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Robby Gordon
#13 Menards/Duracell Ford Taurus

Napa Auto Parts 500 Race Quotes
Sunday, April 30, 2000
Round 10 of 34 in the NASCAR Winston Cup Series
Fontana, CA

Qualifying position - 29th
Finishing Position - 29th

Robby Gordon started 29th in Sunday's Napa Auto Parts 500, raced to 17th mid-way through the 250 lap event at California Speedway, then fell back to finish 29th. Gordon's Flintstones/Burger King clad Ford Taurus had a hard time fighting a push condition in the latter stages of the race.

Ironically, in the early run, Gordon's car was loose. Changes were made to tighten the car up, which they did successfully. But later it was too tight, giving Gordon a hard time turning. Changes made late in the race, mainly tire pressure and wedge, eased the condition, but not much. With two laps to go, Robby made a late effort to pass Kyle Petty and Wally Dallenbach, then drove in too deep in turn three, spinning and brushing the wall.

No positions were lost in the incident, just a few spots off Fred's toga.


ROBBY GORDON "That was a long race. We knew we were going to have to work on this car throughout the day. The track changes so much that any one given setup isn't going to cut it over 500 miles. In the early stages of the race the car was loose, so we changed it after the first pitstop. I'd say for the next 75 laps we had a decent car. It would be tight in the beginning of the run, but I could feel it come to me, and it would. Then something happened and we lost the setup completely. I noticed a lot of other drivers fighting a push late in the race, but we had a hard time fixing that. Never did. In the end I tried too hard to pass Kyle and simply lost it in turn three. I went in too deep trying to pick off those last two positions and it got away from me. Almost saved it, but not quite.

"What did this race accomplish for us? Well, I look up at 29th and I hate say to it, but I think we learned a lot today. It would be nice to look up at a 10th place finish and say we learned a lot, but we finished 29th and we chipped at it all day. I'm fairly impatient, I want it all right now and my guys keep telling me that, but after talking to Richard (Buck) and looking over everything we gained today in terms of knowledge and data, it was good for us. There we things we changed that worked and things that didn't - both go into the book as answers. As long as we can have days where we build that book, this team will continue to improve and so will I."

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