Charlotte II: Dodge teams qualifying quotes

JEFF GREEN (No. 43 Petty Fan Fest/Bugles Dodge Charger) "We've just been really, really bad all day. We weren't good in race mode. We started out in race mode and then we went to qualifying mode. We haven't hit on anything to make it drive...

JEFF GREEN (No. 43 Petty Fan Fest/Bugles Dodge Charger)

"We've just been really, really bad all day. We weren't good in race mode. We started out in race mode and then we went to qualifying mode. We haven't hit on anything to make it drive good or be real fast. It's driving decent, but it's not driving good enough to have speed. It'll be a long night Saturday night if we don't get better tomorrow. We were really good here in the spring. We've been finishing pretty good and had pretty good cars. I looked forward to coming back here, but everything they did to the racetrack went against us our odds. Hopefully we'll get there."

TRAVIS KVAPIL (No. 77 Kodak/Jasper Engines & TransmissionDodge Charger)

"It's been a struggle all day. It's been terrible. We're really confused. This is the car we ran here in the spring, and it was really fast for us. We just haven't been able to hit on anything. There's no grip on the racetrack for us. The car is just not responding to anything we do. We were loose and it seemed like the back was up off the racetrack. We just haven't been able to figure out anything with this car all day."

KASEY KAHNE (No. 9 Dodge Dealers/UAW Dodge Charger)

"The car wasn't driving very good. It didn't drive very good in practice. It's hard to qualify as fast as you have to here. The track is good and the car can be good. We've just got to keep working on it."

DAVID STREMME (No. 39 Commit Lozenges Dodge Charger)

"The Commit Dodge wasn't too bad. We picked up from practice. I thought we'd pick up a little bit more, but I'm happy with that. We were a little bit free, but it's pretty cool out there. It's fast and it's a lot of fun. That was a pretty good time, and hopefully it'll get us in the show."

RYAN NEWMAN (No. 12 Alltel Dodge Charger)

COMMENT IMMEDIATELY AFTER QUALIFYING LAP "The lap felt good, but you never know what the track is going to be like as far as balance and everything else. It was a good lap for the Alltel Dodge, and we'll see where we end up with it. I'm always concerned it might be beat. Jimmie was quick in practice. It could be a pole run. We're sitting on top right now. Jimmie Johnson is running good, and he's always fast here. Elliott Sadler is carrying the ace in the hole I think, so we'll see where we end up.

"If you look at the track it's just plain ugly, but it's really, really fast and smooth. The track is grippy and fast. I don't think it's cooled off as much as it usually does here. Any racetrack has an unpredictable nature. It's just a lot faster here than it has been, over a second faster. It's just part of what we deal with right now.

"What happened in testing with Tony Stewart and Greg Biffle was just overrated I think. They crashed because the track didn't have a lot of rubber on it and it was fast. On top of that it just so happened a lot of media was stomping around here. A lot of times we go to a test and crash and you never hear about it. It gave them something to talk about, and that's what happened."

COMMENT ON RUNNING BUSCH AT LMS "I think you'll see the results in the Busch race tomorrow night if the track is in better condition. I think grinding the turns in one and two from the top to the bottom was a good move. It brought back the racetrack we used to have where we could go anywhere. Before it was just on the top. Now it's back to the same racetrack we used to have because it's smoother. You'll have more grip. It helps every week to run the Busch car every weekend, but here it's just a lot of fun. For us we've got a lot on the line. We're trying to go five in a row. We'll just do our best and have some fun doing it."

CAN YOU SAY IT'S TONY STEWART'S TITLE TO LOSE? "You could say that because he's leading. Tony and his team have done a great job all year obviously to be leading at the end of 26 races. He has a nice margin, but that can be gone in one race. We know that. It is his title to lose, but it's other people's title to win. Everybody has just got to go out and do what they've been doing. The points will fall where the points fall. Our ultimate goal is still winning the race. That pays the most points."

CAN MARTINSVILLE SHUFFLE THE DECK AS MUCH AS TALLADEGA? "No, I think Martinsville will be a lot tamer. I think the track is in the best condition it's ever been in as far as racing and competitiveness. I think you'll see some beating around and banging like you usually do, but I don't think it'll be anything like Talladega as far as crashing and potential craziness. After the warning at Loudon, I don't think you'll see it at Martinsville."

