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(TB) Robby Gordon #13 Menards/Duracell Ford Taurus

Napa Auto Parts 500 Qualifying/Happy Hour Quotes Saturday, April 29, 2000 Round 10 of 34 in the NASCAR Winston Cup Series Fontana, CA

Qualifying position - 29th Time - 39.329 seconds

Team Gordon decided after the morning practice session to stand on their time from Friday and not re-qualify. The decision proved to be a good one as none of the re-qualifiers challenged his position. Gordon did, however, set his fastest lap time of the weekend in that morning session, running a 38.860 second lap. Either way, Gordon was reduced to a calculated gamble in the minutes after practice when deciding whether or not to stand on his time.


ROBBY GORDON "We had a tough decision this morning. Maybe we made too big a deal out of it though because nobody beat our time. I saw in Busch second-day qualifying that eight cars jumped up so I think that made me nervous. It was colder in the morning too. We just didn't want to sit and watch if the field got faster. The other part to that is that we were very fast in the morning, fast enough to be in the top-ten if we could've run our our practice lap. But to pull out of 29th just didn't seem right after evaluating where everyone was and who was below us.

"To be fast in tomorrow's race, we're going to have to run the bottom because a lot of these guys are up top slipping around. In Vegas we were very good down low and we passed a lot of cars there. That was our focus in happy hour, to be fast down low and I think we accomplished that. The car's a little loose on a full fuel load, but as the run goes along we seem to be fine.

"It's a long race here and it usually comes down to gas mileage, so if we can avoid any type of melee like they had in Talladega, I believe we'll be in for a good day. One thing I have here is a little bit of experience in races. If you add it up, I've run three CART races, a Truck race and I've done thousands of miles of testing here. I feel comfortable here in the car and I've got the boost of having some sponsors in town as well as family and friends. It's important for me to have a solid run."

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