Bristol II: Sterling Marlin preview

COORS LIGHT TEAM FACTS: Chassis: The Coors Light team will race chassis ...



The Coors Light team will race chassis #303 at Bristol. This is the same car that finished 6th at Bristol earlier this year and 40th at Rockingham this season.

Bristol Facts:

Sterling Marlin has posted Top-10 finishes in six of his last eight races at Bristol.


Sterling along with his Ganassi teammates will be testing in Milwaukee on Monday and Tuesday this week.

Fascinating Facts:

Sterling Marlin is the only driver in the Top-20 in Winston Cup points without a Top-5 finish this season. He also has nine Top-10 finishes so far this season.

Sterling Marlin Quotes---

What makes Bristol so special?

"I guess it's just the atmosphere. It's just like a college football stadium. Everything is so close and it's a half-mile track. I guess there's not a bad seat in the house, and you can see everything going on. There's a lot going on all night. There's a lot of passing, and smoke flying and sparks flying. It's mayhem all night. I think fans like to see a real close race. Sometimes you get caught in something. You're following somebody and they check up and you've got to check up. It's like a chain reaction. Somebody runs into the back of somebody and turns them around and takes out two or three cars. It's a track where you've got to have a lot of patience. You can have a better car and get up under somebody and they keep chopping you and chopping you and finally you run out of patience. You're going to turn him around if he don't get out of the way."


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