Buckshot Jones Darlington Preview

Buckshot Jones / Track Notes Darlington Raceway "I'm hoping that by the time the weekend comes around my energy level is back to normal and I'm able to drive the entire weekend. I like going ...

Buckshot Jones / Track Notes Darlington Raceway

"I'm hoping that by the time the weekend comes around my energy level is back to normal and I'm able to drive the entire weekend. I like going to Darlington, but it's a track where you race the race track rather than the drivers around you. Adjusting to the difference in horsepower between a Winston Cup and Busch Series car will be the challenge this weekend."-Buckshot Jones, driver of the Crown Fiber Communications Pontiac

   Darlington Raceway / NASCAR Busch Series Results
Date                ST        FIN        LC/TL        Status        $Won        
09/02/95        36         41        1/147        Engine        $  3,100
08/31/96        12         34        140/147        Running        $  4,815
03/22/97        33          6        147/147        Running        $ 12,325
08/30/97        38         32         95/147        Running        $  6,810
03/21/98        17          14        147/147        Running        $  7,865

Jones was forced to pull out of last week's Cracker Barrel Country Store 500, after qualifying seventh, due an extreme case of the flu. Jones was not well for most of the weekend and was getting worse throughout the race. By lap 248, Jones was having difficulty breathing and chose to park his No.00 Crown Fiber Communications Pontiac. The track doctor gave Jones oxygen and reported to the team that a combination of the flu, some fluid in his lungs and carbon monoxide poisoning were the cause of his illness. Todd Bodine, driver of the No. 66 Phillips Racing Chevrolet, will be on standby throughout the weekend as a relief driver for Jones. "As of Wednesday, I was still feeling pretty weak and just not back to feeling like myself yet," said Jones. "I'm hoping I will be strong enough to drive the entire weekend, but if not we've asked Todd to stand by. I've raced with Todd and he's been in Winston Cup before, so he was my first choice. I've seen him drive and what he can do with the cars and I thought he would be the best person." -continued on back- n Jones feels extremely fortunate to be working with two of the most legendary names in Darlington Raceway history - Ricky and David Pearson. Ricky Pearson is the Buckshot Racing team's General Manager and David Pearson, who has won more races (10) and poles (12) at Darlington Raceway than any other NASCAR driver, is always around to give helpful advice to Jones.

Jones got a very nerve racking lesson from David Pearson in 1997 at Darlington Raceway. "Nobody knows this track better than David, so I asked him to show me the correct line to drive on the track," said Jones. "He told me to get in the team van and he would show me. I got in the passenger side of the car and he drove me around the track at 100 mph, right up against the wall of the track. He scared the life out of me, but I ended up finishing in the top 10 that year in the Busch car."

Todd Bodine Named Relief Driver For Buckshot Jones At Darlington Raceway

SPARTANBURG, S.C. (March 17, 1999) --- Todd Bodine has been asked to stand by as a relief driver this weekend for Buckshot Jones, who came down with an extreme case of the flu last weekend in Atlanta. On lap 248 of the Cracker Barrel Country Store 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway, Jones had to park his No.00 Crown Fiber Communications Pontiac because he had a fever and was having difficulty breathing. The track doctor, who diagnosed Jones with the flu, said he also had some fluid in his lungs and a slight case of carbon monoxide poisoning. "I'm on antibiotics right now and I've just tried to rest this week, but I know that my strength and energy levels are not where they need to be to race," said Jones. "I plan on starting the race, as well practicing and qualifying the car, but I know I may not be able to run the entire race. I've raced with Todd on the NASCAR Busch Series and I know that he is an experienced driver, so that made him my first choice. He has driven on the Winston Cup Series before and I've seen what he can do with these cars, so I know that he is the best choice." "Buckshot and I have driven together before and I know his father, Billy Jones," said Bodine. "When things were bad last year when I was driving the No. 35 car, Billy stepped up and called me to give me some encouragement and tell me that he thought I was a good race car driver. I'm more than happy that I can help them out while they're in a bad spot right now."

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