BUSCH: Charlotte/Mansfield: Roush Racing preview

Lowe's Motor Speedway, May 25-28 NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series: Coca-Cola 600 NASCAR Busch Series: Carquest Auto Parts 300 Mansfield Motorsports Speedway, May 26-27 NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series: City of Mansfield 250 Roush Racing...

Lowe's Motor Speedway, May 25-28
NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series: Coca-Cola 600
NASCAR Busch Series: Carquest Auto Parts 300

Mansfield Motorsports Speedway, May 26-27
NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series: City of Mansfield 250

Roush Racing Fast Facts

* Mark Martin has four wins at Lowe's Motor Speedway, including the 2002 Coke 600.

* Martin has 20 top-10 and 16 top-five finishes at Lowe's. The 20 top-10's are the most of any driver.

* Martin has led 1,148 laps at Lowe's, the most of any active driver.

* Martin has won six Busch races at Lowe's and two All-Star events (1998 and 2005).

* Martin finished fifth at Lowe's last fall and won the All-Star race there in 2005.

* Martin will make his 650th career Cup start this week at Lowe's.

* Martin will take part in Cup, Busch and Truck races as well as the All-Star race in the next two weeks.

* Greg Biffle is currently 14th in the point standings, picking up three positions after the win in Darlington.

* Biffle and the National Guard team are currently 497 points out of the lead and are 106 points out of a top-10 position.

* In addition to his Cup record at Lowe's Motor Speedway, Biffle also has one pole, two wins, five top-five's and eight top-10's in 10 NASCAR Busch Series attempts at the 1.5-mile oval.

* This weekend the No. 16 National Guard team will run the signature red, white and blue paint scheme for the Coca-Cola 600.

* Matt Kenseth is the only driver in NASCAR history to win the Coca-Cola 600 as a rookie; he did so in 2000.

* Kenseth and the No. 17 team will be flying the R+L Carriers colors this weekend for the first of three races this season.

* Kenseth has scored four career victories at Lowe's Motor Speedway; 2000 Coca-Cola 600, 2004 All-Star Race, and two Busch Series wins.

* Kenseth has four top-five finishes in six starts in the Coca-Cola 600.

* Kenseth made his first career NASCAR Busch Series start at Lowe's Motor Speedway in May of 1996, driving a Chevrolet for Wegner Racing; he finished 31st.

* Jamie McMurray has three Coca-Cola 600 starts in his three previous seasons.

* McMurray led 96 laps to his first NASCAR Nextel Cup victory on October 13, 2002, after starting fifth.

* For his career, McMurray has scored two top-fives and four top-tens at LMS in NEXTEL Cup, including the win in 2002 and has notched three top-10 finishes at LMS in the Busch Series.

* McMurray's average start is 18.0 and finish is 13.9 at Lowe's Motor Speedway in seven races (May and October) and has led 112 laps.

* McMurray and the No. 26 team will be sporting a new look this weekend, with Smirnoff Ice. This is the first of three holiday event weekends that Smirnoff Ice will feature the black and silver Fusion. The other races are: Daytona's July 4th holiday and Fontana's Labor Day weekends.

* Smirnoff Ice malt beverage consumer platform is: Be Smart. Drink Responsibly.

* In Carl Edwards' last four starts at Lowe's Motor Speedway he has posted three top-five finishes and one top-10 finish.

* Crew chief Wally Brown is on a roll -- posting four top-ten finishes in five weeks.

* The Office Depot team will return to Lowe's Motor Speedway this weekend with Chassis RK-272. RK- 272 finished fourth this previous weekend in the Nextel All-Star Challenge.

* The Office Depot pit crew finished third in the Nextel Pit Crew Challenge on Wednesday, May 17. Their best time of the night came in the third round when they finished in 25.65 seconds.

* Office Depot will be announcing their "Official Small Business of NASCAR" winner this weekend at Lowe's Motor Speedway. The winner's logo will be displayed on Edwards' Office Depot Ford Fusion.

* Office Depot Store #2458 of Rockaway, NJ will be on the side of Edwards' Ford Fusion this weekend at the Nextel All-Star Challenge.


Mark Martin
Team: No. 6 AAA Ford Fusion
Crew Chief: Pat Tryson
Chassis: RK-314 Last ran at Texas, where it finished 11th.
     Finished second in its other run this season at Atlanta.

Martin on racing at Lowe's Motor Speedway:
"I tell you what I love about Lowe's Motor Speedway. In my opinion, it's the greatest place to race in the world. I can remember the first time that I ever went there in 1981 and thinking 'wow' this is just like a small quarter-mile track somewhere, except it's huge, but you could race just like that. Every time I go there, the first thing I do after the first lap is radio the team and tell them how awesome that track is. We were competitive in the All-Star last week, so I'm more optimistic going into the 600 this week.

