Charlotte II: Dodge teams race quotes

JOHN ANDRETTI (No. 49 Paralyzed Veterans of America Dodge Charger) WHAT HAPPENED? "I don't know. We had to pit again because we had a fender touching, and we got up in the back. I didn't even know the caution was out. I came wide open around the...

JOHN ANDRETTI (No. 49 Paralyzed Veterans of America Dodge Charger)

WHAT HAPPENED? "I don't know. We had to pit again because we had a fender touching, and we got up in the back. I didn't even know the caution was out. I came wide open around the corner and there somebody was sitting, so at that point it was almost too late to miss anything. I feel really bad about hitting him (Kenseth), I don't even know who it was it happened that fast."


SCOTT RIGGS (No. 10 Stanley Tools/Valvoline Dodge Charger)

WHAT HAPPENED? "I'm not really sure. We had about five more laps to make before we had to make a green flag stop. We tried to get by the No. 42 there in three and four. I don't know if he didn't know, maybe felt something going wrong or something. He pulled it down and got in front of us and then I went down into one. He went down to the bottom and I went to the outside of him. I think he blew a right front and took us into the wall."


RYAN NEWMAN (No. 12 alltel Dodge Charger)

"We blew a left rear tire out. I couldn't tell if it felt a little spongy before, but obviously the car was plenty fast. It was a great Alltel Dodge today, just unfortunate. We were running away from them after Gordon's little slip up there on the restart. I think he vapor locked or something.

"We ended up blowing a left rear tire. It blew a left rear and spun around. I felt it pop and it spun around and hit the wall. We tried to complete some more laps after that but that was it."

TELL US ABOUT THE MOVE THAT PUT YOU IN THE LEAD. "I went around the outside of the No. 07 and the door opened up when the No. 24 and the No. 5 checked up on the bottom. It was a great coincidence for me, but unfortunately the left rear tire blew out after that."

DID IT LOOK LIKE JEFF GORDON JUST DIDN'T TIME IT RIGHT? "No, I think he vapor locked from sitting there where the carburetor got too hot. I doubt he missed his shift. It was a good situation for us that turned bad about two laps later."


KURT BUSCH (No. 2 Miller Lite Dodge Charger)

"We had a fast car, dropped a cylinder and finished in the high 20s, so we can't expect much out of tonight if we don't finish the deal."


PAT TRYSON (Crew Chief No. 2 Miller Lite Dodge Charger)

"We had a really fast car tonight. We got the damage fixed from the incident on pit road and were running .90 seconds faster than the leaders when we dropped a cylinder. We'll just get after them again next week."


KASEY KAHNE (No. 9 Mopar/Dodge Dealers Dodge Charger)

"Our car was better on longer runs, but we really didn't get the opportunity to show it because of the number of cautions. It's a top 10, so we take it and move forward. We didn't get off the corners the way we wanted early in a run. And we had a few close calls out there but kept the car clean. It's a top 10, so we take it and move on."


ELLIOTT SADLER (No. 19 Dodge Dealers/UAW Dodge Charger)

"It was just one of those nights. We had a good race car we just got a lap down. From the beginning the accident on pit road put us way behind. We just couldn't get our tires consistent. I don't know, Goodyear needs to help us some with this. Every time we put a set of tires on it was something different. I went around there and the car just got away from me.

"On a good note, we ran fast. On a bad note we didn't get the finish we deserved. So, we'll try to go get them at Martinsville."


REED SORENSON (No. 41 Fuji Film Dodge Charger)

"We blew the tire; blew the right front tire. I don't know what lap it was, I think around lap 60 somewhere around there. We blew a right front tire and tried to fix it best we could but you can't fix the car after hitting at 180 miles per hour; it's hard to do it. Luckily I was running against the wall instead of down on the line because if we would have been down on the bottom we would have probably been out for the night."

THERE WERE SEVERAL PIT ROAD INCIDENTS; DID YOU HAVE ANY ISSUES ON PIT ROAD? "We stayed out of the way after we blew that tire. We were just riding around. After you blow a tire there's not much you can do, just let other people wreck. Just ride around the track without wrecking again.


BOBBY LABONTE (No. 43 Cheerios/Pink for the Cure Dodge Charger)

WHAT HAPPENED THERE AT THE END? "I came down pit road because I thought I had a flat. I guess there was a lot of oil on the race track, and they didn't want to throw a caution for that one. So, I thought I had a flat. We ran through it about three times I guess, and by the time I saw it I was on pit road and the caution came out. That put us all the way back at the back, and we put tires on it. Then the No. 12 wrecked, we had a green, white, checkered and finished 12th."

WHAT HAPPENED WITH THE NO. 20 ON PIT ROAD? "I don't know. You'd have to ask them. I don't know. All I know is I was stuck. I couldn't go anywhere. The No. 9 was sitting in front of me and the No. 20 was on the outside. He was mad at the No. 9. The No. 15 was behind me still pitting, so we just had to sit there and wait. So we lost maybe 20 spots I guess."

WHERE WOULD THAT CAR RANK AS FAR AS YOUR BEST CARS OF THE YEAR? "It's definitely in the top three or four. It was tight all night. We got it better and better and it showed up a couple times there. It was so weird, because of track position and two tires and lefts, rights and none, wrecking on pit road and all that stuff. You could have had a really good car and get stuck at the back and couldn't show it. It was a good run. It was kind of frustrating that we didn't get to be up there into the top five like we could have been. We needed to stay up there and instead we got stuck and had to get back as much as we could. All in all finishing 12th is a lot better than a lot of other guys ended up tonight."

-credit: dodge motorsports

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