE HISTORY OF THIS RACE TRACK HAVE ON YOU? "It's not so much the racing history that's been in the sport. It's more the later history. This is one of the first superspeedways -- I guess you could call it that -- from the '50's and '60's that was built. A lot of guys had some good times here and a lot of guys had some rough times. I remember seeing old footage of people running around here just putting their cars up against the guardrails and letting it rip. So it's just one of them places where it's been this way for years. It's not built for the way that we run around here today, but it's still a fun place to race at and more so than not, everybody enjoys it."

DALE EARNHARDT JR. SAYS THAT ALL THE YOUNG GUYS HAVE TO ASK A LOT OF QUESTIONS AND JUST RESPECT THE TRACK. DO YOU FEEL THAT WAY? "Yeah, so far today it hasn't given me a very nice time. So we're trying to figure it out and get it right. But our Busch car seems to be running well. But overall, it's a good place to race.

"You definitely want to come in here and learn the place and try to understand it and have the respect in the beginning and then once you develop that, you develop a good rhythm for this place and you can try a little bit harder and stuff like that. But anytime you try to jump too far over the boundaries, you end up finding the fence."

NASCAR DOESN'T DO THE PODIUM FINISH -- THE 1-2-3 -- HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THAT? WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE NASCAR DO THAT? "I thought about that actually a couple of weeks ago. I was kind of curious as to why they didn't. It doesn't really bother me. I think it's more about the prestige of winning and not necessarily who is second or third. That's why they've been trying to put more points for the winner because that's what it is. It's about winning. It's so hard now to do so that when you do (win) you want to savor the moment. You know, it's all by yourself. So you don't have to deal with second or third."

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