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Report from Motorsport News International NASCAR Public Relations Food City 500 Quotebook BRISTOL, Tenn. (April 11, 1997) Quotes from drivers after first-round Busch Pole qualifying for the Food City 500 at Bristol Motor Speedway.

Report from Motorsport News International

NASCAR Public Relations

Food City 500 Quotebook

BRISTOL, Tenn. (April 11, 1997)

Quotes from drivers after first-round Busch Pole qualifying for the Food City 500 at Bristol Motor Speedway.

Rusty Wallace No. 2 Miller Lite Ford

"That's a pretty good lap. It was justa little loose up off Turn 4 and I had to be a little careful there. I did bust my butt this afternoon, so I had to watch it. I like the short tracks, but I love all tracks.

"We came off the truck running really good. This is the car I won Richmond with. The car I won the night race here with last year is the car I wanted to bring here, but it's the car we tore up in Texas, but this is a good car, too, and it proved that today."

Sterling Marlin No. 4 Kodak Chevrolet

"I walked into the truck and the first thing I heard from Larry (McClure) is why didn't you win the pole?' He was kidding. He was tickled as the rest of us. We were a little loose in practice but felt like we had a pretty good car. We worked just a little bit with the air pressure, and I guess we were just loose enough for our qualifying lap. I hate it we missed the pole, but we're feeling pretty good for Sunday. This will be a good place for us to run well. I'm from Tennessee, and this is Morgan-McClure's home track."

Ted Musgrave No. 16 Family Channel/PRIMESTAR Ford

"That makes me feel good. I always fret here at Bristol, because you've got to be on the edge here all the time to qualify here. I'm glad for that, to get a frontstretch pit for the guys and get a good starting spot. They worked hard in the shop. We really didn't work that hard here at the race track, because it unloaded quick. And we've go the same springs and shocks that we unloaded with. I think we changed a sway bar, and that's it. My hat's off to the guys in the shop, because they had it right right from the start. I feel real good about this whole team this year."

Kenny Wallace No. 81 Square D Ford

"I was trying to bump him (Rusty) from the pole. He's my big brother, and he's taught me a lot. It's just a deal where the sun came out, and it really had me worried. We've turned the intensity level up quite a bit the last three weeks. The guys have really been getting on it. We've had two good runs."

Jeff Gordon No. 24 DuPont Refinishes Chevrolet

"That wasn't a bad lap. I wasn't expecting the car to push. I didn't expect to have to run hard that second lap but I had to because the first lap was so bad. Luckily, we got in a good second lap. I ran almost the same in qualifying as I did in practice. We thought we would pick up, but the car pushed and I couldn't pick it up any."

Dale Jarrett No. 88 Ford Quality Care/Ford Credit Ford

"I remember qualifying here last year and I didn't do too good a job. I had a good lap, but I crashed the car. Rusty is tough to beat, but we'll take it. It's a good starting spot."

Hut Stricklin No. 8 Circuit City Ford

"We've got a habit of doing that. Richard Broome and myself and the rest of the guys sat down and talked some about changes before qualifying, and it certainly paid off. It's kinda surprising to me. I didn't really think it was that fast."

Geoff Bodine No. 7 QVC Ford

"I was terrible. The track has changed. Rusty didn't go as fast as he went in practice, and we didn't go as fast. We went quite a bit slower. It was out of control. The first time I came out of Turn 4, on the warmup lap, it was sideways. I knew I was going to have my hands full. I tried to run another lap, and I came off 2 and about hit the wall, so I decided that was enough. That lap was going to be slower, so I just came in."

Steve Grissom No. 41 Kodiak Chevrolet

"We ran just a tick quicker in practice and we made some adjustments. It was a decent lap. I wish we could have run faster, but the main thing is we made a couple of adjustments and went out on new tires and got a decent time. We got our first top-10 of the season last week, so hopefully we can continue that this week at Bristol."

Jimmy Spencer No. 23 Camel Ford

"I'm pretty happy with this. I think the guys expected more, and so did I, but the track is real, real hot. It's real slick right now, and our car got real loose. But that will put us on the front stretch (for pit position). I love this race track. This team needs a break, and hopefully, we will get a break on Sunday."

Dale Earnhardt No. 3 GM Goodwrench Chevrolet

"I really don't know what happened in qualifying. We picked up a little on the second lap, but it still wasn't great. Just wait until the race. We'll be all right. Don't write us off yet."

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