Charlotte II: Harvick - GM Top-10 interview

BEHIND THE HAULER CHAT WITH KEVIN HARVICK, NO. 29 GM GOODWRENCH MONTE CARLO SS: ON THE CHASE "Well, you never really know what to expect. You just race week to week. Obviously the guys who were leading the points and up in the points hadn't had...


ON THE CHASE "Well, you never really know what to expect. You just race week to week. Obviously the guys who were leading the points and up in the points hadn't had any trouble like the rest of us have, but I think everybody has pretty much had problems now, so we're kind of back to square one."

BESIDES TALLADEGA, IS MARTINSVILLE THE OTHER WILD CARD RACE IN THE CHASE? "I don't really believe that. I think Martinsville is one of the places where you've got to qualify good and need to run up in the front to have a good day and not get tore up. It's a typical short track race."

ON HOW EXCITING IT IS TO BE IN THE HUNT EVERY WEEK: "It is very exciting. That is all we wanted to do. It is a great turn around for our company to have two cars racing for the championship."

ON NOT RACING ANY MORE BUSCH RACES ONCE CHAMPIONSHIP IS CLINCHED" "We talked about this several times, we are going to stick to our plan and run all the Busch races as originally planned. We did win last time out so that tells you what our goals are. I didn't really think I would have another chance to win a Busch championship. This whole thing came about from a five minute conversation with Richard to see where we were after the first Charlotte race and decide where we wanted to go for the rest of the year. Things are going good and it keeps us focused on what we need to be focused on and keeps our mind off everything else.

"My frame of mind really hasn't changed. We won the Busch race at Kansas, Our goal has been to try to put our self in position to win races, we have been fortunate to do that and that is going to be our same mindset going on to the end of the year."

ON RUNNING BUSCH CAR BEING AN ASSET TO CUP PROGRAM: "I don't think it has been a huge asset other than it is obviously a great confidence builder for us if things aren't going as good on the Cup side or vice versa. It is something to keep your mind off everything on Saturday and keep you focused on the racing.

ON EXPECTATIONS SATURDAY NIGHT: "We have the same right side tires, the left side tires are a little bit softer. It helps the cars a little bit, but it probably isn't going to be a whole lot different what it was the first race. I would say it is probably going to be the same scenario as May. The right side tires are the same and the left sides are just one small step down. We will have to see what the race track brings to us, how much different that is from the first time we were here.'

ON HOW EASY IT HAS LOOKED FOR HIM IN THE BUSCH SERIES: "There is nothing easy in this garage. Everything has just gone really well. The cars have been fast, we have been able to capitalize on our fast cars and the days we have been off, they have still top-10 cars."

ON BEATING OTHER CUP REGULARS RACING IN BUSCH SERIES: "We have run faster than they have. The RCR Busch program has been good since 2000 when we started it. Year after year it just seems to be good. It has pretty consistent at RCR, Wil Lind has been there from day one and understands how to keep up with everything."

ON EVER HAVING A YEAR LIKE THIS IN HIS CAREER: "I have never had a season like this. The whole year on both sides has been pretty incredible. You just want to finish the year as strong as you start it. It has been a lot of fun to have everything going good; it is a lot of fun. Coming to the track every week and know you have a shot. Even when things have been off, it seems like we have been able to make adjustments on our cars during the race and make them better. It has been great and everyone is really enjoying it."

ON CHANGES NEEDED TO THE CHASE: "It doesn't really matter to me. As long as everybody knows the rules at the beginning, I think the Chase has added a lot of excitement to the end of the year. We wouldn't have been have necessarily been talking about the points going in to and out if this race if we didn't have the Chase. I think it has added a lot of excitement in the first 26 races leading up to the Chase and then the last 10 races of the year."

ON SAFETY IMPROVEMENTS: "I think the safety has come a long way in the last five years. The softer walls are the greatest thing since sliced bread for a race car driver. I think going forward, it would be nice to see them all the way around the race track on both sides of the track and incorporated everywhere you might have a crash, not just where they think you are going to have a crash. It has come along way in the last five years and from a driver's standpoint, it makes you feel really good."

ON ANY DOWNSIDES TO WINNING AND HAVING SUCCESS:"I don't think there is a downside to winning anything. The media attention isn't anymore than we have ever gotten over the years. It is part of our job."

ON NBS PLANS FOR '07: "We are going to probably run somewhere between 24 and 25 races next year. Probably some will be with KHI, split it up between the two organizations. We haven't quite gotten to where we need to be at KHI."

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