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Hamlin, FedEx Racing -- All-Star Week in Review: Denny Hamlin and the ...

Hamlin, FedEx Racing -- All-Star Week in Review: Denny Hamlin and the #11 FedEx Racing team enjoyed a memorable All-Star week in Charlotte -- winning the All-Star Pit Crew Challenge on Wednesday night, and then running from the back of the pack to the front during Saturday's All-Star race before finishing fourth.

Charlotte Chassis -- JGR 270 & 256: The FedEx team will unload Chassis JGR 270 this weekend in Charlotte. This is a new car from the JGR shop. JGR 256 will serve as the backup this weekend -- it started four races in 2009 and posted three top-five finishes.

HAMLIN CONVERSATION -- Charlotte Motor Speedway:

You had a good run in the All-Star Race -- Can that carry over to the Coca-Cola this weekend?: "I think the fact that we had so little practice last weekend and still went out and were really competitive gives us a reason to feel pretty good about coming back this weekend. It's a much different race in terms of all of the changes that we'll need to run through but if we can unload fast that makes it easier to get the balance right earlier in practice and opens up some possibilities for the race. As disappointing as that All-Star race was because we had a shot at winning, knowing we are coming right back to Charlotte with good equipment gives us a lot of confidence."

600 Miles at LMS is the longest race of the season. This will be your fifth 600 -- does the extra 100 miles significantly affect you in the driver seat?: "To be honest, I don't feel the difference in length, the extra 100 miles, in the car over running 500 miles. You are so focused, and especially at a place like Charlotte where you are running high speeds and the laps go by quickly, you don't sense it. The only time it hits me during this race is when we reach the halfway point and it seems like we've already run a lot of laps. It's a long race, no doubt about it. It tests the crews and it tests the drivers. The change in conditions means you have to build a lot of adjustability into the car or you'll end up chasing the track and that can make for a long day out there. Mike has always been really good at making sure we have room to work on the car and that's the way you need to approach this race maybe more so than any other race during the season. This is a fast track that has been made faster over the past couple of years so it requires that much more concentration and that's a good thing when you are in the car -- there is no time to think about anything else. Same goes for the crew. These guys are serious about their practice and conditioning and I know they'll be ready. They take a lot of pride in performing during this race because they want to show they are at their best at the end of a long day, when the race is on the line."

-source: jgr

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