Bristol: Sadler - post-race interview

ELLIOTT SADLER PRESS CONFERENCE DID YOU HAVE ANYTHING AT THE END? "No, Harvick had a great race car - probably one of the best all day. I think he had to go back to pit lane for something during the race and the next thing you know, he was...


DID YOU HAVE ANYTHING AT THE END? "No, Harvick had a great race car - probably one of the best all day. I think he had to go back to pit lane for something during the race and the next thing you know, he was back up there again. He was able to pass cars and maneuver his car around. When Biffle stayed out and we restarted third, me and Harvick both got a great, great restart. I think the 19 might have missed a shift and then gave me a break, Jeremy did, to let me get on the bottom. When the 29 kind of opened the door, we kind of knew we could get away from Biffle. Those old tires were just killing him. It's a shame for Greg as good as his car was, but I would Kevin and the 2 car were the class of the field all day. He was tough there at the end. I didn't have anything for him."

DID YOU KNOW YOU WERE GOING TO PIT? "We went ahead and pitted. We were gonna pit no matter what because we had been bit by that by staying out with 80 or 90 laps to go here and those new tires come run you down. I don't think you can do what I did here a couple of years ago. I think the tires fall off too much. I mean, that's what Goodyear's purpose is and it showed today. Greg Biffle ran first and second pretty much all day long and that new Goodyear just kind of killed him at the end. So we were gonna pit no matter what. We were hoping the first three or four were gonna stay in front of us and we'd pit and maybe come up right behind them with new tires and kind of go from there, but everybody decided to pit. There wasn't a lot of cars on the lead lap, so even if four or five guys stayed out at the end, it was enough time to maybe get back around those guys. My crew chief, Todd, did a great, great job at pit strategy. That's something that was our Achilles heel last year at short tracks and today he called a perfect race. I'm very proud of him for that. If we could start doing that every short track - here, Martinsville and Phoenix and New Hampshire and places like that - we're gonna have a lot of good finishes."

DID YOU FEEL GOOD GOING INTO THE RACE AFTER THE GAME? "Yeah, everybody knows I'm a Tar Heel fan. I'm having a pretty good week so far. Our main goal is to see every single checkered flag. We're going with the same strategy that we used last year. I'm not racing a sole until the last half of the race. I'm gonna race the race track and kind of let everybody else take care of themselves. I love racing against people like Tony Stewart and Bobby Labonte. We were talking about that long run and things like that. Everybody loves the give and take. They know how the tires are getting old. They know how the race track is here and there was a lot of giving and taking today. The guys that did that the most, you probably see them in the top 10 right now on the scoreboard. We have the same mentality. If we've got a chance to win, we're gonna go for it and win. If not, we're gonna try to see every checkered flag and just let the points go where they go."

WHEN BIFFLE STAYED OUT DID YOU REALIZE HE WAS COMMITTED? "Yeah, I think once he stayed out he knew and his crew chief knew that he could not come back in. But actually we didn't have another caution. The last 70 laps were run under green, so we didn't actually have a caution for them to be able to come back in. He still had the lead the last caution of the day and they knew they couldn't come back in. Hey, being the leader that's the hardest decision in the world. It's so easy to say, 'Do whatever the guy in front of you does.' It's hard when you are the leader and everybody is kind of watching you. They know you've got a good race car. A lot of times good race teams will do the opposite of the leader and when he stayed out, when I saw the 48 pull down and some of these guys pull down I guess to go down pit road, everybody came in behind me. It kind of worked out pretty good."

DO YOU LIKE BACK-TO-BACK SHORT TRACK RACES AND DOES MARTINSVILLE OWE YOU ONE? "I don't know as far as owing me one. We can't really predict where the schedule and stuff is. Like you said, I'm not gonna be around some of the guys that had problems today because Martinsville is an easy payback place (laughing). I'll try to stay away from the guys that had problems. Two short tracks in a row, that's cool. We have not run good as a team on short tracks last year, so we really wanted to come to Bristol and run good. I think we've tested five times already to get ready for Martinsville. We're trying to make that a strong suit of our race team, so to put 'em back to back, that's good. We kind of see early in the season where we stack up on short tracks and what we need to do for later on in the season when the chase comes around."

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