Chicagoland: Dodge teams Happy Hour quotes

Ray Evernham (Team Owner, No. 19 Dodge Dealer/UAW Dodge Charger) ON THE NO. 19 CRASH LATE IN HAPPY HOUR -- "It looked like it got away from him going in. We just have to get our stuff going around the corner. We have been throwing a lot of ...

Ray Evernham (Team Owner, No. 19 Dodge Dealer/UAW Dodge Charger)

ON THE NO. 19 CRASH LATE IN HAPPY HOUR -- "It looked like it got away from him going in. We just have to get our stuff going around the corner. We have been throwing a lot of stuff out. We have been predominately tight all day, but there is such a fine line. You are tight, tight, tight, tight, tight all day and then it got free on him getting in there. Thank goodness he's alright. We just have to get going a little better than we are going. We are trying a lot of different things. Chicago is important to us and we have a lot of good partners out here -- McDonalds, Allstate and all of our Dodge dealers out here. We have got to get a lot of these things going around the corner here. "

WE CAN TELL A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE DISSAPPOINTED RIGHT NOW, BUT AT THE SAME TIME SCOTT MCDOUGAL, YOURSELF, A LOT OF DIFFERENT GUYS ARE JUST COMING TOGETHER AND FIGURING OUT WHAT YOU NEED TO DO NOW TO THAT BACKUP CAR -- "We ran so well last year. We're just really struggling right now trying to figure out what we can do and why we can't get a handle on these things. Whether it is the new Dodge nose, the new Goodyear tire -- whatever it is a lot of people have figured it out and we haven't. We just have to keep working."


Kurt Busch (No. 2 Miller Lite Dodge Charger)

ON HAPPY HOUR PRACTICE SESSION -- "I thought we were okay with the Miller Lite Dodge. The car would run in the low groove and then in the high groove the more we ran. It's going to take a hard charge from the back since we are starting 43rd. We have to just be patient and pick off cars when we can. A little bit of pit strategy might play in and we will see how we do."

ON THE OUTLOOK FOR TOMORROW -- "I hope it is like today where it is sunny and hot. That is what we're setting up for, but if it's overcast and cool it still will just help the cars maintain more grip and it won't change us all that much."


John Andretti (No. 45 National Tire & Battery Dodge)

HOW WAS HAPPY HOUR? I thought it went pretty good. We tried a lot of things during practice. The track is really slick now. Some guys are running the bottom and some guys are running the top. That's kind of what the Busch race is going to look like tonight. It's going to be all over the place which makes for good racing. I think the National Tire & Battery Dodge is pretty good. Yesterday we felt really good about it. Today we're there. We're making little changes here and there and we'll just see what the track does tomorrow and see what the weather does.

IT MAY RAIN TONIGHT. WHAT DO YOU THINK THAT WILL DO TO CONDITIONS OF THE TRACK? Well, if it gets overcast the track will pick up grip and the speeds will go up and the car will probably handle a little bit better, then it would be when it is slick like it is now. It won't change much of anything unless it does rain. Then obviously, we just sit around and talk to each other or watch movies or do something. They've had a lot of rain outs this year and I haven't been to one of them. So I guess I'm the lucky charm. Maybe NASCAR will keep me around if it doesn't rain on Sunday.

IT SEEMS LIKE YOU HAVE RENERGIZERED THIS CAR SINCE YOU CAME INTO IT. COULD YOU COMMENT ON THAT? I don't know. I mean testing was really a lot of fun. I've been at Petty Enterprises and before I knew Ronnie Lumus, Greg Stedman, the King, and Kyle and all of them so they kind of know the way I am and I know the way that the whole system works with Petty Enterprises. I think it's just a matter of getting in the groove of all that. We're probably working out some cobwebs too, since the more races you run the more you get into the rhythm. We've been on a two-mile track in Michigan, We've been to a COT race and Daytona for a restrictor plate race. Now, we're only coming back with a routine that is somewhat similar then before and I think that helps too. It's been a lot of fun hanging out and being around the Petty's again and doing it all. It's an honor really.

IN A COUPLE OF WEEKS, WILL YOU BE RUNNING AT INDY? In a couple weeks, Kyle will be back in the car. Back out of the booth and into the driver's seat where he belongs. He does a great job in the booth but its nothing like driving. For him he's having a lot of fun. For me, we'll see. Maybe I'll drive somebody else's car at Indy.

WHAT WOULD IT MEAN TO GO BACK TO INDY? Well, I went back there after thirteen years in an Indy car this year and I felt like a teenager. It was a lot of fun. It was like a thrill of a lifetime, like I never did it before. I think racing anything at Indianapolis is big. You could race golf carts it's huge. For me, racing anything there is just awesome. It would be fantastic if I could do it. We'll see. If I don't, I'll do the radio again.

DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE REST OF YOUR SCHEDULE IS WITH PETTY? This is it. Kyle did five races with TNT. Actually six. One of them was from his car. So this will be my last one.

YOU HOPE SOMEONE WILL PICK YOU UP AND PUT YOU IN A RIDE? There are other things going on. For me, it was a great opportunity to be with them. I said I would love to drive it. I have a close relationship with them. I think anyone who has worked for them has a great relationship with them. It's like family. It's been a lot of fun and I'd hate to see it end but maybe Kyle and I can switch off a race here or there. Give him a break from things and have a vacation. Him and Patty deserve it with all they do at Victory Junction Gang Camp. They deserve to have a vacation. They have the charity ride going on right now. Maybe I can talk Kyle into having a vacation every now and then and I can come out. I can come out and have fun with a great race team and an organization I love to work with.

WHAT DID YOU THINK OF THE COT? It was good. I think we learned a lot. During our short span and we went through a lot of stuff. I was hoping if I came here and give some feedback that could be helpful. I hope that's happening. I would like to just have some steady results but unfortunately we had a problem at Loudon where we had mechanical failure. Those things happen. I come in and we're doing four races. I'm sitting there and having poor races and I'm thinking, I guess a dark cloud never really goes away. It's okay, I still had a lot of fun.

-credit: dodge motorsports

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