Chicagoland: Dodge - No. 9 mid-race quotes

TOMMY BALDWIN (Crew Chief, No. 9 Dodge Dealers/UAW Dodge) "That's just Tony Stewart doing what he's been doing all year, driving like a moron, you know? There's no reason to do that stuff. He gets away with it all he wants, and all NASCAR does...

TOMMY BALDWIN (Crew Chief, No. 9 Dodge Dealers/UAW Dodge)

"That's just Tony Stewart doing what he's been doing all year, driving like a moron, you know? There's no reason to do that stuff. He gets away with it all he wants, and all NASCAR does is fine him. He's got plenty of money. The guy needs to sit out a race."

"I was just talking to Zippy, telling him his driver is a moron. I got off the pit box, he started pushing me, and then the official grabbed me. I don't know what happened after that."

KASEY KAHNE (No. 9 Dodge Dealers/UAW Dodge)

"We had a pretty good racecar. When we took off, I was in third gear and right as I was getting ready to shift into fourth I started getting a little loose. As I pulled it into fourth gear my car turned right and went into the wall. Obviously, the No. 20 was in the back of me and just put us up into the wall. I don't know why he would do that, or what happened there. He had the car to beat all day. All he needed to do was go through a couple of corners, and he probably would have passed us.

"We had a great car. We kept working on it, getting better and better. It's just a matter of being in open air, clean air. We were back up there, so hopefully we were going to be able to stay up there and work on the car and have a shot at winning at the end.

"Right as our light came on my car started sliding a little bit in the back. I was kind of steering it and steering it, and right as I pulled it into fourth gear I got hit. I guess he was up under me and spun us into the wall. I don't know what he was thinking. Our car hadn't restarted very well all day long. We were just going up through the gears. If the car in front of you isn't going fast, you can't just turn them into the wall on the restart."

RAY EVERNHAM (President, CEO -- Evernham Motorsports)

"Tony Stewart loses his temper again and takes us out for the second time this year. I mean, I don't know. NASCAR refuses to do anything about it. You got a guy that does this week in and week out and nobody's doing anything about it. He gave Rusty the finger. I'd like to have ten minutes with Tony Stewart and handle it myself. What happened there was unnecessary, and NASCAR needs to do something about it before somebody gets hurt. Now I've got a crew chief and other guys that have worked so hard on this car, every body's ready to fight, and it's the same guy week-in and week-out. Something needs to be done.

"I'd like to see him give me ten minutes by myself right now. He needs to be set down. He spun Kasey at Darlington for no reason. He's lost his temper over and over again. I mean, that was blatant to have your rear wheels of that car off the ground, and he intentionally spun him out. It's ridiculous. He got up against the back of him there for a shift and stayed on him and pushed him probably for about 50 or 60 feet before he finally spun him out. I mean, you know when you're up against the back of somebody. (Kasey) said he wasn't really sure what happened. He just said the back of the car picked up and suddenly spun out. He didn't even realize that he was up against the back of him. Tommy (Baldwin)'s pretty upset, and he should be. Now, NASCAR's calling him up in the trailer to talk to him, but Tony Stewart damn sure needs to be up there too. All (Tommy) did was run down there and try and break stuff off. I don't know what exactly happened down there. I don't condone that. I went down to split everybody up as best I could. I didn't get down there until after the fact, so I can't really comment on that.

"He definitely needs to get suspended, and he should have his ass beat. That's the problem with him. Nobody has ever really grabbed him and given him a good beating. If he doesn't get suspended, maybe I'll do that. I don't know (if he'll get suspended.) But right now he's just crashed a bunch of cars, and he's leading the race. That doesn't say a lot for where we're at right now. I asked (NASCAR) if they're going to do anything about it over and over again. Obviously they're not, because he's still leading the race. Look what it cost this team. We certainly had a shot of running up front today. It could knock us out of a shot at the top 10. It hurts, and I just can't believe that nothing has been done about it. Does someone have to get hurt? Is that what it's going to take? Does somebody have to get hurt before they do something?

"We're not going to play that game. If nothing's done, we'll just figure out some other way to handle it. This guy has never had his butt kicked."


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