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Kasey Kahne, driver of the No. 9 Budweiser Ford Fusion, has moved from 33rd to 17th in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series point standings the last two races. Kahne spoke about a variety of issues before practice. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT TO COME OUT OF THE...

Kasey Kahne, driver of the No. 9 Budweiser Ford Fusion, has moved from 33rd to 17th in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series point standings the last two races. Kahne spoke about a variety of issues before practice.

WHAT DO YOU EXPECT TO COME OUT OF THE MEETING WITH CARL AND BRAD TOMORROW? HOW WILL THEY RACE EACH OTHER? "I think they'll race each other fine. I think Carl showed he didn't like the way Brad has raced him in the past, and I think they're probably good to go now."

DO YOU THINK NASCAR WILL WATCH ALL OF YOU GUYS ANY CLOSER AS A RESULT? "I don't think so. I think the neat spot NASCAR is in, and they actually do look at it seems like, is individuals and how they actually race each other and how they race other people. In that situation, you can look at the two guys and what's gone on in the past, and maybe what one of the guys has done to other cars, and that's just kind of the way it is. I think they made the right call there, and I think they look at other people the way they need to look at them."

HAVE YOU HAD A PROBLEM WITH BRAD? "Me and Brad have raced really good. I race him good and he races me good. We had one incident one time and we were both mad at the All-Star race and were bouncing off each other, but that was really the only time. I think me and Brad are good to go - before his wreck and after his wreck - I don't think it changes our racing any way."

DID YOU TALK ABOUT THE INCIDENT FROM ATLANTA WITH CARL OR BRAD? "I haven't talked to Brad or Carl. I just kind of watched and watched their remarks."

DID YOU TALK WITH BRAD AFTER YOUR INCIDENT IN THE ALL-STAR RACE? "No, we took care of it during the race and we were done when it was over."

DOES THIS TRACK TEST YOUR PATIENCE MORE THAN ANY OTHER? "It can. I think this track tomorrow is a big part of the race and how well you practice and how well your car can race around other cars because you're always in traffic here. You're always trying to pass, whether it be lapped cars or pass for position it's hectic and there's a lot going on, so it can definitely get to you quickly."

DO YOU HAVE A STORY WHERE YOU MAY HAVE MADE A MISTAKE AND A VETERAN TALKED TO YOU ABOUT IT? "When I came in, I kind of took a different approach and just tried to race my way in and show the respect for some of the older guys. I remember Jeff Gordon, I was under him at Martinsville one time and was probably at his left-rear tire, and he just pointed left like he was coming when we got to turn three. I saw his finger out of the car and I was like, 'I guess he's turning left. I better slow down (laughing).' That was in '04. Jeff hasn't pointed left since (laughing), but it worked at that point in time with me. Everybody has different approaches and that was the one I took. I feel I learned from Bill Elliott and Tony Stewart, who taught me a lot when I first got here, so I think it worked out alright for me."

DO YOU BELIEVE IT'S TRUE THAT THE DRIVERS REALLY DO POLICE SITUATIONS ON THE TRACK? "I think it's pretty true. I'm just trying to race guys the way I want to be raced, and if I feel somebody is racing me different than I race them, then the next time they catch me or the next time we're racing, then maybe I race them differently. But more times than not, I'm able to race people the way I want to be raced and it works out for me. When you do have those incidents and you take care of them on the track - I've never taken care of anything off the track. I think you just take care of it on the track and that's basically the way to do it. What does it matter if you take care of something off the track? It doesn't do anything. If you got crashed and lost 100 points, and you go take care of the other guy after the race, if Carl goes and takes care of Brad after the race, what does that do? It does nothing. All we care about it points."

ARE YOU GOING TO MISS THE WING? "I'm looking forward to the spoiler. I think it should be pretty good. I think the wing has changed NASCAR racing a little bit, and the spoiler will change it again a little bit. That's the way it's gonna be and we really won't know until we get 43 cars on the track and we're at Texas or something like that - Phoenix maybe. So we won't really know exactly until we get to some of those tracks, but I think the spoiler will be good. Everybody is gonna have to change their driving a little bit because the side-by-side stuff is definitely gonna be different."

HOW DID THE WING CHANGE THINGS? "I think it's just more of when your car gets sideways, when it gets loose, the way it helps recover. When you're racing cars side-by-side, and you're on the inside of a car, the way your car handles there and right now I think everybody in here knows how that is. When we change it, it'll be a little different and it'll just take some time to get in those positions and feel out what that spoiler is actually doing to the back of the car."

SOME GUYS SAY THE SPOILER LOOKS BETTER. DO YOU AGREE? "I think it definitely looks better. That spoiler is pretty easy, it's pretty normal and flat and just kind of a normal piece, but as far as a stock car goes, I think that's kind of what a stock car is - a spoiler. If you want to race an Indy Car, then you've got a wing, or a Sprint Car and then you've got a wing."

YOUR INTRO SONG IS BULLS ON PARADE. IS THAT BECAUSE YOU LIKE RAGE? "It's because I like Rage and I like the beat of that song. We're just gonna use the beat in that one. It kind of gets you pumped up and I feel like Bristol is one of those tracks where it's not a bad thing if you're pumped up."

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