"It's just been great driving these cars that the AAA Team give me each week. We were competitive again last weekend in the All-Star and we've had great cars all year. Pat Tryson and the team have done an excellent job with the cars this year and we are looking forward to having an even better car for the 600 this weekend and hopefully we can stay out of the wrecks and hang around long enough to compete for the win down the stretch."

Crew Chief Pat Tryson on racing at Lowe's Motor Speedway:
"We ended up having a pretty good car at the All-Star before we got in the wreck there, so we are pretty excited about going back this weekend, hopefully with a better piece. There is still a lot to learn about the new surface and you have to be careful with the setup, but we ran pretty good in the race on Saturday, so we'll just have to build on that and hopefully we can be competitive for a win."

Greg Biffle
Team: No. 16 National Guard Ford Fusion
Crew Chief: Doug Richert
Chassis: RK-201 (Raced Atlanta earlier this year)

Biffle on racing at Lowe's Motor Speedway:
"We had a great test at Charlotte a few weeks ago and we also learned several things over the course of the All-Star weekend, so I feel pretty confident with our chances. The car we're taking was definitely the better of the two we tested and we had a decent run with the other one last weekend. The Coca-Cola 600 is obviously the longest race of the season, so we'll just take what we've learned at the test and the All-Star and use that information as we can to get started on Thursday."

Crew Chief Doug Richert on racing at Lowe's Motor Speedway:
"We're taking the car that we led the most laps with at Atlanta earlier this year before we ran short on fuel. It was one of the two cars we tested at Charlotte a couple of weeks ago. We're taking the car that Greg liked better to the Coca-Cola 600 but we learned a lot of things from the other car last weekend in the All-Star race. If NASCAR has an endurance race, this is it and you just have to plan for it."

Matt Kenseth
Team: No. 17 R+L Carriers/DEWALT Ford Fusion
Crew Chief: Robbie Reiser
Chassis: RK-323 Last ran in Texas, Apr. '06; finished 2nd
     Won Fontana in Feb. '06, finished 2nd in Las Vegas Mar. '06
     RK-280 Tested at Charlotte, last ran Michigan, Jun. '05; finished 4th

Kenseth on racing at Lowe's Motor Speedway:
"The 600 should be interesting this year. Well, it's usually interesting every year, because so much can happen in that extra 100 miles. But, this year particularly with the harder tires and the smaller fuel cells. There are going to be so many pit stops and stops where 40 or more cars are on pit road, because you're going to have to come down for fuel at least every 30 laps, and that's assuming it stays green. Pit road becomes very crowded in that situation and that usually means that your chances of running into someone are a lot higher. When you think about it, whether you've been out eight or 28 laps, when a caution comes out you're going to have to pit in order to stay in sequence on fuel.

Crew Chief Robbie Reiser on racing Lowe's Motor Speedway:
"The pit crews will definitely get a work out this weekend. If the race went green from start to finish, which we all know it won't, but if it did, you're going to have to make 13 stops minimum for fuel alone. It's going to be interesting to say the least. Keeping up with what the other teams are doing on pit strategy is going to be next to impossible, so you better make sure that you have your plan and stick as close to it as possible. We're running a chassis that has been real good to us so far this year. It won in Fontana and has a couple of second place finishes to go along with that. It's going to be painted in the R+L Carriers colors this weekend, but we're hoping for the same result."

Jamie McMurray
Team: No. 26 Smirnoff Ice Ford Fusion
Crew Chief: Bob Osborne
Car Number: RK-322 Tested at Charlotte, new chassis

McMurray on racing at Lowe's Motor Speedway:
"This is my third Coca-Cola 600. I love coming to this track. My first Cup victory always brings back great memories, and I am just looking to make more here. We struggled at the All-Star race last weekend, but after a few adjustments, it was encouraging. I hope to bring in a top five with that new Smirnoff Ice Ford Fusion."

Crew Chief Bob Osborne on racing at Lowe's Motor Speedway:
"We tested RK-322 at Lowe's earlier this month and had good results. Last weekend's race was tough for us, especially not getting the chance to even finish the race. Jamie worked that Fusion and communicated with us through the adjustments and it showed some improvement during the All-Star race; I know we can do some great things at the tracks coming up."

