Charley Pressley to crew chief for Hamilton

CHARLOTTE, N.C., (Dec. 21, 2001)& ...

CHARLOTTE, N.C., (Dec. 21, 2001)– A veteran Winston Cup crew chief, Charley Pressley, has joined Square D Racing and will give the No. 55 Schneider Electric Chevrolet driven by Bobby Hamilton seasoned help for the 2002 NASCAR Winston Cup Series season. On Tuesday, Hamilton and the team welcomed their new crew chief at the Andy Petree Racing (APR) shop located in Flat Rock, N.C.

Pressley honed his strong leadership abilities and added to his Winston Cup experience when he worked with Hamilton while Hamilton drove the No. 4 Chevy in 1998. Pressley cited his communication with Hamilton as the best factor of their relationship. "We don’t have to get used to each other," Pressley said. "We already know each other’s mannerisms, which is a plus. I know how to read Bobby and he knows how to read me. There is no learning curve there. I feel like I already know what he’s looking for in the feel of the car. That should really speed up things.

"We keep each other calm," said Pressley, who replaces departing Jimmy Elledge. "We know each other and we’re so comfortable with each other. There is rarely any friction between us. I admire Bobby’s abilities and in Bobby I see a lot of my hero, who is my dad. I have the utmost respect for him. It’s really easy to work for somebody like that."

Pressley said the team has done a tremendous job helping him get acquainted with the APR style of doing business. "At this point I am still trying to get acclimated to everyone and the way the previous system here worked. I’m think I’m pretty good at adapting to the environment I’m in because I’m not the type of person who says‘ This is Charley Pressley’s way and this is the only way to do it.’ For me that would be like shutting everyone’s minds down and not learning anything."

After only one week at APR, Pressley already has high hopes for the Schneider Electric Chevy in 2002. "At this point my expectations are to do as well or better than they did last year. I can’t find a reason why we shouldn’t, because the key elements are still here– the facility, the personnel and the driver. There is no reason that we can’t succeed.

"I’ve only been here a week, but so far I don’t see any weaknesses in the program. As far as what’s missing or what we’ve lost, I haven’t found anything yet. 2002 will be a great season with this team and now we are building toward that future."


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