Bristol II: Winning team press conference, part 2

Continued from part 1 Q: Last few races here we've seen just guys being able to pass pretty much all on the outside, but you were able to make quite a few passes on the inside today. KYLE BUSCH: Yeah, I mean, you've got to have a good race ...

Continued from part 1 Q: Last few races here we've seen just guys being able to pass pretty much all on the outside, but you were able to make quite a few passes on the inside today.

KYLE BUSCH: Yeah, I mean, you've got to have a good race car. It's like I mentioned earlier, Dave and I were working real hard yesterday and kind of unsure about what we had. But when you get in the race, you have to adjust and you have to keep moving yourself around a little bit. And for me I felt like you learn some things about this racetrack in the truck race and the Nationwide race, how to pass, how to run low, how to run high, the track rubber is up. It goes through stages throughout a run.

So just learning all that and putting it all together and then getting out there and just utilizing your tools, you know, and just being able to put all of it to work.

Q: Could you talk about the green flag stop you had with 100 to go? Were you planning on pitting that lap or was that a heads-up move where you saw McMurray come in and got to the line before he did? Could you talk about that?

KYLE BUSCH: No, Dave actually said two to go, and I always keep my eye out and keep peeled for when guys start coming in because in this day and age with this car, you know, when anybody comes in and puts on fresh tires they're normally about a second faster. So you can't give up that time. If McMurray came in and got off pit road, he'd be able to run a second faster lap time than I would have, which is an awful lot of distance. I knew I needed to come in with him.

But I was able to out-brake him and get to his outside and get to pit road, get slowed down, and we had a really good pit stop.

And then exiting, I exited really hard and really fast, too, where I think when I came out I was half a straightaway plus on him, but you know, the 00 actually jumped us because he pitted before us, so he could see the distance that he was behind me when he pitted, and then when we all came out of the pits he was still ahead of me a ways. So that's the distance I'm talking about, and I couldn't give that up to the 1.

Q: If I could get both Kyle and Dave to address this: Kyle, Friday after Cup practice you didn't sound like a guy who was going to win last night or tonight. What happened? Did the crew make the cars that much better over two days, or was it your standards were a little bit too high after that practice?

KYLE BUSCH: Is that a question for Dave, too? I was going to let Dave go.

Q: For both of you.

DAVE ROGERS: Yeah, I think it's a combination. I think Kyle was working on some race signs. I think he could have gone out and practiced and posted quicker times if he just wanted to post the quick times, but he was trying to work on his race car. And we were off a little bit. We definitely didn't have a car capable of winning.

But Kyle just kept his head in the game, kept giving us feedback, giving us direction. He did a great job this weekend of directing the race team and giving us information so we could make good decisions this morning.

Likewise, I've got to give Jason credit, Jason Ratcliff a lot of credit, too, because I called him up this morning and said, look, man, you weren't a race-winning car in practice; what did you do. He told me what he did to work on his car to make it better, which gave me more confidence in making the changes I needed to make today.

So I'd like to say that both teams improved their race car, but I think you've got to give Kyle Busch a lot of credit, too, for knowing what he needed to race and then when they drop the green flag he knows how to race.

KYLE BUSCH: And yeah, I'm hard on myself and I might be hard on my guys. But it boils down to wanting the desire, the desire to win, wanting to win, and just trying to work more towards our goal. When I don't feel like we're there, when it's hard to tell in this day and age where you're at in practice, you can know sometimes when you have a really good car and you can know sometimes when you don't, and we kind of haven't been able to have the speed that we've wanted to show in practice.

But when it comes down to the race, we're right there. We're not bad. Denny last week, look, you guys talked all about how bad Denny was, 33rd in qualifying and back of the pack in practice and he swapped cars because he sucked so bad, and then, look, he goes out and almost has the opportunity to win the race, and we should have been right there with him if it wasn't for me driving the thing in the fence.

You know, our stuff might not practice well, but when we go to work and work on things and work on the drivability of the cars, the cars seem to be driving pretty well where we can race them and be comfortable racing them and take them to the front.

Q: How does this win, or does it matter in the sense of helping you for the Chase? Obviously so many of the tracks in the Chase are mile and a halfs. Maybe you get something out of here to help you with Dover. But for winning tonight and maybe some of the struggles you've had the last few weeks, how does this help prepare you or in what ways, if at all, with the Chase?

KYLE BUSCH: Well, like I said last night or earlier Friday, this win will be over tonight, and we go back to work tomorrow or Monday and getting our stuff prepared for Atlanta. We have an off week, but we need to get our stuff going there for there.

You can say, yeah, it's a confidence booster. We still know how to win, we know how to do this. Like I mentioned earlier, it's Bristol; it's a place we kind of expect to run well at. It's a place I expect to run well at.