Carl Edwards
Team: No.99 Office Depot Ford Fusion
Crew Chief: Wally Brown
Chassis Number: RK-272 Last ran at Charlotte, May 2006; Finished 4th

Edwards on racing at Lowe's Motor Speedway:
"I feel really good heading into the Coca-Cola 600 this weekend; the race on Saturday night is going to be a blast. All the guys worked really hard this past weekend to get the handling and setup of the car in order. Hopefully, we can transfer everything we learned this past weekend into a solid run at the 600. The car was awesome near the end of the night. I feel really confident we can go into the 600 and run well. The Office Depot team needs to continue having good runs and being there at the end of each race."

Crew Chief Wally Brown on racing at Lowe's Motor Speedway:
"The entire Office Depot team is looking forward to another night race this weekend at home in Concord. The 600 is a very demanding race both on the engine, as well as the driver. You have to be able to adjust on the car throughout the race because the weather and track conditions change so much during the night. After a great finish last weekend in the All-Star race, I think we have the setup and race package needed to do well. The Office Depot team needs to start racking up the top-five finishes and hopefully work ourselves into the top 10 in the point standings."


Todd Kluever
Team: No. 06 3M Ford Fusion
Crew Chief: Mike Kelley
Chassis: RK-365 -- Brand new car the team tested at Lowe's earlier this month

Kluever on racing at Lowe's Motor Speedway:
"I am really excited about our race at Lowe's Motor Speedway. We had a good test there a few weeks ago and we've got a great new car for this race. The new asphalt is very smooth so the track is a lot of fun. The new tire is so hard for this race that I'm sure most teams will need to pit for fuel long before they need new tires. I joked with Mark Martin at the test that he could probably take my tires after the Busch race Saturday night and start the 600 on them Sunday. That will by a far cry from our last Busch race at Darlington where you wish you could change tires every 10 laps.

"This would be a great weekend for our luck to finally turn around. We're going to have a fast car, our pit stops have been really good and we've said all month that if we could just catch a break we could put our 3M Ford Fusion in the top 10."

Crew Chief Mike Kelley on racing at Lowe's Motor Speedway:
"Based on how well we ran at the test I'm very optimistic that we will have a good run at Lowe's on Saturday. We've got a brand new Roush car that Todd really likes. I think the new track surface will help improve the quality of racing for the fans and the drivers, which will make it a lot of fun for everyone. If we can turn our luck around and get a top-10 finish I know we'll be very pleased."

Mark Martin
Team: No. 6 Ameriquest Ford Fusion
Crew Chief: Mike Beam
Chassis: RK-356 Brand new chassis that the team tested at Lowe's two weeks ago.

Martin on racing in the Busch Series at Lowe's Motor Speedway:
"Lowe's is probably my favorite track and we are excited about running the Ameriquest Ford in the Busch race. It's been a few years since we ran Charlotte in a Busch car, but we've had a lot of success there over the years and it should be a lot of fun to get back out there and see if we can take up where we left off."

Team: No. 16 Ameriquest Ford Fusion
Crew Chief: Eddie Pardue
Chassis: RK- 361

Biffle on NBS racing at Lowe's Motor Speedway:
"Wow, four Ameriquest cars at Charlotte. It's a big weekend for Ameriquest and the No. 16 team is fired up and ready to go. We have a fast car and we're coming off a great test there. Charlotte is always exciting. The track is fast and I expect there will be several cautions. If we can stay out of trouble, I see the No. 16 Ameriquest team headed toward Victory Lane."

Crew Chief Eddie Pardue on racing at Lowe's Motor Speedway:
"We had a great test at Charlotte a couple weeks ago. We are very excited about the new car we are taking. Greg was really excited about it right of the truck. It's a big race for our sponsor Ameriquest and we feel confident the No. 16 Ameriquest Ford will be running in the front."

Matt Kenseth
Team: No. 17 Ameriquest Ford Fusion
Crew Chief: Jimmy Fennig
Chassis: RK-346 Last ran Atlanta '06, finished fourth
     Also in '06, ran Las Vegas, finished second, and Fontana, finished sixth
     RK-360 Brand new car

Kenseth on racing in the Busch Series at Lowe's Motor Speedway:
"I like the new pavement at Lowe's. The track did a good job re-paving and it's probably the smoothest it's ever been. The tire is a little too hard and you slid around a lot, but it should make for an interesting race. So far this Busch team has been hard to beat. We've run eight races and scored eight top tens. I love coming to Charlotte. This track has always been good to me, so hopefully we can continue both of those trends this weekend."

Crew Chief Jimmy Fennig on racing at Lowe's Motor Speedway:
"Matt's done really well at Charlotte over the years and I'm hoping we don't let him down this weekend. We're bringing one of our favorite cars this weekend. This car has come close to winning a few times already in 2006. Maybe this weekend, we'll finally break through."

