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CLINT BOWYER, NO. 07 JACK DANIEL'S IMPALA SS, met with member of the media at Darlington Raceway and discussed team momentum from Richmond win, new surface at Darlington, improvements at RCR and other subjects. Full transcript follows: DOES YOUR...

CLINT BOWYER, NO. 07 JACK DANIEL'S IMPALA SS, met with member of the media at Darlington Raceway and discussed team momentum from Richmond win, new surface at Darlington, improvements at RCR and other subjects. Full transcript follows:

DOES YOUR WIN AT RICHMOND LAST WEEKEND GIVE YOU GOOD MOMENTUM COMING IN TO DARLINGTON? "It does. What a weekend, it was pretty wild. Kind of a gift. But, Darlington, you can't say enough about the job they did repaving the race track. It has a lot of grip. It is kind of back to, every time they repave one of these tracks, it is that way for a while. It either is you have got a lot of grip, or you don't have grip. With our Jack Daniel's Chevrolet, we are down on grip right now; we are searching a little bit. We were a little down on speed. I am anxious to get back in the car this afternoon to see what we have got."

CAN YOU TALK ABOUT GETTING YOUR SECOND SPRINT CUP SERIES WIN AND HOW IMPORTANT THAT IS? "Absolutely, it gives so much confidence and so much momentum to the team. It propelled us to fourth in points which is very important right now at this point in the season. It is all about being in that Chase at the end of the year. You can't win a championship without being in it. We have just got to make sure we are consistent week in and week out. We have done a pretty good job of that thus far, but the year isn't over with. That deadline to the next time at Richmond is a long ways away yet. Just trying to keep the ball rolling. Darlington is one of those places where things can happen here. This is an important race for us and we have to get out of here with a good finish."

WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS THAT MORE ATTENTION HAS BEEN PAID TO OTHER THINGS THAT HAPPENED AT RICHMOND RATHER THAN YOUR WIN? "I know where the trophy went and I know where the money went. That is all I care about. (LAUGHS) You guys can write whatever you want!" (MORE LAUGHTER)

WHAT WAS DIFFERENCE IN THE OFF SEASON AT RCR THAT HAS PUT ALL THREE TEAMS IN THE TOP OF THE FIELD? "I think it was more of the same thing that got all three of us in the Chase last year. We keep fine tuning what had. We came a long ways from two years ago. They were getting their butts whooped pretty bad on a regular basis, Richard (Childress) moved a lot of people, spent a lot more money to make sure we had the right things to get the job done on our part on Sunday. I am just proud of everybody at RCR (Richard Childress Racing) as a whole for working together. Right now we are down to fine-tuning. It is no more 'Richard, give us 30 horsepower and we will go out and win these races'. There is no more of that. We just need five percent in every category right now and I think we will be where we need to be. Obviously we are running well with all three teams in the top-five, but I think there is definitely room to improve even yet."

WHAT WOULD YOU GUESS WOULD BE THE TOTAL AMOUNT OF TIME SCORED AS THE MARGIN OF VICTORIES IN ALL 36 2007 RACES COMBINED? "I don't have a clue! (LAUGHS) I honestly don't have a clue how much it was. Whoever wins, wins. It is very competitive. It is so hard to win at this level any more. Something like Richmond that happened last week, it was a gift. But there have been a lot of circumstances and situations where I thought maybe we could win a race and something went wrong. It all seems to come back around to either get you or help you out at one point or another."


JUST TALK ABOUT THE NEW DARLINGTON SURFACE AND WHAT IT IS DOING RIGHT NOW. "It has taken a lot of rubber. It seemed like as the night fell, it gained grip, but it kind of got a little bit slicker too in areas. Saw a lot of people crashing throughout practice on in to the evening, especially in the Nationwide practice. I am kind of curious to see what direction it will go from here. It is still the same ole Darlington, which is the neat thing about it. You are still running up high, still lifting in pretty much the same areas, picking up the throttle up in the same areas. So as far as that aspect goes, it is the same. It is smoother, has a lot more grip. Only time will tell how we will be able to race once we get this evenings race (Nationwide Series) underway and figure out what we can get away with and what we can't get away with in that race, we will be able to put on a lot better show in the Cup race."

HOW WOULD A NATIONWIDE ALL-STAR RACE PLAY OUT AND WOULD IT FUN TO HAVE SOMETHING LIKE THAT? "It would be fun. Probably all the drivers that can drive them, drive them as far as something like that. It would be neat. It would still be the same thing; there would still be a lot of crashing and lot of going for it. (LAUGHS) How much you paying? A million bucks would be a good payday again! I think that is a pretty good assessment for all the stuff they tear up in the All-Star race."

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