ARE YOU FEELING ANY ADDITIONAL PRESSURE AS THE RACES WIND DOWN? "Not really. We definitely wish we were in Tony's seat right now, but you've just got to keep doing what you're doing. Hopefully we can do that and get back on the track we were on before Kansas. I would like to be ahead going into Homestead. It's easier to go in with a little cushion than it is to try to make up points. It could be one car or it could be all 10 cars with a shot at the championship going into the last race."

JEREMY MAYFIELD (No. 19 Dodge Dealers/UAW Dodge Charger)

"We're all right. We've just got to figure it out. We haven't been that good, but we'll keep working and find it. We just haven't found it yet. We usually race good here regardless of how we qualify, so we'll keep working and see what happens.".

KYLE PETTY (No. 45 Georgia-Pacific/Brawny Dodge Charger)

"The lap was really good. Our Dodge Charger has been really good since we've been here. We unloaded and eased into it because so many people had had problems here crashing cars in practice. We took our time, and it was good. It was good in race trim. We spent one practice working on qualifying and one practice working on race trim. That's probably the best I've qualified all year long when it's all said and done. I'm not the greatest qualifier in the world, but that was a good lap for us."

CASEY MEARS (No. 41 Target Dodge Charger)

"It was good. It was really good for us. We'd been struggling at the impound races qualifying. I think we like a really free setup. We max out all the adjustments NASCAR gives us and we never get the car tight enough for qualifying. It's fun to come back to a non-impound race and be able to get the car right like we need it for qualifying. We ended up ninth, and that was a real good run for us."

RUSTY WALLACE (No. 2 Miller Lite Dodge Charger)

COMMENT ON QUALIFYING LAP "My car really drove good. I'm probably a little upset with myself the way I drove it. You've got to run the corners so doggone hard here. Getting into turn three I got out of the throttle a little too early, and that really hurt my lap, but my car is driving good. I wish I could have qualified better."

COMMENT ON LIMITING NUMBER OF TEAMS FOR AN OWNER "I think it's a good thing. I don't see anything bad with it. I think three teams are fine. When you get more than that is when it gets a little tough. I don't think it's hurt us at all with what Roush has done. He's run real well, but I can understand why you wouldn't want someone owning all the cars. I was wondering what Jack was talking about a couple of weeks ago when he came up to me and told me I needed to be an owner real bad. It went in one ear and out the other until I heard about it."

DO YOU PLAN TO POP IN FOR ANY RACES NEXT SEASON? "I really don't plan any popping in at all. I just don't want to have it to where I've told everybody a lie and I come back. I've retired full time and I don't plan on coming back. If I get eight or 10 races a year and can't stand it I want to have the option to come run a couple if I want to. I do plan on doing a lot of testing with Steve and help him short cut his learning curve."

WHAT'S THE BEST CASE SCENARIO FOR YOU IN THE LAST SIX RACES? "The best case scenario is to get a couple of wins. I've gone too long without a win. If that can't happen I need to keep the consistency going. Talladega got me behind. Last week we ran great, and I think we're going to run great here. Everybody is talking about Martinsville because I've won it so many times and I've got a new car, and I think it's going to run good. That's one I don't want to let get by. I can tell you that."

CAN YOU THINK OF ANYTHING THAT WOULD ALLOW YOU TO RACE NEXT SEASON? "It's tempting me a little bit, but the other side of me tells me I'm doing the right thing. I'm going out on the top of my game with respect from the fans.

The fans have been great to me and all the competitors have been fun. I just want everybody to have a positive image of Rusty the way he drove when he finally got out of the car. I want it to be all uplifting. I want 'em all saying, 'why is he quitting as good as he's driving?' When I'm done at Homestead my goal is to be totally content and just move on to the next level."

STERLING MARLIN (No. 40 Coors Light Dodge Charger)

"We picked up about four tenths from practice. We were really conservative on the qualifying deal. We probably should have been more aggressive with the shocks and front springs. The track's got a lot of grip, and I guess we'll end up in the mid-pack."


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