Danny O'Quinn, Jr.
Team: No. 50 Stonebridge Life Insurance Ford Fusion
Crew Chief: Drew Blickensderfer
Chassis: RK-356

O'Quinn, Jr. on racing in the Busch Series at Lowe's Motor Speedway:
"Charlotte is going to be an exciting race. With the track just being paved and the new tires that they are giving us to use there, it is going to be unlike any place that I have raced yet. I think that we have a chance at a decent finish there and with the support of my crew and Stonebridge Life on the car we hope to have a good showing on Saturday"

Crew Chief Drew Blickensderfer on racing at Lowe's Motor Speedway:
"We are taking a car to Charlotte that we are borrowing from the No. 6 Busch team. It is the car they raced at Darlington. The new surface at Charlotte is what everybody is going to be trying to figure out. That and the new tires are going to put everybody in a position to try and survive the first three quarters of the race and then race hard at the end."

Carl Edwards
Chassis Number: No.60 Ameriquest Ford Fusion
Crew Chief: Pierre Kuettel
Chassis Number: RK- 371

Edwards on racing at Lowe's Motor Speedway:
"Racing at Charlotte is a blast! All the Ameriquest cars were very fast in testing there. It's going to be spectacular race having all four Ameriquest Ford Fusions on the track at the same time. As long as we can keep from running into each other it should be awesome. It would be pretty neat if we finished first through fourth. It's never been done before. I feel very good about our chances in the Busch car. I learned a lot in the All-Star race. It's going to be a tough race and that's going to make it fun."

Crew Chief Pierre Kuettel on racing at Lowe's Motor Speedway:
"The No. 60 Ameriquest team is looking forward to racing at Charlotte. It should be exciting for the fans with the new surface and new tires. It's pretty cool that there will be four Ameriquest cars on the track at the same time. Hopefully the 60 car will lead the pack."


David Ragan
Team: No. 6 Scotts Miracle-Gro Ford F-150
Crew Chief: Mike Beam
Chassis: 46

Ragan on racing at the Mansfield Motorsports Speedway:
"Mansfield is definitely the shortest, tightest track we go to. This year it's going to be a true testament to how good our short track program is. It's going to be a big weekend for us with the Scotts Ford F-150, as we'll be racing in their backyard. They are based just down the road from here in Marysville, so we're looking to get a good finish out of this weekend. They'll have a bunch of people up here supporting us. Hopefully we'll have a lot of fans cheering for us in the stands as well."

Crew Chief Mike Beam on racing at the Mansfield Motorsports Speedway:
"Mansfield is a tough track to get around, but I think we've got a driver who can get us a good run in. David's a real good short track driver, and I'm sure a lot of that goes back to his days in the Legends cars. This is a big race for the Scotts people, so we'll do our best to put on a good show for them."

Michel Jourdain, Jr.
Team: No. 50 Roush Racing Ford F-150
Crew Chief: Matt Puccia
Chassis: 38

Jourdain on racing at the Mansfield Motorsports Speedway:
"I've never raced here, but I hear it's a very challenging little short track. The Craftsman Truck Series is a very competitive series, there are so many talented drivers, I am really excited to make my first start in the series with Roush Racing. I'm very happy and very excited to get back into a racecar, and I've got to thank everyone that made this possible."

Crew Chief Matt Puccia on racing at the Mansfield Motorsports Speedway:
"We're looking forward to getting to Mansfield and seeing what Michel can do in a truck. It'll be his first time at the track, so we'll work on getting him comfortable and aquatinted to what these trucks are like. Having the open test on Thursday will be great, I think we can take advantage of that. We'll go up there with the intentions of completing all the laps and bringing the truck home in one piece. If we can do that, I think we can consider our first outing a successful one."

Erik Darnell
Team: No. 99 Roush Racing Ford F-150
Crew Chief: John Quinn
Chassis: 35

Darnell on racing at the Mansfield Motorsports Speedway:
"I'm looking forward to getting back to another short track. I've raced here before in the Elite division, so I'm somewhat familiar with the track. I'm looking to have a better run than we did at Martinsville. It's really hard to pass there, so qualifying is going to be important. Since the trucks run the middle groove, whoever can make their truck work on the bottom will be the one who can make passes and get to the front."

Crew Chief John Quinn on racing at the Mansfield Motorsports Speedway:
"Mansfield is one of those beat-and-bang kind of places, things tend to get pretty wild up there. In a lot of ways it will be similar to Martinsville, it's just your typical short track. Qualifying here is important, you really need to start towards the front to keep out of the mess that's going to happen behind you. Hopefully we'll be able to get a good starting spot and maintain track position throughout the race, and be there at the end."


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