Charlotte II: Ford teams qualifying quotes

MARK MARTIN - No. 6 Viagra Taurus (Qualified 6th) "It's gonna be a good qualifying effort. It wasn't perfect, but the car was so good that it's gonna be a great start for us. The car has been really good in practice and I'm looking forward to...

MARK MARTIN - No. 6 Viagra Taurus (Qualified 6th)

"It's gonna be a good qualifying effort. It wasn't perfect, but the car was so good that it's gonna be a great start for us. The car has been really good in practice and I'm looking forward to the race."

IT'S FAST. "The track is real fast. Our car is awesome. It was great in practice and I didn't get as good a lap qualifying as I did on average, but with such a great car it's not gonna matter. It's still gonna be a decent starting spot."

KEVIN LEPAGE - No. 66 Peak Fitness Taurus (Qualified 17th)

"It's just another great effort for the whole Peak Fitness race team. It's the same car we had last week, just a little different result. All day long the car just kept dragging on the race track. Greg and all the guys just kept working on it trying to figure out what we could do and we got what we got. It's not a great race car as far as these mile and a halves, high-banked, high speeds, but it was a good little race car last week. It's a solid effort. That will probably end up somewhere 20th to 25th, but we picked up three-tenths from practice. What can you do? These guys are digging hard. Yates-Roush horsepower, you can't beat it."

ELLIOTT SADLER - No. 38 M&M's Taurus (Qualified 1st)

"My whole body is shaking right now. This is such a fast track that Humpy and these guys have created. That's not out of the gas much. That's a great lap for us. I think that will be somewhere in the top two or three. I hate missing the pole last week, so we came out here and we wanted to try to get it again here in our hometown. I'm proud of everybody at M&M's and for everybody standing behind us. We've got a lot of great guys in the shop that came out to the track tonight to watch us and it's pretty cool to lay down a fast lap like that here tonight. It was very nervewracking, but very fun altogether."

YOU COULD HAVE HELD YOUR BREATH ALL THE WAY AROUND. "I think I did. I tell you, this is a tough place to qualify because a driver can just get up on the wheel and manhandle it a lot here and make up for a lot of it. That's why Ryan Newman has like five poles here in the last nine races, so to run anywhere close to him we know we're gonna be somewhere near the front. It's pretty neat for him to go out and lay down a fast lap and then me kind of go after it because I know what kind of a competitor he is and how hard he had to drive. So for us to go out there and be able to back it up, my guys just gave me a great car and it was fun."

IS IT ALMOST TOO FAST AS FAR AS PROVIDING JUST SINGLE-FILE RACING? "Well, yeah. I'm kind of scared on how much grip is out there right now. It's too much grip for this race track. I liked it better two years ago when you slide around a lot, but by running a Busch race tomorrow night and maybe we'll have a hot day Saturday. Maybe that will get the track nice and greasy for us so we can move around a lot, so we'll see what happens. One thing I do like about Humpy and his guys is they keep on working and keep on working at it, but we need a lot of heat and a lot of rubber laid down tomorrow night to make it a good race Saturday night."

RICKY RUDD - No. 21 Motorcraft Genuine Parts Taurus (Qualified 31st) - HOW MUCH DID THE OIL AFFECT YOUR RUN? "It's not a good thing to have happen. They did the best job they possibly could to clean it up, but, like I told Fatback, we need to look at segments. I was really good at this end (three and four) and I went down to this end (one and two) the car wouldn't stick. It wasn't like you were gonna wreck, but the car just wouldn't stick. It was like you went in there and just hit marbles or something and it just wouldn't stick. You were out of the gas longer, it took longer to get back in the gas and then you lost more momentum. I was surprised it ran as good as it did when I saw Hamilton go in front of me and I saw dust flying up. What can you do? It's not a good draw right then. We weren't that fast in qualifying trim in practice, but they did some things to the car that helped it. I felt like we left two-tenths on the table, which would have put us down in the .15s or .20s, which would have been pretty good."

KURT BUSCH - No. 97 IRWIN Taurus (Qualified 7th)

"I thought I did a .93, which would have put us on the pole. The car was perfect. I was in the gas as hard as I could, as soon as I could. That's all it had, so I guess that means it's a good race car because it was a lap the car didn't have to stress real hard to do and I went after it. Seventh, that's OK."

CARL EDWARDS - No. 99 Scotts Taurus (Qualified 8th)

"I didn't expect to have that great of a car. The car was awesome. We were just a little loose in one and two, and a little tight in three and four, so I can't ask for anything better. The guys did their job. If I just had one more crack at it, we would be a little faster but that's the way it goes. That's a great spot. As fast as our car is that will be an awesome starting spot."

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