Cussing on television - where is the line?

After this weekend's slip of the television censor tongue from Jeff Gordon, it got me thinking...

Should television, or NASCAR be taking more care to censor the language used during broadcasts, or should it be up to the parent to teach their children watching why the language is being used?

Last weekend saw another wrestling match where a race broke out at Texas. Brad Keselowski and Jeff Gordon make contact on track...Gordon goes crazy. Not without a little help from Kevin Harvick ofcourse.

Now, in the ensuring interview with an obviously still emotional Gordon (and with a little cut on his lip) he goes and calls Keselowski the "d" word. And to figure out which word that was you are going to have to check the video below.

But really. That word, out of everything that Gordon must have been thinking, isnt really all that bad.

But I am not a parent. I suppose the age gap between my brother and I gives me a little insight into the issues. (try playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City at age 17, when my brother was 7)

It can get a lot worse

But NASCAR is not full of prim and properish Jeff Gordon's who unleash about the least most offensive swear word in the dictionary on the most magnetic and infuriating driver on the Sprint Cup grid. There are Clint Bowyer's and Chad Knaus' that throw around the "f" bomb like a pro. Even the Busch brothers like to light up the radio. George Carlin would be proud.

Now with all that said...what is the consensus among readers? Would you prefer uncensored interviews, or should NASCAR and the networks respect the fact that there are a ton of children watching and get the good old bleep back?

Viewer discretion is advised...on all the following videos

These videos are completely uncensored. Now while you will not always find a raging Kurt Busch at the track every weekend, drivers and crew members are notorious for having that polished and refined second vocabulary.



The 2012 Daytona 500 was bizarre in many different respects. But the drivers involved in the fiasco that was that race...they had a different way of describing things than the television commentators.



This last video is a complilation of uncensored radio chatter. Everything from the aforementioned Raging Kurt Busch, down to the Baffled by Bristol Danica Patrick. Again, viewer discretion is advised. Big time.



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