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BEHIND THE HAULER CHAT WITH KYLE BUSCH, NO. 5 KELLOGG'S MONTE CARLO SS WHAT DO YOU THINK THIS RACE WILL BE LIKE COMPARED TO THE ALL STAR RACE? "I hope there is more racing going on. In the All-Star race it was kind of a shoot-out, everybody was...


WHAT DO YOU THINK THIS RACE WILL BE LIKE COMPARED TO THE ALL STAR RACE? "I hope there is more racing going on. In the All-Star race it was kind of a shoot-out, everybody was going for broke. It's hard to race those cars that hard for that long. For us we only made it to the first segment. We weren't able to tag on for the second and third segment. We were able to pass a little bit. It's all about whoever can get a better car really."

ON THIS BEING A HOME TRACK AND IF HE IS THE ONE TO BEAT HERE OR IF ANYBODY CAN WIN? "Anybody can (win) really but I feel like we've always had a strong shot at it. The only thing that we keep getting bit with is our luck. Last year we were leading the 600 when we dropped a cylinder. Then we were leading the fall 500 race when we had a right front tire go down and we bent it. We've been very, very fast in all the races here but we just quite haven't been able to make it to the end like we needed to. I've won the past two Busch Series races here in the spring and had success in the Craftsman Trucks Series race here in the spring. I've always done pretty well in running here but the Cup (Series) has eluded me a little bit."

HOW ARE THE TIRES? "Earlier today in the Busch Series they were terrible. Everybody was wrecking and crashing. Nobody ever told them that it was going to be like that because there was no rubber on the track. The more the rubber got put down the better it got. Everybody kept getting a little bit better and more forgiving for the driver."

WILL THE NEW FUEL CELL HELP WITH THE LENGTH OF THIS RACE? "It's going to drag the race longer definitely. We're already in the car four and a half hours. I don't think another half hour is going to matter. For some of the fans it's going to be tough for them to pack up and sit in the stands for that long but I'm sure there is going to be plenty of soda and beer sales."

COULD YOU BE THE GUY THAT ENDS JIMMIE JOHNSON'S STREAK HERE? "We're sure hoping so. Anybody has that possibility. It's all about how they can get their car handling. We've had a pretty good race car every time we've been here. The finish of the race keeps eluding us so hopefully we can contend with him at least."

ON HIS CAR AND HOW IT'S RUNNING: "Well we unloaded and we were very strong. We were at the top of the board right off the bat. We stayed there for a quite a while until the track started cooling down a little bit. Guys started going a little bit quicker with the tires and everything. We made some changes to it. We were going out there right at the end in order to get a good run in and that caution that came out bunched everybody back up and everybody was all over each other so we didn't get a clean lap. We kind of ran into traffic a couple of times so we weren't able to post a quick time again but the car is running well. I'm proud of all my Kellogg's guys. We've got the car's movie premier coming up tomorrow."

WHY IS THE 48 TEAM SO GOOD HERE? "Jimmie Johnson and Chad Knaus and probably the word Lowe's written across the hood. The Lowe's car should win here at Lowe's Motor Speedway. They put a lot of emphasis on this race track to do well. It's not that it's any different than anywhere else you want to win at but they strive to win at this place."

DOES THAT WORK FOR YOU IN THE BUSCH SERIES? "It has the past two spring races here and in the fall we've always run strong. I was leading last fall then coming down pit road and the gear broke off. I've always done very good here in the Busch car so we'll see how it goes."

WHAT IS IT ABOUT THE DRIVERS FROM HENDRICK MOTORSPORTS THAT HAVE DONE WELL AT THIS TRACK? IS IT THE SET UP? "I don't know what it is really. Jimmie and I tend to have the same type of driving style and run the same type of set up. That might be what it is for both of us. As far as the rest of the Hendrick drivers, Brian (Vickers) and Jeff (Gordon), they have a little bit different tendencies than we do so that might be why they don't run quite as well as we do. At the Coca-Cola 600 last year I think we were all in the top four there at one moment leading the race which is pretty cool for Hendrick Motorsports."

HOW HARD IS IT TO DISCIPLINE YOURSELF DURING A 600-MILE RACE? "It gets difficult. The mental aspect of it can get you a little bit. The last 75 to 100 miles really gets to you. You're used to 500. You're not used to 600. That can really take a toll on a driver sometimes. When you have an easy driving car and something that is out front, it's way easier that way instead of having to fight it all day."

ON HAVING FUN DURING THE ALL STAR CHALLENGE DRIVER INTROS: "It was just something to have a little fun. Everybody was duds out there.

"All they were doing was walking out and strolling along, walking down. You've got to put on a show. That's what the fans are here to see, not just the race. The crew and I got together and did a little feel there. It was kind of cool. We have fun with it. That's all it was."

WHO CHOREOGRAPHED ALL THAT? "Rick Pidgeon the jackman. He choreographed it a little bit. He told us all what we were going to do and stuff. It kind of came out pretty cool."

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