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TEAM CHEVY IN NASCAR SPRINT CUP SERIES -- 2009 Chevrolet has clinched the 2009 NASCAR Sprint Cup Manufacturers' Cup champions after 29 races Team Chevy drivers have won 16 races in '09, more than any other manufacturer TEAM CHEVY IN THE...


Chevrolet has clinched the 2009 NASCAR Sprint Cup Manufacturers' Cup champions after 29 races

Team Chevy drivers have won 16 races in '09, more than any other manufacturer


Team Chevy has six drivers in the 2009 Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup, more than any other manufacturer. Currently the top-five Chase point positions are held by Team Chevy drivers. With six (6) races remaining, Team Chevy drivers rank as follows:

* Jimmie Johnson, No 48 Lowe's Impala SS, is the points leader with five (5) wins to-date in 2009

* In 16 Lowe's Motor Speedway (LMS) starts, Johnson has five (5) wins, eight (8) top-five, 12 top-10 finishes and three (3) poles

* Mark Martin, No. 5 Pop Tarts/ CARQUEST/ Impala SS, is second (2nd) in the Chase standings leader with five (5) wins to-date in 2009

* In 49 previous LMS starts, Martin has four (4) wins, 17 top-five and 22 top-10 finishes with two poles

* Juan Pablo Montoya, No. 42 Lysol Impala SS, is third (3rd) in the standings after four (4) Chase races

* Has five (5) previous starts at LMS with one (1) top-10 finish

* Tony Stewart, No. 14 Old Spics/ Office Depot Impala SS is fourth (4th) in the Chase points order with four (4) wins to-date in 2009

* In 21 LMS starts, Stewart has one (1) win, six (6) top-five and 11 top-10 finishes with one pole

* Jeff Gordon, No. 24 DuPont/Transformers 2 "Revenge of the Fallen" Impala SS, is currently fifth (5th)in the Chase standings with one (1) win to date in 2009

* In 18 starts at LMS, Gordon has five (5) wins, 15 top-5 and 18 top-10 finishes with seven (7) poles

* Ryan Newman, No. 39 U.S. Army Impala SS, is 10th in the 2009 Chase standings

* In 17 LMS starts, Newman has four (4) top-five and six (6) top-10 finishes and eight (8) poles


A Team Chevy driver has won 36 of the 101 points-paying NSCS races held at LMS, more than any other manufacturer


JIMMIE JOHNSON, NO. 48 LOWE'S IMPALA SS: "Without a doubt, it really would be nice to win there. It has been a great relationship with the track and Lowe's and then all the victories we have had there have been really neat. The track, I really think since it was resurfaced, it just changed the dynamic of the race for us. I had some lines that worked really well. I think our setup worked really well for the abrasive track. Rough tracks with bumps and things like that seem to work well for me with my background. I just worked. It was one of those tracks that just worked. They ground the track and it still worked well for us. We came back and it was resurfaced and we were competitive but we didn't have an advantage by any means. I really think the surface has a lot to do with it. It has made the track more forgiving than it was in the past and I think it helped close the gap. I am hoping the track hurries up and ages and gets rough and bumpy and turns back in to the track it used to be. We work on stuff each time we go back. This year I think we'll be better yet. Last the few times we have been there, we have just been super tight and needed more front grip with the car. I think we are a little smarter even from the All-Star and the Coca Cola 600 weekend, we're smarter now than we were then and hopefully it makes a difference."

MARK MARTIN, NO. 5 POP TARTS/CARQUEST IMPALA SS: "I really like this racetrack. From the first time I raced on it, it just was a natural fit. Lowe's (Motor Speedway) reminds me a lot of the banked dirt tracks I would run back home, only a lot bigger of course. Plus, with it being right by Hendrick Motorsports, I'd love to win this one for Rick (Hendrick, owner) and Alan and the guys. The team and I are really focused on the racing and not so much focused on...what the reality is, the racing decides. We've gotten better as the season has gone along so we have been working together and have gotten some of the things going that we didn't have. We had maybe an extraordinary amount of things that kind of plagued us or got us and those things have settled down now. I have a lot of confidence in the performance of this race team and see how it works out. Right now we are not really focused on all of that down the road, we are focused on the racing and going to let the racing decide."

JUAN PABLO MONTOYA, NO. 42 LYSOL IMPALA SS: "It's incredible. We have four or five top finishes in a row and I've been losing points to the leader. It is what it is. I think you ain't going to make any points on anybody. Everybody that runs good is going to be there. You just got to make sure you don't lose any. Once you pass Martinsville and Talladega and you look at the points you say okay, what do we need to do for that? Doesn't matter how many points. We're doing Top 5s every week. We hope to keep doing that. It would be nice if we can get a win soon and we can move on. When we started the Chase I was 40 points behind already. We're getting Top 5s, and Top 5s here left and right. You know, we're getting close to our first win. We know it's going to happen. But I think that's why we fall behind in the Chase. Did you think we were going to be this competitive when the Chase started? No. We just wanted to make the Chase. And we played our strategy to make the Chase."

TONY STEWART, NO. 14 OLD SPICE/OFFICE DEPOT IMPALA SS: "We have a lot of racing left. I am really proud of Darian Grubb (crew chief) and all the guys on this Old Spice/Office Depot team. There is no quit in this team at all. We just keep digging. I don't care what it takes, I don't care if we have to go 12 laps down and have the right side knocked off of it if it gets us a top-five at the end of the day, that is what we have to do the rest of the season. At the end of the day, no matter what the circumstance that got us behind, we've been able to rebound from it, not get all the way up to where we wanted, but we were able to make gains on it at the end and salvage a better finish than where we were. Whatever the scenarios were, we were able to overcome part of it. As long as you do that at the end of the day the facts just shows this team doesn't have any quit in them, and that's what it's going to take to get back on top."

JEFF GORDON, NO. 24 DUPONT/TRANSFORMERS 2 "REVENGE OF THE FALLEN" IMPALA SS: "We're doing everything we can to be good enough, but it's just not there. So we've got to search and find something. I feel like Charlotte's a good track for us, and I'm looking forward to going there. And hopefully we can make up the ground that we're lacking. Maybe it's just in the set-up. Maybe we've got to look at our cars a little bit more. Charlotte is going to be intense just like we've seen on the double file restarts there for the All-Star event. It gets pretty crazy. So, you know, I think it's every weekend. Every track."

RYAN NEWMAN, NO. 39 U.S. ARMY IMPALA SS: "Really, it's just nice to be home for that weekend. I really enjoy it. I like Charlotte. It's one of my favorite race tracks. So having it in the backyard is really nice. I wouldn't say it's a time where we re-group. I think there is more regrouping this coming week because the cars are already on their way out to California so there are a lot less things that you can do. So regrouping, not necessarily; but just to be home and enjoying some more time with the family is probably a good thing for everybody." We ran really good at the first race there. We were in position to win the All-Star race. We won the pole. We led some laps in the 600 and I think we have a really good car. Our program for there, I don't think it's any different the second race than it was the first race."

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