Bristol II: Kyle Petty preview

Kyle Petty ...

Kyle Petty #45 Wells Fargo Dodge

"I have to thank Chad McCumbee and Terry Labonte for their efforts in the No. 45 Wells Fargo Dodge over the last several races. They have moved the team up to the 39th position in the owner point's standings and we're in position to move up a few more if we can keep improving. I know it hasn't been easy on the crew. All three of us have different driving styles so they haven't been able to get into much of a rhythm. It's just a testament to how hard this team works."

"This car can still be considered 'new' at some tracks. We just ran it for the first time at Indy a few weeks ago. When we go to Bristol, though, it's just a racecar. This will be the fourth race for this car here. Everyone has it figured out by now. It does a great job on the short tracks, like Bristol, where you tend to use the 'bump and run' to pass. The way the bumpers on these cars line up, you can still nudge someone to make the pass, but they don't spin out as often."

"NASCAR did their homework and came up with some great adjustments to the schedule for 2009. Atlanta will pack their stands for Labor Day because Labor Day weekend is an event in the South. Having a restrictor-plate race in 'The Chase' was already a wild card in determining our champion. But putting Talladega at the first of November could, potentially, cause a big shakeup in the points with only a few races to go. That will be very interesting. And Iowa gets a Nationwide race. I've said all along that the Nationwide Series needs to be able to stand alone. Going to Iowa will help them do that."

* In 49 races at the track, Petty has scored two top-5s and nine top-10s.

* His highest finish at BMS is third, which he scored in 1993.

* Petty has two top-five starts and four top-ten starts at BMS

* Labonte also drove for Petty Enterprises in the No. 45 Dodge at Michigan in June.

* Of a possible 24,271 laps at BMS, Petty has completed 19,975 (82.3%).

* Petty is making his first start since the Coca-Cola 600 in May.

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