Charlotte II: Ford teams race quotes

DALE JARRETT-88-UPS Ford Fusion (finished 41st) "This is a 500 mile race, you know we were having ourselves a nice little race and gaining some spots there. The car wasn't bad; yeah you'll have to ask Reed [Sorenson] why he ran into me. He ran...

DALE JARRETT-88-UPS Ford Fusion (finished 41st)

"This is a 500 mile race, you know we were having ourselves a nice little race and gaining some spots there. The car wasn't bad; yeah you'll have to ask Reed [Sorenson] why he ran into me. He ran into me on pit road too so I guess it was my night for him."


KEN SCHRADER-21-Motorcraft Ford Fusion (finished 40th)

"He [Kluever] didn't hit me in that wreck, I drove into it. He did everything textbook right, he stayed in the middle of the race track. I just had a gut feeling that it was going to run back across the bottom and I was going to shoot the gap at top."


TODD KLUEVER-06-3M Ford Fusion (finished 39th)

"I had the No. 66 on the outside of me there. These tires, the racing here has been really good, it's just once they go, man they go quick and in a big hurry. Just lost it there unfortunately, we got Kenny [Schrader] in the wreck here with me. I thought we were going to be okay for a little while, we just put tires on it."


GREG BIFFLE-16-National Guard/Subway Ford Fusion (finished 37th)

"Yes it's the same package that everybody is running. The same engine package we've run for the season. They keep on improving and improving but it just must be a part, a valve spring or something. It's unfortunate, these guys work so hard. I finally had a good race car, we were running top five and we had an engine problem, it's real disappointing but you know the guys work really hard in the engine department and I'm sure it's a part failure and it's just nothing that they can do, it's out of their control when parts fail when they put in the engine. It's just unfortunate for us and the engine shop."


JAMIE MCMURRAY-26-Irwin Industrial Tools Ford Fusion (finished 34th)

"I don't know, I know they said that Greg maybe had broke a valve and that is sort of what mine felt like. It just started shaking and I mean we could have rode out 15 more laps, but it's not really worth losing a race car over."

TALK ABOUT THE RACE TRACK. ARE PEOPLE STARTING TO GET THEIR rhythm? "Earlier it seemed like it would be a repeat of the Busch race, which is pretty crazy. It seemed like the race track got a little more grip for us, at least the balance got a little bit tight. It's just so hard to race side-by-side right now with the tires as hard as they are and when guys are running outside, you've just got to hang on. I noticed a lot of guys were overly careful so they didn't get loose."


DAVID GILLILAND-38-Sam's Club/M&M's Ford Fusion (finished 33rd)

WHAT HAPPENED OUT THERE? "We just got a little loose coming out of turn two, a lot of people have been complaining about the same thing. The track had a lot of grip on it."

A LOT OF THE GUYS HAVE BEEN SAYING THEY WERE PICKING UP MORE GRIP THAT THEY EXPECTED. "They [the tires] don't have a lot of grip when they get cold."

YOU GOT TAGGED IN THE CRASH THAT HAPPENED BEFORE THE FIRST LAP. "Yeah, we damaged the front of the car and after that it wasn't the same so we were just trying to ride and bring home a good finish."


MARK MARTIN-6-AAA Ford Fusion (finished 30th)

-WAS THE 18 WAVING AS FAR AS YOU COULD SEE? "You can't see in those cars, I don't know. I want to thank Humpy and Bruton Smith and God for the soft walls. I'm having fun. The championship is not really something that was meant for me ever, probably isn't this year and it's not going to get me down. I'm having a good time, having a blast. The AAA car was pretty good tonight and Yeley came to the middle of the race track. I don't, he let the 17 go, I didn't see it, but from my viewpoint, he let the 17 pass him on the inside and I was coming too and I didn't know he was gonna pit, he was up on top in the middle of the track."

ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO BE SO pessimistic? THERE ARE A LOT OF GUYS HAVING PROBLEMS TONIGHT. "I don't know, I haven't seen nothin'. I'm having fun (laughs)." (Watching the TV replay) "It's not far enough back. It needs to be from my windshield, that doesn't capture it, he's already made his commitment from down across the race track at that point. You know it's just one of these things, Matt, I had just passed him on the inside and he [Yeley] was up in the middle of the race track. Usually when I pit, I get on the inside of the race track and then come off. It's just one of those things that happens. We had brand new tires. We were probably coming faster than they knew, or his spotter knew or whatever, we were on brand new tires. Having fun."

YOU LOOK PRETTY GOOD FOR A GUY THAT JUST HIT THE WALL VERY, VERY HARD. "Yeah, that was a bad one. I wasn't ready to meet my maker tonight. Just you know, having a blast. I want to thank all the fans and I thank the AAA team for giving me a pretty good race car and I was having fun out there. I was on new tires and coming hard and J.J. let the 17 go by on the inside and I was coming hard to do the same and had no idea that he was gonna to pit from the center of the track. I'm good man."

YOU WERE UP IN THE POINTS AND THEN THIS HAPPENED. "It don't matter. I'm having fun man. You know, it wasn't meant to be and if it was, I'd already have a Cup. They tell me that a lot of people were having trouble anyway but we didn't need to throw that away. We had a good car and a good run and were having fun and we had an accident."

YOU MENTIONED THE SOFT WALLS. "Yeah, I wasn't ready to hang it up here tonight. Thank goodness for all of the safety equipment and the safe walls and Bruton Smith and NASCAR and everyone. I was having fun tonight."

ON THE CHAMPIONSHIP. "I'm not worried about it. I wasn't before and I'm not now, I'm having fun now."

YOU'RE NOT THAT FAR BACK. "Hey, I had a better chance before I wrecked (laughs)."

TELL US AGAIN WHAT HAPPENED? "I came out on brand new tires and I was coming really hard. The 17 went by the 18 going into the turn and the 18 was up in the middle of the race track, I had no idea that he was going to turn down across the race track. I was coming so fast, he probably didn't even know that I was coming. I was there when he went to pit, I had no idea. You can't see in these cars and you can't see. I was looking at the 17 passing him and I though that was what was going on. I thought he was leaving the bottom lane open for the cars that were coming."


CARL EDWARDS-99-Office Depot Ford Fusion (finished 8th)

WHEN GREG AND JAMIE WENT OUT OF THE RACE WITH ENGINE TROUBLE, WERE YOU WORRIED OUT THERE? "I was a little worried, I had a vibration there for a little while. They told me what happened to those other engines so I was little concerned. The Ford Fusion kept on tickin' and it was good."

YOU WERE DOMINANT HERE THIS WEEKEND, BOTH TODAY AND YESTERDAY IN THE BUSCH RACE. "We're good, just the wrong pit strategy at the end. It could have gone either way, it just went bad, we should have taken two tires and got better track position. It's fine, it's nice to run that well, considering they changed four springs and had no clue what it was going to do."


MATT KENSETH-17-Carhartt/DeWalt Ford Fusion (finished 14th)

"We just got lucky, a lot of people had trouble, that's the only reason. We'd be kidding ourselves thinking we can win a championship operating like we did tonight. We've got some work to do. Hopefully we can get it rolling again. We just had problems with the car right from the get go and had problems really all night, everybody did. We've just got to go back and work on it. I want to thank Carhartt for their support tonight and DeWalt for their support all year. I know the CEO is here tonight and we didn't do very good for him."

YOU SAID YOU WERE CONCERNED ABOUT THE MILE AND A HALF PROGRAM. "I don't know what's wrong. We ran good enough to probably run 10th tonight if we didn't have any problems, but you know it's not good enough to win a championship. All of the guys in the Chase were in the top four tonight and Gordon was running up there before he blew up. We've got to do a lot better than this. We've got to go back and work hard at Homestead [testing] this week and figure out what we're missing and try to get better."

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