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JAMIE MCMURRAY, NO. 1 MCDONALD'S CHEVROLET, FINISHED 2ND: "Track position was just key. It seemed like left side tires didn't make a big difference and we had to put four and got back in the pack a little bit and could only get back to fifth or...


"Track position was just key. It seemed like left side tires didn't make a big difference and we had to put four and got back in the pack a little bit and could only get back to fifth or sixth. Bono (Kevin Manion, crew chief) told me we weren't putting lefts on again for the rest of the night and I was a little shocked by that. At the end, we got a good restart. It just seemed like left side tires didn't wear out. The car wasn't that good at the beginning. It was shocking to me that we could be out front because the car was way too tight. Bono just called a really good race and we made some really good adjustments. That is what you have to do to run up front."

DID YOU HAVE FUN OUT THERE? "Yes, I just was praying there weren't any green-white-checkered, once we got to the white flag I was like "Alright, you just have to get around here." Tires, it just seemed like track position was really important and when you could get out front, you could go. When we got back in traffic, we kind of were a fifth or sixth place car, but our McDonald's Chevrolet was good, it was a really good weekend for us. I got into the wall early on and the guys did a really good job fixing it. We had good pit stops. I think Juan (Pablo Montoya) finished in the top-five also so the guys in the shop are just building incredible cars and it is certainly an honor to get to drive them."



"That is what happens when you make a make a mistake. You have to make it up to your guys who worked so hard all weekend long to give you a race car like that. I have to thank DuPont and National Guard, their Facebook page. It was a good weekend for us. They dropped the green and we were just a rocket. You have to worry sometimes here as long of a race as it is when it cools down how you are going to maintain that kind of speed and stay on top of the adjustments. We got off a little bit and some other guys ended up being a little bit better than us at times. Track position was just key tonight. I made a mistake there and lost the track position. They gave me an awesome car and drove up there to fourth, pretty happy with that.

YOU HAVE BEEN SO CLOSE TO A WIN, DO YOU THINK YOU ARE CLOSE? "We certainly hope so. This team is doing the job that we need to do to get in to victory lane. Right now, we are knocking on that door. We are leading laps, we are running up front. We are having a lot of fun, that is for sure. It has been a while since this No. 24 car has run like this. I can't wait to get to Dover."

GREAT RECOVERY TONIGHT: "Well, yes. I think we missed the setup a little bit. There were moments when we were awesome. Track position is just so important at this place. It just seemed like on two tires we were great, on four tires, we really struggled. We were going to come in and pit a little early and take two, I just didn't signal the guys behind me and I was going to get run over. I just didn't get slowed down good enough. My fault. Of course, Steve (Letarte, crew chief) is saying if we had pitted and the caution would have come out, we might have been in worse trouble, but I still don't like making mistakes like that. We had a great car and a great team. If we'd gotten out front, I think we had something for them. But I don't know if we were ever going to get out in front of the No. 11 (Denny Hamlin, race winner), he was good. I don't know. I would have liked to have seen what would have happened there. I'm happy that we drove up through there and got fourth."

"We didn't really have the best car in the second half of the race I felt like. But we were certainly good at trying to get track some position. I'm just so excited that we're running good and at we have DuPont and the National Guard Facebook page on our car tonight. We'll just go to Dover."

WHO DO YOU THINK HAD THE BEST CAR? WAS IT DENNY HAMLIN? ALSO, OF ALL TIMES NOT TO HAVE A GREEN-WHITE-CHECKERED FINISH. DID YOU THINK ABOUT THAT? "I know. The one time we needed it and we didn't get it. That's kind of the way it's been for us for this year. I'm hoping we keep running the way we're running when those moments really count for these wins and this championship. I think the No. 31 (Jeff Burton) was really strong there at the end; at least at that last run. He was riding behind me and then all of a sudden just took off and went up there to the No. 11 (Denny Hamlin). But the No. 11 was really strong. I think he was probably the best car tonight."



"This Target Chevy has been pretty damn good. We worked really hard all day. In the beginning it was really fast, and then it went away. Got it, went away. It was really hard. It was hard work. I hit the wall a couple of times, but nothing major. I was pretty happy. I'm just relieved we got to the end to tell you the truth (LAUGHS)."




JUNIOR: "We ran really good at the beginning. Lance will go home and work on what he can."

MCGREW: "I think the best thing is that now we have a notebook. We didn't have that. And now we can go back and we can look and we see."

JUNIOR: "We ran better this time than we did last time here. I think this has been one of the worst races I had last year."

MCGREW: "Yeah, it was horrible."

JUNIOR: "We see that we can do it. We've just got to be able to finish."

MCGREW: "We overcame a cut right rear tire and that was good. You have nights like this."

JUNIOR: "I enjoy working with Lance every week."



"We had a good qualifying spot with the Haas Automation Chevy, and we had great pit stops all night on pit road and that really kept us in the game," Newman said after the race. "I have to thank all the guys on the Haas Automation crew for that. It wasn't the finish we had hoped to get, but it was a solid points night for us and that is a credit to what our team did in the pits tonight."



ARE YOU OK AND WHAT HAPPENED? "Yes, I'm fine. I have to see where he even came from. All I know is last minute I saw a green bumper and it was a hard hit. Unfortunately, we had all kinds of issues tonight. Got caught up in all kinds of little small things, but still had a very fast race car and I think we could have salvaged a top-10, top-five finish today. It is too bad. I'm going back and watch the video because I have no clue, I guess it was A.J. (Allmendinger) because he came and apologized to me and said his brakes failed or something. I don't know if he was behind me or where he was, but he came in there hot and hit me hard.

"He wasn't in my line of site then all of a sudden the caution was out and here came a car flying up the track and into me. I saw him in the care center there and it sounds like he had a brake failure or something there. Just wrong place, wrong time I guess. We had a tough night and a bunch of small issues but we were still fighting through all that and there on the lead lap. Hopefully we were going to have a top-10 finish but oh, we got slammed over there in three and four."



WHAT HAPPENED? "We got a little tight; freed it up. Got loose and got into the wall and knocked the spoiler back and we struggled after that. And then we blew two tires actually; two left rears. And I don't know. It just wasn't our day. Everybody did a good job. It's just a shame sometimes you end up that way."hol

IT STARTED OUT REALLY HOT WHEN WE WENT GREEN AND NOW IT SEEMS ALMOST COLD. HOW MIGHT THAT HAVE CHANGED THINGS ON THE TRACK? "I don't know. I was already messed up before I really got to that point, so I don't know."

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