Dave gave me a great car today. It's his first win here, so that's pretty cool. Happy for him, of course, and the rest of the guys to be able to repeat and come back from our win here last year and do it again.

You know, I feel like going on into Atlanta, it's going to be a test for us to see how good we are again at the mile and a half stuff, and then we got to Richmond, another one of our racetracks that I tend to run well at and Dave gave me an awesome car last time. So looking forward to that, and then the Chase starts. We hit reset and we've got ten weeks to show what we've got and hopefully it's enough.

Q: We obviously know you're a perfectionist because you're never happy unless you're winning or you have a really fast car. But the other day it struck me that you had said you only enjoy a race win when it happens and then it's on to the next one. Having swept this weekend, having done this tonight, going into an extended period, do you allow yourself to enjoy this a little bit, or if you have some late model race on Wednesday and you finish second are you going to be pissed and go back to -- is that what drives you, being hard on yourself like you were talking about being hard on your guys and stuff like that? Is that what keeps you motivated?

KYLE BUSCH: If I had a late model race on Wednesday, if I ran second, then yeah, I'd be mad. I mean, yeah, this one is over. We just won. It's awesome, it's great for the team. You know, we've got an off day tomorrow. We can celebrate, do whatever we want to do. I'm sure Dave is going to invite me over to the new pool. And we'll tear that thing up with the pirate ship and everything else we've got for David, little David.

But yeah, I mean, Wednesday is a -- J.D., close your ears, it's an off-road race for me on Wednesday. Going to do that for the first time, and it's going to be fun, so that will be a treat. And then next week running the truck race at Chicago. If I don't win there, yeah, I'm going to be upset. I'm there to win and I feel like I should be able to win, and you know --

Q: Being that hard on yourself, what keeps you going?

KYLE BUSCH: If I came out of here every week happy for losing, I'm not here for the right reasons. That's when I need to go away. I'm here to try to win, and if I don't win, I might not entirely be happy unless we struggled through a day and then all of a sudden, boom, we ran second or third, and then it's like, yeah, we got a good day out of here, that was good, a good points day or whatever. That's kind of just the way I am. That's kind of what you guys have seen for the years that I've been here and probably the years to come.

Q: We always hear about how important chemistry is between driver and crew chief, and there's some guys that just can't do it. Some teams just aren't able to do it. But you seem to do it no matter who's crew chiefing; you win. Why? Are you just that smart?

KYLE BUSCH: I don't know that I'm that smart. Having smart people that work on your car and can give you what you need, I feel like -- you know, sometimes I lead them in the wrong direction. I don't give them exactly -- I tell them what I'm feeling, but I don't tell them what I need. And I feel like that sometimes mixes us up and kind of heads us in the wrong direction. We've had those talks and stuff.

But you know, this week I just -- there was something that I kept missing. There was something that I just didn't have that I've had here in the past, and I talked to Dave about it, and we were like -- I even bring up the guy's name; it's like, when I was with Steve I was able to do this. These were the things that I was able to do and we could get the car to kind of rotate here and have this drive off. And he doesn't get offensive to it, and that's what makes a strong team. That's what makes everything go right, and he'll go back to the books and look at the notes that Steve has and stuff like that, and so that's what we do to get better is just try to communicate, work ourselves and do the things that we know how to do and be smart about it.

Q: A couple years ago you dominated the regular season and got in the Chase and things went bad right away. The last nine races until tonight have not gone really great for you guys. Do you feel there's something with this team and you right now that makes you better prepared to race for a championship than you were a few years ago?

KYLE BUSCH: I'm not going to say that just in one night we've turned it around. You know, I feel like we've got to show ourselves next week like I mentioned at Atlanta, a place I'm not very strong at, and at Richmond, another place I tend to run well at, we need -- for the last nine weeks the way we've run, we could have finished better, we should have finished better. I made mistakes, maybe Dave would admit to making just a couple mistakes.

But I feel like we do it as a team. We win and lose as a team. That what we've talked about and we're here to do going forward, what we did this weekend, keep communicating on what we can do to try to make the cars better. I've had winning cars at places before so there's no reason why we shouldn't be able to return that. But sometimes guys just hit it and figure it out a little bit better than you, and you've got to comprehend that sometimes, too.

Q: (No microphone.)

KYLE BUSCH: What do I say all the time?

DAVE ROGERS: He beats himself up.

KYLE BUSCH: I ask why.

DAVE ROGERS: First he'll argue with you, and then you'll start to argue back with him, and he'll say, okay, why, why do you say that? Why do you say I'm so good? We've got to keep him pumped up like because like the gentleman over here said, he won Bristol tonight, he's probably about five minutes away from forgetting about it and figuring out how to win this Baja race on Wednesday.

THE MODERATOR: Congratulations, Kyle, just a great week here at Bristol, Dave, J.D., congratulations.

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