Darlington: Ford teams qualifying quotes

CARL EDWARDS -- No. 99 Office Depot Ford Fusion (Qualified 4th) "I've just got to thank my crew. They did a good job. Bob was telling me, 'P1, P1.' I hate to break it to Clint, but I would have run a faster lap if I would have...

CARL EDWARDS -- No. 99 Office Depot Ford Fusion (Qualified 4th)

"I've just got to thank my crew. They did a good job. Bob was telling me, 'P1, P1.' I hate to break it to Clint, but I would have run a faster lap if I would have known (laughing). No, I couldn't run any faster. That was a good lap for us. It was a huge gain. I'm so excited about the last two weeks of qualifying. We had a great qualifying effort at Richmond and this is by far my favorite race track. I couldn't wait to start the weekend."

WAS IT SLICKER OUT THERE FOR QUALIFYING? "I thought the track was really good. We picked up a ton. Our guys did a really good job of making adjustments. A lot of guys were really loose, so I've just got to thank Bob and those guys for being on top of it and making it really drivable. It was good."


KEN SCHRADER -- No. 21 Motorcraft Ford Fusion (Qualified 8th)

"I thanked the guys for giving me something quick enough that I didn't have to hold my breath real long. The Motorcraft Fusion was good. It was good in practice. We picked up like four-tenths and you've just got to -- it's time to qualify. We went home for two weeks and I've got to apologize to Little Debbie and Motorcraft about that. I don't like that. Everybody on our deal just really went to work on these cars and here we are."

A GOOD EFFORT. "We'll take it. When you're one of those go or go home group, we were eighth out that group in practice, but we made it back everytime. We were never out of control, so I knew that we had something left there. The guys brought a good car and I just want to thank Little Debbie and the Air Force."

DOES THAT STRESS BUILD AFTER MISSING TWO STRAIGHT RACES? "This week, like right now, I feel like, 'Oh yeah, it builds,' but, as a driver, I can make more difference here. So that means I can do better or I can screw up, so there's more pressure on you here as a driver."

SO EXPERIENCE PAYS OFF AT A TRACK LIKE THIS? "I wouldn't say it's experience. We were decent in practice. We made five runs, but I never went out there with the attitude of, 'OK, I might wreck.' I knew it had some left."


JAMIE MCMURRAY -- No. 26 Crown Royal Ford Fusion (Qualified 3rd)

"I was a little bit worried after practice. I didn't have the best practice, but we made the right adjustments again. I didn't have a very good one and two, but three and four was great. I think it'll be a top five again for us and, all but Richmond, we've had top five starts in the car of tomorrow so I feel pretty good about it."

HOW TREACHEROUS WAS IT OUT THERE? "When I saw the cloud come over there were two or three cars that still had to go out and the track temperature went down like 10 degrees. I thought, 'Man, it would be nice to get a cloud.' I got in the car and I asked Larry, 'Is there any chance for a cloud?' And he said, 'No, I don't think so.' It's actually hotter now than when we ran our mock-up runs in practice and you always want to pick up when it comes time to qualify. When it gets hotter it's hard to do sometimes, but we made good adjustments today."


GREG BIFFLE -- No. 16 Ameriquest Ford Fusion (Qualified 2nd)

"I tell you what, I feel bad because I got into one and two and got back to the gas and the car was really, really good. I kind of hesitated in holding it flat all the way across there, and then when I turned to come down the hill it was a little tight and I had to come off the gas and I didn't feel like I got the run down the backstretch that I needed to be on the pole, so I said, 'Well, I'm just gonna go down in here and put up a solid top 10 number,' and we got a little loose and kind of chased it up and just left a little on the table down here in three and four. I left two-thousandths of a second out there, but I just didn't think one and two was gonna do it."

A GOOD STARTING SPOT GOING FOR THREE STRAIGHT. "Yeah it is. I tell you what, our Ford Fusion Ameriquest car is really, really solid. We felt like we had the fastest car in race trim practice. We have another practice this evening, but I feel like we have one of the fastest cars here for tomorrow night's race."

-credit: ford racing

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