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Spotter's importance to MWR Drivers: "Mark (Green) knows what I need to hear because he's a driver himself," Michael Waltrip said."He gives me the facts of what's going on around my ...

Spotter's importance to MWR Drivers:

"Mark (Green) knows what I need to hear because he's a driver himself," Michael Waltrip said."He gives me the facts of what's going on around my #55 NAPA AUTO PARTS Toyota Camry. We understand each other and we work well together. He keeps me safe."

"I'm very lucky to have Shawn (Reutimann) with me each and every week when I'm driving both the #99 and #00 Aaron's Dream Machine Toyota in the NASCAR Sprint Cup and Nationwide Series," David Reutimann said."Not only is he my cousin and spotter, he is my confidant. It's nice to have a family member at the track every weekend. I am sure guys like Ryan (Newman) can relate because his father spots for him and I think that's pretty cool. When Shawn's not spotting the three days we have him, he's helping his brother (Greg) run Reutimann Collision in Zephyrhills, Fla."

"If you ever truly needed to have eyes in the back of your head, then Bristol is the place you need them and because that's not a physical possibility, your spotter is that extra set of eyes," Dale Jarrett said."There are so many things going on that you almost need four pairs of eyes, but Bristol is definitely one of the tracks where the spotters earn their money and then some."

"Spotters nowadays are so important for safety precautions," Michael McDowell said."You can't see well out of the car. You need to have someone on the spotter's stand with experience that knows what is going on. Roman Pemberton is going to spot for me during my Raybestos Rookie season in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series starting at Martinsville Speedway. So the last couple of weekends, I have spent a lot of time with him because you have to build a personal relationship and understand each other's emotions and sounds. You've got to know when it is time to go and you've got to know when it is not time to go. He will be my ears and ears up there and will be a big part of me figuring all of this out."

MWR Spotters on Bristol Motor Speedway:

"Michael Waltrip will tell you that he is unique in what he likes and doesn't," said Mark Green, spotter of the #55 NAPA AUTO PARTS Toyota Camry."Michael has been around for a quite awhile. He needs someone with no nonsense. I just give him the facts. The less talk the better to keep from messing up his concentration. Obviously, Bristol is completely different from Atlanta (Motor Speedway). Everybody is turning laps so fast and everything happens so quickly. The spotter part of it will be watching for wrecks. You still clear your driver and if someone is working the outside, you give him that notice. As far as the race strategy goes, you really can't get into it at Bristol because you don't have that time element like you do at a bigger track."

"Things happen a lot faster, but at the same token you can see the whole track out of your peripheral vision because it is smaller," said Roman Pemberton, spotter of the #44 UPS Toyota Camry for Dale Jarrett."For me, it is easier to spot than say tracks like Atlanta (Motor Speedway). As far as approaching it, you have to definitely be on top of everything. If you weren't doing that at every track, you obviously aren't doing your job."

"Things happen so quickly at Bristol you have to watch a straightaway ahead of the Aaron's Dream Machine," said Shawn Reutimann, spotter of both the #99 and #00 Aaron's Dream Machine Toyota Camry in both the NASCAR Sprint Cup and Nationwide Series for David Reutimann."Lap times are in the 14 to 15 second bracket. A wreck can happen in Turn 2 and your driver can be coming out of Turn 4 and be on top of it in a matter of seconds. You have got to be able to watch in front of your driver and behind him at the same time. Somebody can get under him really quickly and if you don't let him know a car is on the inside you can cause your driver to get wrecked. There's just a lot of stuff going on and cars quickly get spread out all over the track. It's just constantly keeping up with what is going on. Pit road is something you really have to pay attention to because it is so short and they go in and out so fast."

"A lot of people talk about wanting to spot, but I'm able to live the dream with David (Reutimann) and it means a lot to me personally," Shawn Reutimann continued."We grew up racing together and to be able to follow him through his entire racing career from day one is incredible. To think about all the different series and cars he's driven is something I will always remember. To get to the biggest racing deal in the world and do it with David really means something."

Roman Pemberton on spotting for rookie driver Michael McDowell starting with his NSCS debut at Martinsville Speedway next week:

"When DJ (Dale Jarrett) retires, I will move over to the #00 Toyota Camry at Martinsville Speedway to work with Michael McDowell as he makes his NASCAR Sprint Cup Series debut," Roman Pemberton said."I've been in the sport for 22 years and have worked in the motor room, suspension room, set up the race cars, been a car chief and a crew chief as well as spotted for 30 drivers from Rusty Wallace to Ernie Irvan and so forth," Roman Pemberton said. B!HBI will be able to adapt to Michael's needs because of my versatility from working with both younger and older drivers. I can help him with his line and tell him if he is overdriving or not driving hard enough and how to anticipate what other drivers are doing to keep him out of trouble."

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