Darlington: Ford teams qualifying quotes

JEFF BURTON-9-Cottman Transmission Ford Taurus (Qualified 17th) "That wasn't too good. The Cottman car is really fast in race trim; it's awesome. We worked on race stuff all morning and then threw a qualifying setup on it, and we were pretty...

JEFF BURTON-9-Cottman Transmission Ford Taurus (Qualified 17th)

"That wasn't too good. The Cottman car is really fast in race trim; it's awesome. We worked on race stuff all morning and then threw a qualifying setup on it, and we were pretty far off. We just took a wild stab at it there and it wasn't very good. When I drove into both corners the first lap I didn't have any brakes; the pedal went all the way to the floor. It wasn't the most comfortable thing in the world, so I got in there too hard because I couldn't slow the car down and that kinda messed the rest of the corner up. We're not going to qualify great, but this thing is really fast in race trim."

STACY COMPTON-59-Kingsford/Bush's Beans Ford Taurus (Qualified 21st) -

"After practice I said, 'Let's loosen it up a little bit.' It was my call and it was just a bad call. The track got a lot freer than we thought it was going to. The car is pretty good on race runs. We didn't get to make but one qualifying run and it was a little bit loose in qualifying. The Kingsford/Bush's Beans Taurus is good; I'm pretty excited about the race. We just want to get it started."

GREG BIFFLE-60-Charter Communications Ford Taurus (Qualified 4th)

"The car was really good across one and two, and it just didn't turn down there in three and four like it had been all day. Maybe I was on the brakes a little bit too much and didn't let up soon enough. I definitely had a car good enough for the pole. Brad (Parrott) and the guys did a great job on it, the driver just made a little bit of an error. It should get us a top-five starting spot, though."

HOW MUCH OF AN ADVANTAGE IS IT RUNNING BOTH SERIES HERE THIS WEEKEND WITH THE CHANGES THAT HAVE BEEN TO THE TRACK? "I think it's helped me a bunch. I feel pretty good about both of the cars; they're both running pretty good. I'm excited to be able to run both divisions again this weekend; I was bored last weekend. It's helped with the track reconfiguration."

IS THERE A DIFFERENT DRIVING LINE IN QUALIFYING WITH THE SAFER BARRIERS? "Not in qualifying so much because we never did run against the wall in qualifying, but it's definitely different in race trim."

HAS TIRE WEAR BEEN AN ISSUE TODAY BECAUSE THERE HAVE BEEN SOME PROBLEMS? "It's probably debris. They've had all kinds of equipment out there to put that wall up. They've had trucks every day on the race track for months installing the walls. Something's going to fall on the track just installing the wall. It's steel so they're welding and cutting out there and all kinds of things could be on the race track.""

BOBBY HAMILTON, JR.-25-Team Marines Ford Taurus (Qualified 14th)

"We used this morning a test session, and the car is a whole lot better than it was this morning. I think the car was better than I was. I think I put too much emphasis in my mind to go out there and get the pole, and I think I overdrove it a little bit and it cost me a little bit of time. I don't know where it will end up, but it should be pretty decent."

IS IT EASIER TO OVERDRIVE THIS TRACK NOW WITH THE NEW TIRE COMPOUND? "It's tougher to drive this track now because now you have softer tires, which have more grip, and it's easy to overdrive. It would seem like getting in the gas earlier here would be better, but the second you start scooting tires or losing grip, you're going to lose time. It's easy to overdrive, but I think we have a great race car."

JASON KELLER-22-Miller High Life Ford Taurus (Qualified 15th)

"We ran faster in qualifying than we did in practice, but I'm a little baffled why we're a half-second slower than the car on the pole. I don't know where we lost that much speed, but we'll work on it and maybe we'll get our car driving good for the race."

WITH THE CHANGES THAT WERE MADE TO THE TRACK SINCE LAST YEAR, DOES THIS FEEL LIKE THE SAME OLD DARLINGTON? "I don't feel like it's any different. It looks a little different when you're driving off of turn 2 mainly because of the stands, but I'm just disappointed that we can't find any speed, but I'm not going to blame the race track. I'm all for the SAFER barriers, so I'm not going to say anything negative about anybody who puts the SAFER barriers in."

WAS THERE EXCESSIVE DEBRIS ON THE TRACK THIS MORNING? "We had a flat right-rear tire. This race track is so dirty that sometimes I guess you just cut tires, and unfortunately we did. It really cost us a lot of practice this morning, which was unfortunate, but we'll dial her in."


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