Bristol II: Kyle Busch - GM Top-10 interview

BEHIND THE HAULER CHAT WITH KYLE BUSCH, NO. 5 KELLOGG'S MONTE CARLO SS: ON WHAT YOU NEED TO LEAVE BRISTOL WITH TO KEEP IN THE POINTS RACE: "We don't need to lose points leaving here, but it is a big deal at this place. You have to try to come...


ON WHAT YOU NEED TO LEAVE BRISTOL WITH TO KEEP IN THE POINTS RACE: "We don't need to lose points leaving here, but it is a big deal at this place. You have to try to come out of here with a strong showing and do what you can do."

ON PRESSURE OF BEING IN THE TOP-10 IN POINTS RIGHT NOW: "It is a lot better than it was a couple of years ago. Last year there were 16 cars that were eligible, the year before that there were like 13 or 14. This year there are 11 cars. There is an opportunity for Greg Biffle to make up some ground and make it 12 cars, but it is a little less stress because we have to worry about two guys rather that six others."

KEY TO GOOD RUN AND FINISH AT BRISTOL: "You have to have a good handling race car of course. You not only have to get through the corners, but over the bumps as well to get off the corners. The biggest thing here is to get a car that will go through the center really fast and get a good drive off. Drive off is probably more important than the center is for example. But just to be able to get a car that goes through the whole corner fast is awesome."

ON EMOTIONS WHEN GREEN FLAG DROPS AT BRISTOL: "It is pretty crazy. You hope that everyone settles in and rides for a while. It is 500 laps long, you have all night in order to get yourself better, do some pit strategies, trying to get guys off on tires and what not. You would think that the wrecks would come from 43rd up to like 38th, that is where the wrecks should be because they are trying to move their way forward and get out of the way of the leader coming if they are already a lap down.

But most of the wrecks are coming from 14th to 20th. It is like 'What are you guys doing?' They are racing their hearts out and we are 20 laps in to the thing trying to get up to the front. You have got no pressure; there is no reason to do it. But that is just racing here at Bristol."

ON HOW CLOSE TO OUT OF CONTROL YOU ARE EVERY LAP AT BRISTOL: "All the time. Cars here are always loose in and loose off and it depends on how well you get your car rolling through the center of the corner as to how you can get through the corner. You are always on edge with being loose so you are trying to always find the maximum point."

ON PRESSURE TO STAY IN TOP-10 "It hasn't been too bad until we got to Watkins Glen. The weeks before that, we had been doing pretty well, looking pretty good. We had a third, a second, a first, an eighth and something else. Then at the Glen we had a bad beginning to the race, we were able to come back and get ninth. Then last week at Michigan, we knocked the wall down several times and ended up 39th or whatever it was. There is pressure there, but we only have to worry about one or two guys, not six or seven. "

ON LUCKY DOG RULE: "I don't think it should be changed. If a guy has a problem early enough in the race, there should be an opportunity for him to come back and have a strong run if the car is capable of that. Especially at a road course, you know, you aren't able to lineup on the inside at the roadcourse, so there is no chance to drive past the leader to get your lap back. It is a good thing they had the lucky dog rule there because otherwise we would have had to blast our way through the field trying to get our laps back. We might have gotten two back, but I doubt that without the lucky dog, we would not have finished as well as we did."

ON THOUGHTS ABOUT KASEY KAHNE WHO IS 11TH IN POINTS: The coolest thing about worrying about him is he doesn't run good at the races until in to the Chase, so we will see how that goes. At Richmond last year, he won, but he didn't do well there this spring. California might be a race where he might run well at, I don't remember how he did there this spring. The way his Michigan luck has gone he might be all right."

ON GOOD FINISH AT CALIFORNIA CLINCHING SPOT IN CHASE: "It is so close, you won't know you are in the Chase until after Richmond. No one is going to be able to count themselves in except the top two guys. It is going to be a dogfight all the way to the end, but we feel like we are in a good spot. We finished eighth here at Bristol in the spring, ran a clean race, did our own deal the whole time. We ran in the top-10 all day at California in the spring. We need to get a little bit better there. At Richmond, we always seem to run well there, so we just need to keep it going."

ON ENJOYING THE CHASE BATTLE: "The biggest part of me enjoys going out there and driving the race car. That is what we are here for. The points battle isn't too much fun. The biggest part of it is that you are under so much stress now trying to get in to the Chase. Then when you get there, it is just another whole load of stress down to the end of the season. Instead of, well, right now we are some 400 points behind the leader, if we had a good consistent stretch to the end of the season under the old points system, we would have a shot at it. It is what the sponsors want to see, it is what they pay us to see. It is what Rick (Hendrick) wants to see from us, the biggest thing for us is to keep going with what we know how to do and what has worked so far and try to solidify our position."

ON HAVING EMOTIONS MORE UNDER CONTROL AT BRISTOL THAT PREVIOUSLY: "I am way better. I got dumped Wednesday night in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series and saved it and wasn't too mad about it. You just have to go on and do your own deal. I guess if I had wrecked, I probably would have been more upset but will see. If it is on purpose, then you really have a problem."

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