Dale Jr. as Knight Rider ... You can't miss this

NASCAR drivers are commonly the worst actors around, along with most athletes, however this new Knight Rider video with Dale Earnhardt Jr. is pure gold.

It is a rarity to find anything remotely entertaining when taking a professional athlete and putting them into a cinematic situation to show off one of their sponsors products.

We have all seen the laughable GoDaddy tease videos. Or even that terrible advertisement that stuffed a bunch of NASCAR drivers in a van for to pick up a soft drink. 

Every once in a while, sometime gold hits the web.

But, while this isnt exactly a direct advertisement (or it is, I am not sure) I think it is a brilliant representation of the growth we have seen from Dale Earnhardt Jr. He is certainly not an Hollywood actor...but show this video to someone who doesnt know who he is and I bet we could fool a person or two.

Not once during this video do I feel that he is reading from a script, or chewing on words, or not having a good time. In fact, it made me so intrigued that I figured I had better look up what this Knight Rider thing actually is. 

So just for all those who were born AFTER this show ended in 1986, it is about a detective and his technologically advanced automobile. Oh, and none other than David Hasselhoff played the lead of Michael Knight. Epic.

Well done Junior. Very well done. See video HERE

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