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Harvick Is Focused On Finishing The Double-Duty Weekends In Impressive Fasihon HARVICK ON MEMPHIS: "I have fond memories of Memphis. We've run really well there in the past. Last year, we went down a lap after we qualified second, but we had...

Harvick Is Focused On Finishing The Double-Duty Weekends In Impressive Fasihon

HARVICK ON MEMPHIS: "I have fond memories of Memphis. We've run really well there in the past. Last year, we went down a lap after we qualified second, but we had a really fast car. We raced our way through traffic and got our lap back. We got all the way up front and ended up winning the race."

"A couple of years ago we came close to winning the Truck race at Memphis. We had a really good truck and finished second to Biffle. The track suits my driving style for some reason. It's a short track and I enjoy short track racing, but it's not like the other tracks that I've had a lot of success on like Bristol and Bakersfield. Memphis is flat and pretty unique. I guess I've just felt pretty comfortable there. Todd and I have a good understanding of what it takes to be competitive at Memphis."

HARVICK ON MARTINSVILLE: "Martinsville is all about turning through the corners and getting grip up off. You need to accelerate down the long straight-aways, which are like short drag strips. If you're a little bit off you can go down a lap pretty quickly so you need to get the handle on the car in practice. Unfortunately for me, I'm not going to get to practice the car. We've got Rick Mast who will qualify and practice the car, but I won't see the track until we start the race. I'm confident in Rick and the Goodwrench guys that they can get the car running well. We're going to start in the back so we'll have to keep our nose clean, stay out of trouble and gradually work our way to the front."

RICK MAST TO PRACTICE & QUALIFY NO. 29 GM GOODWRENCH SERVICE CHEVROLET "With just four races left in the Busch Series this year and Kevin leading the points, we decided to keep him in Memphis to get as much time in the ACDelco car as possible," said Richard Childress, president and CEO of Richard Childress Racing. "He was going to have to miss the final practice in the Busch car to qualify the GM Goodwrench Service Plus Chevrolet at Martinsville. We want to do everything we can to win the Busch Series championship so we asked Rick to help us out. It will mean that Kevin has to drop to the back of the field at the start of the race but I'm confident he will find his way to the front."

1. Jeff Gordon 4223
2. Ricky Rudd 3986
3. Tony Stewart 3833
4. Sterling Marlin 3789
5. Dale Jarrett 3730
6. Rusty Wallace 3671
7. Dale Earnhardt Jr. 3658
8. Kevin Harvick 3637
9. Bobby Labonte 3537
10. Jeff Burton 3364

* Harvick has one less start, 28, than everyone else in the top 10.

* Harvick is ahead of 18 other drivers in the Winston Cup points standings who have 29 starts.

1. Kevin Harvick 4261
2. Jason Keller 4075
3. Jeff Green 4048
4. Greg Biffle 3929
5. Elton Sawyer 3652

* Harvick has led the Busch Series Points Standings for the last 15 consecutive weeks.

* He has led the Busch points after 23 of 29 races this season.

* His season high points lead was 345 points after Bristol.

* Jason Keller cut Harvick's point lead by one point to 186 after finishing second at Charlotte.

If Jason Keller were to win the last four races of the season and lead the most laps in each race, he would finish with 4,815 points in the Busch Series Championship chase. Harvick would then need 555 points (excluding any laps led bonuses) to beat Keller by 1-point.

* If Harvick can average just under 139 points per race, or just under an eighth place finish (excluding laps led bonuses), for the final four races, he would win the Busch Series Championship regardless of how Keller and Jeff Green finish.

Harvick is the only driver in the modern history of NASCAR to attempt to compete in every Winston Cup and Busch Series event in the same season (excluding the Daytona 500). Harvick has a tremendous amount of success on the "Double-Duty" weekends.

He is competing in his final Double-Duty weekend this week.

The Double-Duty weekends are:
1. The Winston, Winston Cup, May 19th (finished 21st) & Nazareth, Busch May 20th (2nd)
2. Kentucky Busch, June 16th (finished 1st) & Pocono, Winston Cup June 17th (finished 15th)
3. Daytona Winston Cup, July 7th (25th) & Watkins Glen, Busch, July 8th (3rd)
4. Gateway, Busch, July 21st (1st) & New Hampshire (8th), Winston Cup, July 22nd
5. Pikes Peak, Busch, July 28th (3rd) & Pocono, Winston Cup, July 29th (20th)
6. IRP, Busch, August 4th (1st) & Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Winston Cup, August 5th (11th)
7. Memphis, Busch, October 13th & Martinsville, Winston Cup, October 14th

* At the completion of the season, Harvick will have competed in 70 races, every race on both schedules except for the Daytona 500 and he will compete in one Truck race at Richmond.

During all of the other Double-Duty weekends (where Harvick has run both the Busch and Winston Cup races at different race tracks on the same weekend) except for Pikes Peak, Harvick has been able to qualify both the GM Goodwrench Service Plus and ACDelco Chevrolets. However, this weekend RCR has decided to concentrate on the Busch championship effort by having Harvick take part in all practices and qualifying at Memphis before running the race.

After the race, Harvick will fly back to Winston-Salem, NC, and drive up to Martinsville Sunday morning for the Winston Cup race. <pre> HARVICK'S MARTINSVILLE WINSTON CUP STATS Date Start Finish Laps Laps Led Status Money Points 4/8/01 15th 34th 454/500 0 Running $76,727 61

HARVICK'S MEMPHIS BUSCH STATS Date Start Finish Laps Laps Led Status Money Points 10/29/00 2nd 1st 250/250 71 Running $54,750 180

HARVICK'S MEMPHIS TRUCK STATS Date Start Finish Laps Laps Led Status Money Points 5/8/00 3rd 2nd 200/200 81 Running $32,750 175 9/13/98 19th 15th 200/200 0 Running $8,575 118

MILEAGE METER Here is Harvick's total miles run to date. Busch Cup Daytona 300 miles --- Rockingham 200.94 miles 399.84 miles Las Vegas 298.5 miles 400.5 miles Atlanta 311.08 miles 500.5 miles Darlington 201.39 miles 401.41 miles Bristol 132.5 miles 265miles Texas 300 miles 501 miles Martinsville ---- 240.62 miles Nashville 299.25 miles ---- Talladega 170.24 miles 497.42 miles California 300 miles 500 miles Richmond 187.5 miles 299.25 miles Loudon 212miles ---- The Winston ---- 28.5 miles Nazareth 200 miles ---- Charlotte 297 miles 600 miles Dover 200 miles 400 miles Michigan ---- 400 miles Kentucky 300 miles ---- Pocono ----- 497.5 miles Sears Point ---- 224 miles Milwaukee 250 miles ---- Daytona ---- 400 miles Watkins Glen 201 miles ---- Chicago 289.5 miles 400 miles St. Louis 250 miles ---- Loudon ---- 317.4 miles Pikes Peak 250 miles ---- Pocono ---- 500 miles IRP 137.2 miles ---- Indy ---- 400 miles Watkins Glen ---- 220.5 miles Michigan 250 miles 250 miles Bristol 133.25 miles 266.5 miles Darlington 195 miles 490.3 miles Richmond 185.25 miles 300 miles Dover 199 miles 400 miles Kansas 190 miles 400.5 miles Charlotte 300 miles 501 miles

SUB TOTAL 6,740.6 miles 11,001.59 miles

GRAND TOTAL Harvick has run 17,742.19 miles this season in both the Winston Cup and Busch Series.

* All told, Harvick will be running over 21,000 miles in races this season.


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