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ON DISCUSSION WITH KURT REGARDING INCIDENT IN ALL-STAR RACE: "Being a non-points race, it is probably a little bit easier to get over it than if it was a points race. So, we go on to this weekend, I have a pretty good Busch car here and an even better Cup car so, we have to make sure we do what we know how to do which is try to get them both to victory lane.

"It was just a little bit too much close quarters racing, it was just bad circumstances that kind of set it up. Me getting a run off the corner and getting to his inside and him either thinking we were still three wide or his spotter not relaying the message that I was there, or whatever. It was just something that happened we have to put behind us and go on."

ON KURT SAYING THAT HE MIGHT BE A PERCENTAGE POINT OR TWO TOO HIGH ON DRIVING STYLE: 'Here or there, I mean, it kind of depends on where you are at and what sort of race. Given the circumstances in the All-Star race - Matt Kenseth led the first 20-lap segment; I led the all the laps in the second segment; Matt came back and led all the laps in the third segment so I whoever got out front first, it was inevitable they could be the winner. So, I was just trying to get to the front as quick as I possibly could to see if I could take the lead in order to lead the race and inevitably try to win it. I guess a little too aggressive move got myself caught up in a little trouble there, which could have and probably couldn't have been different. If it was the 600 miler and there were points on the line with 20 laps to go, it probably wouldn't have happened, but it was the All-Star race, there is no points, there is money and you have to get out front quick, so you got to go."

ON WHEN KURT WAS TALKING HE MADE IT SOUND LIKE YOU HAD BEEN DRIVING OVER A CERTAIN PERCENTAGE ALL SEASON AND THAT YOU AGREED WITH HIM, IS THAT TRUE: "Not necessarily. I feel like there have probably been a couple of situations where I may be a little bit too high, but I feel there were other situations where the level I was racing at was at the right positions at the right time. It could be taken both ways. Sometimes you just have to look at it like hindsight is 20/20. All you want to do is what is best for you at that given moment. Referring back, I thought racing my brother I thought I would be ok if I got in there and got the position, I would have the room in order to make it through the corner, but it didn't happen."

"I figured I could get on his inside. If it were another driver that I know I have had battles with in the past or I know how they race, he wouldn't be able to make such a maneuver. But I figured with it being Kurt, I could get on his inside and he will give me the room, he is my brother, he will give me the room, but it just didn't happen."

ON KNOWING IT IS KURT, YOUR BROTHER, WHEN YOU ARE AROUND EACH OTHER ON THE RACE TRACK AND VIEWING IT AS BROTHERS: "Of course, I know it is him. I view it more as Brothers than racing around another car. We were racing there at Richmond and he was coming through the pack and I gave him the room because he was fast. I just let him go, I didn't need to bother him and waste any time with him. You definitely know what cars are around you. At least I do and I try to pay attention as the race plays out."

ON KURT'S KELLOGG'S COMMENT: "It hurt a little bit, I will be honest with you. It was a pretty good jab, but what are you going to do? I can't say his sponsor on TV with Kellogg's on my shirt. I couldn't have done the same thing."

ON IT BEING ANY HARDER BECAUSE IT IS HIS BROTHER THE NEXT FEW DAYS AFTER THE INCIDENT TO SETTLE IT IN HIS MIND: "Yes, definitely. Like I told Marty (Smith), I got in there and expected to have the room through the corner and it never transpired that way. I was pretty upset over the fact that I got raced that way. He feels, obviously a little bit different that I shouldn't be so aggressive and put my car in there that way in the first place. But, it just happened.

"We were at a golf tournament on Monday and I just didn't feel like that was the time or the place to go up to him and talk to him. He tested Tuesday somewhere so we never had the chance early in the week. He called me Wednesday morning I think it was."

ON KURT TREATING HIM LIKE AN EQUAL: "I think it is a given that he has the authority to sort of Big Brother me. He has been there, done that, had the experience at it and has been there. You try to listen to him but I have great teammates that I look up to as well. I went and sat down with Jeff (Gordon) and talked with him for a while. Jimmie (Johnson) has always been a great friend to me. And Rick (Hendrick), of course, has always been like a Father figure to me. I have a lot of people at Hendrick Motorsports that I can use too."

ON WHAT HIS HMS TEAMMATES TELL HIM: "Jeff understood my rationalization of what happened. And he understood Kurt's as well and understood the circumstances of the race. Jeff just told me that I am a great racer, that I have a substantial amount of potential and talent and it will go a long way in my career. He even said that it is hard to remember that I am 21 years old, and doing as good as you are doing here. When he got here, he was 22 or 23, and now he is 35 and is a veteran. Sometimes hopefully I will be at that point."

ON WHOSE VOICE HE HEARS IN THE BACKGROUND IF HE AND KURT ARE KNOCKING HEADS: "My Grandmas. Probably all of my Grandmas, more so than anybody else."

ON MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT OF THE COCA COLA 600: "The biggest thing to remember about Sunday is the adjustability and that we start in the daytime when it is hot and it is slick. We saw in qualifying and the Nextel Open that is can be very treacherous and when the sun is out, this place is very slick and we are just out of control. When it calms down and everything gets cooler, the grip factor picks up and everything gets a little bit better. The cars will get a lot tighter because you are just carrying so much more speed, so you have to be able to pull rubbers out of the right rear or left year, or put some in the right or left and be able to change the track bar here and there and everywhere."

ON WANTING TO EVER RUN THE INDY 500: "Honestly, I think it would be pretty cool. I like to drive anything; I don't car what it is. I think racing an Indy 500 car would be exciting to me; it would be fun and something different to try. Maybe getting in a drag car, either a top-fuel or a funny car, I guess you can't be too aggressive in them, you just go in a straight line. It would be fun to probably do that too."

ON PHYSICAL TOLL ON HIM RUNNING 600 MILES AT LOWE'S MOTOR SPEEDWAY IN THE CUP CAR AND RUNNING THE BUSCH RACE: "I have done it the last two years and it hasn't been too bad on me. The Busch race is pretty easy because it starts and ends at night. The Busch cars are faster through the corners, so it takes a little more of a toll on your body, but overall it should be ok. In the 600-miler, you have to chill for the first 400 miles of it so you are just out there riding around trying to stay on the lead lap or making changes to make sure your car is capable of staying on the lead lap and adjusting on it enough to keep up with the changes in the track."

ON WHEN TIME IS RIGHT TO START RACING PEOPLE IN 600-MILE RACE: "It is way too soon all the way up to probably 100 laps to go. At 300 laps, it just isn't worth it. You want to position yourself, but you don't want to race anybody too hard. There is a lot of give and take that happens throughout the event, probably a lot more giving with everybody because; everybody knows you have to be around at the end to win."

ON FRUSTRATIONS SO FAR THIS YEAR: "In the beginning of the year, it is hard to get in the corner along side somebody like that and not get loose and sucked around or something like that. It happened to me at Daytona in the beginning of the year and luckily, we were the start of the big wreck but we weren't involved in it. The next couple weeks we went fine, nothing happened so for a while, we were doing pretty good and not really wrecking anything. Then all of a sudden bam, it seems like we have been wrecking all the time for like six weeks in a row. It has been hard. It has been pretty frustrating really, so we just have to keep going with what we know."

ON BEING AT INFIELD CARE CENTER AND LIVE TV AND RADIO WERE NOT THERE: "The situation that arose was, I got out of the race car a little upset and I have been told I can have some time to go off and cool off for a few moments and collect my thoughts so I don't upset Hendrick Motorsports, my sponsors by saying something that would displease myself or anyone else. I went in the hauler and sat down for a minute and NASCAR approached us and told us we needed to go to the infield care center. That they would like to see me and check everything out and make sure I was ok. As we went over there and exited, I was told that Hendrick Motorsports PR people told people but there was nobody there so we went home."

ON HOW AGGRESSIVE HE THINKS HE IS AND IS THERE ANYONE MORE AGGRESSIVE THAN HIM: "There is a time and a place to use your aggression. I obviously felt that that situation was going to be ok, but I was wrong. Inevitably I made a mistake and re-thought it and wish it had been a little bit different or could have made it a little bit different. As far as using aggression, there are certain times and certain places, like 20 laps to go in the All Star race, why not be aggressive, go for it. You have got nothing to loose. You have to go after the win and a few seconds earlier, it might not have been there like it was, but you saw whoever got out front inevitably won, Harvick led the last 20 laps. It is hard to pass out there with the tire we are on this surface. Who is more aggressive than me, I honestly don't know. Everybody has their own particular driving style."

-credit: gm racing

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